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  1. I guess someone was transferring. Will hard to replace Shepard
  2. It doesn't count towards our RPI. so you still play a lower tiered team - you just don't have your RPI drop
  3. never easy to make a decision like this - thanks for passing this information on norm
  4. I've never been accused of that - hahaha
  5. Where is CSI when we need them?
  6. Congrats Norm - i always enjoy reading any and all comments from you.
  7. Cal

    according to the roster she is: http://www.calbears.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=30100&SPID=126529&SPSID=749498
  8. i was following along really good until i got the the "ambiance". then had to look it up! Either way - go Huskers!
  9. I imagine you really meant the Shim Shams. that ALMOST deserves a down arrow! lol
  10. ok, showing my ignorance - do they not have 5 second count for women's basketball? Tee was on them so close and i never saw any of the ref's counting.
  11. and from what i saw yesterday, we just don't always look for the easier shot. a few times fuller breaking low towards basket with defense trailing him. but the guy with the ball could never see him for some reason.
  12. Expectations vs actual product always equals some sort of complaints. I still support NU even though sometimes head scratching on the losses.