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  1. Collier, Sadler or Miles

    We have come a long ways since the days of "we will never be able to find a better coach than Doc Sadler."
  2. 2018 Husker Baseball

    When you aren’t very talented pride only takes you so far. The current state of the program is on Erstad and his staffs failures on the recruiting trail.
  3. 2018 Husker Baseball

    16-20(3-8) after today’s loss. Easily the worst Husker team in the last 20 years and hard to imagine it will get much better any time soon with the guys we will lose after this year. Any hope that Erstad calls it quits?
  4. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    He still has interest in NU supposedly but considering it sounds like Miles didn’t have much of a relationship with him it’s probably unlikely he ends up here.
  5. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Lost to UNO in Lincoln. The Erstad experiment if you can even call it that anymore continues to be a fun ride.
  6. Let me get this straight...

    Miles jumping to another power 5 school and getting a fat contract likely means he wins a NCAA tournament game here next year. Which would be great for us and likely means we put ourselves in position to hire a very solid coach. But, I hope you’re not a betting man since you are betting on a guy who has yet to have one postseason win in 14 years of D-1 ball.
  7. What to do with Miles contract?

    Why would Copeland/Palmer care about Miles contract situation? Both only have one year of eligibility left.
  8. Is Bill Moos going to give me a year off my donations?

    Yep. No doubt Miles wanted a longer deal and it appears Moos just wasn’t budging. Pretty clear that Miles will not be here much longer. If he wins next year he probably leaves. If he losses he is likely fired.
  9. Is Bill Moos going to give me a year off my donations?

    +1. It’s almost as if Miles doesn’t even want this job anymore. You know what they say in Inglorious Bastards. Oblige him.
  10. Xavier Johnson is N

    I don’t know, coming in many propped him up quite a bit as a recruit. Let’s not forget Miles mouthpiece(lee) said he was what...the best three point shooter he has seen in a Husker uni? I’d like to think we can replace him but we don’t seem to be hitting the recruiting trail all that hard right now.
  11. Xavier Johnson is N

    Maybe I’m wrong but any recruit/coach with half a brain realizes that Miles is teetering with our without an extension. Not saying that Moos doesn’t need to shit or get off the pot.
  12. Xavier Johnson is N

    Just another offseason for Miles. Now we are just a Copeland/Palmer announcement away from talking about team chemistry in October and how a 8-5 non con record will be an accomplishment for a team that just needs to gel.
  13. 2018 Husker Baseball

    We won, which is great...but I had to turn it off mid way thru. I honestly can't begin to understand what this coaching staff saw in some of the pitchers we have in our roster. That's an area where we have no depth due to injuries but some of the healthy arms we do roll out may not even be good enough for the Mavs. If we are going to win any Big 10 series this year I hope it's this weekend. Can't keep losing to the Suckeyes
  14. Kenya Hunter

    It would be complete BS if Kenya pursed Xavier for UCONN but if so I don't see how we don't let Xavier go considering we will probably be dragged thru the mud for not letting a kid do what he wants to do.
  15. Kenya Hunter

    I don't see how anyone can fault Kenya for making a smart move. He was here for five years. It's not as if he half assed it and left right away.
  16. Kenya Hunter

    I would feel better if he had used "will" instead of "should."
  17. Kenya Hunter

    It's my understanding that Cope and Kenya are very close so him leaving could weigh heavily in Copeland's decision unfortunately.
  18. 2018 Husker Baseball

    You mean like when you ask your three hole hitter to sac bunt on a 2-0 count with zero outs and two runners out? Far cry from the big talk that came out of his mouth when he was hired.
  19. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Can’t get every player with how scholarships are utilized in baseball but with all the Nebraska players around the region that are tearing it up it just further displays Erstads incompetence on the recruiting trail. The fact that he didn’t even recruit Alec Bohm is pretty laughable.
  20. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Down 15-4 vs 7-19 Mich St team. 4 errors. Truely an embarrassing display of baseball. Almost have to feel bad for Erstad now as he appears to be out of answers and doesn’t know what buttons to push. It’s going to be tough sledding if we lose this series if we want to make the Big Ten tournament. That’s just sad to say.
  21. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Roby to me seems like one of the more well grounded players we have had in recent memory. I put it at zero chance he is realistically thinking about going pro.
  22. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Not to turn this into a baseball thread but I'm not sure how him being a candidate for the Dodgers job has any bearing on the results he had produced as Nebraska's head coach. You are comparing apples to oranges. Callahan and Riley were both NFL head coaches. And yes, he did win the Big Ten Coach of the year last year, this year is not over but I can't imagine if when we hired Erstad I said that six years in he would have 1 league title, 0 tournament titles, and 1 regional win against Binghamton that people would be happy with that. Erstad is probably here as long as he want's to be and thus far I can't say for sure that that's a good thing for Nebraska baseball.
  23. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I highly doubt baseball is even on Moos's mind. We won the Big Ten last year and it seems for many, winning a Big Ten title once every five-six years is acceptable for the baseball program. Not to mention, Erstad carries a lot of clout and will definitely have a longer leash than normal. No inside information but I think Erstad will eventually make the jump to the majors. Based on his results(or lack thereof)...the sooner the better.
  24. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I want Copeland to come back but I have a hard time buying this. If Copeland is realistic, his chances of being drafted even if he comes back are probably slim. For a guy who has had issues with injuries and will be what...24 next year, it's probably time for him to get his pro career started. I hope he sees it differently but I will be shocked if he decides to not turn pro.
  25. Miles extension poll

    Based on this poll posters being confident that Miles is the long term answer for the program is tied for the lead. That's with him producing a goose egg in the postseason over the last six years. With that in mind, I can only imagine that people would be partying on 72nd and Dodge if we ever hired someone with the pedigree of an Altman or a Matta. You probably have to filter out the Creighton trolls votes for Miles being the long term answer as no doubt they want him to stick around as long as possible.