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  1. Today's OWH article on Rob Childress made me want to puke. AD Byrne chose Anderson over Childress because of his longevity at Nebraska? Sigh, what could have been.
  2. Really, it may just come down to what the team offers them in terms on $$$. They can come back next year and improve their draft stock but it won't mean much because they lose all leverage. It definitely helps us that they did not end up in the first 10 rounds.
  3. Lost Swanda but no other Husker players/recruits were drafted in the first ten rounds. Alvarado and Schreiber will have a tough decision to make.
  4. I guess you can't rule anything out with Nebrasketball but if I remember right...didn't AWIII move back home over the summer and was essentially non existent? Glynn was probably the biggest worry left and it appears he is going thru summer workouts/practicing with the team. I'd say that's a good sign.
  5. To me Butler is similar to Wisconsin football in that it appears they can just plug in a coach and the culture is already established to be successful. Not sure if that means they hire from within but I'm sure coach Lewis is kicking himself as he probably would have had a pretty good shot at landing the shot had he stayed at Butler. Maybe he still does have a good shot?
  6. Damn. So that means we are already down 20 points for this years game against Creighton.
  7. Jim Tressel?
  8. We better hope we have some instant impact players coming in because that lineup is very mediocre on paper. Add in the fact that Schreiber is probably gone. I expect to lose Hoensee and Alvarado as well. Erstad can talk about grinding out at bats and out competing tell he's blue in the face but until he starts filling up the roster with talent this is who we are.
  9. Six years in under Erstad and we have one regional win that came against Binghamton.
  10. Under Erstad we have scored 2 runs in three regional openers. 27 innings....2 runs.
  11. If this happened, do you think more kids would opt to go oversees instead of playing three years in college?
  12. I think Jack can still play a crucial role to our success the next two years. He was a black hole for the better part of the non conference last year but he also has the skill to get hot from deep. And, we need guys who are willing and able to make the three ball because that's been an issue in Lincoln for as long as I can remember.
  13. We all know Roby has the goods....can't remember how many times he was open last year and I yelled "shoot it" at the TV screen. Another year in the gym and hitting the weights should hopefully help with his confidence. If he finishes his career at NU it will be fun to watch when it all clicks.
  14. To me, all three are pretty interchangeable. So I would just assume we will keep to the regular rotation. Meyer's probably gives us the best chance to win...but, he also got roughed up against Oregon St earlier in the year.
  15. I think we got a pretty generous drawing with Yale in the first round.....obviously, that all changes having to get thru Oregon State who is on an unbelievable run. But, it creates a very big opportunity for the program to pull off a shocker. Anything can happen if we can get some good outings out of our arms and some timely hits.
  16. You mean Venom? Sure thing my little stalker!
  17. Obviously it would be great to win the tournament....but, at this point...I'd rather have our arms fresh for next weekend. Not saying I don't want to win the next game but if our bats decide to get on a roll and save us from having to tax our pitchers then great.
  18. You cry like a little bitch when I post during games. You cry like a little bitch when I don't post. The life of an obsessed E-Stalker. I'm still living free in your head!
  19. I guess that would really be dependent on what team he is drafted to but anything outside the top 10 rounds becomes dicey. Obviously, next year if he decides he wants to return he loses all of his leverage...but, if he's drafted outside the top 10 all bets our off. If he gets picked within the first 10 rounds it's a no brainer to leave for any junior IMO.
  20. I could see Schreiber not getting drafted high enough to leave....fact is, he really does not offer much outside of his power and that dwindled a bit this year. Hoensee is probably the most likely to leave IMO.
  21. Good luck to the Hoosier ground crew. It's looking like it may be very difficult to get this tourney in.
  22. I'm expecting Meyers to be back....I just don't see how his game translates to the next level and he is a die hard Husker so it would not surprise me if he's back. I don't think he will be drafted high enough. From the juniors I could see Alvarado, Schreiber, and Hoensee all leaving. Alvarado has been touching low 90's on his fastball which will likely catch the eye of some teams.
  23. Six years to win the Big 10 took longer than expected but this was probably Erstad's best coaching job to date. I'm not sure this is the most talented team he has assembled but the pitching has been consistent and we have played good defense all year. Hitting has been up and down, I don't have the stats to back it up but it seems we have done better with timely hits than years past. It's unfortunate Eddins and Paul Tillotson had to be shut down this main concern for the Big 10 tourney and regional is having a fourth starter.
  24. Finally got it the Big Ten championship monkey off our back! Pitching staff should be well rested for the tournament. Nice to get NW or Purdue first round
  25. Had no idea the game was starting so early. Logged on to see we are up 10-0. Talk about a beat down. Don't think we are letting this one slip thru our fingers. Nice comeback after Thursday's debacle. Also nice to not have to burn thru our pen. Arms should be fresh for the next few weeks.