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  1. A Glass Half Full Post From An Old Friend

    I hope you’re right. Even with a loss yesterday we look far better than we did a month ago. That team who played at St John’s was brutal. I still worry about us not getting enough wins on the road...and IMO we need to find some sort of solution at the 5. A guy as big as Jordy should not be shooting 30% from the field. Roby needs more minutes(yesterday was due to foul trouble.) If we can get some improvement at the five we should be in contention down the stretch I would hope.
  2. I have only read a handful of post today. Are there people saying Miles needs fired? I think Moos has been pretty clear he will not fire a coach during the season. Of course, losing to Creighton is not a fireable offense. But, losing six in a row vs them and topping it off with under .500 seasons over and over again is. We will see how this season plays out. We have enough talent to make the dance IMO. But, I don’t have much faith in Miles. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
  3. Same ole as in we lost...again to Creighton. Make that 0-6 for Miles now. I’ll leave the moral victories to you. It doesn’t change the trajectory of the season but Creightons complete ownage of Tim Mikes was old years ago.
  4. Same ole same ole. At least we didn’t get beat by 20. That’s a win for Miles at this point against McDermott.
  5. The refs allowed for a more physical game...which IMO bodes well for what we want to do on defense. Minnesota didn't adapt.
  6. HHCC Game #11 - at Creighton (Dec. 9, 1:30 PM CST)

    Creighton- 84 Nebraska-72
  7. I came away with the same thoughts on Thomas Allen....Miles yanked Glynn due to a bad alley oop pass that led to a Minnesota three and Thomas Allen comes in right away and swishes a three from the corner. Huge shot. He looks like a freshman in stature out there but he always looks poised.
  8. Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

    Big win...felt like one of our home games from our postseason run. Our defense was nails and we finally hit some big shots when needed. Would love to find a way to win one of the next two.
  9. Minnesota Game

    Hope you are right...but right now that game is around a pick em. But indeed a game we should win at home. They got hammered vs Ohio St but watching their game last night they did not look so bad and beat a Penn St team that I would say is probably a better team than we are right now.
  10. Minnesota Game

    Does it? I by no means have any inside information and in most other programs Miles would be getting very close to the chopping block but with another overhaul of the football staff + a new AD is Moos going to be looking to make another hire at years end assuming we are under .500 again? Obviously most of Moos's attention has been on the football hire but outside of saying how awesome our facilities are and he's surprised we haven't won a NCAA tournament game the discussions on basketball have been slim. That will probably heat up in the upcoming months.
  11. Minnesota Game

    I think we need it from a confidence standpoint and an overall trajectory of the season. Fail to win tonight and we may be looking at an 0-6 Big Ten conference start unless we pull off an upset.
  12. HHCC Game #10 - vs. Minnesota (Dec. 5, 8:00 PM CST)

    Minn-74 NU-69. Six 3’s
  13. Mich St IMO is the best team on our schedule. So the result was not surprising. Hate to say it so early...but Minnesota is a must win. If not, I'm afraid of a possible 0-6 start in Big Ten play. Big game this week.
  14. Nebraska (6-2) vs Mich St. (6-1) Game Thread

    Unfortunately I think just about everyone was counting on Jordy further developing his game over the offseason. I'm not sure he's any better than a Freshman Jordy. He is so soft that he make sure me long for the days of Jorge Bryan Diaz.
  15. HHCC Game #09 - at Michigan State (Dec. 03, 3:30 PM CST)

    MSU-78 NU-61 Six conference wins
  16. I don't think so....Collier won in Omaha during the NIT. But, outside of that...I think it's been since the 90's and the CIVIC center days since we won during the regular season. Like I said, I do think Minnesota is the better team...but, I feel much better about our chances vs them in Lincoln.
  17. Well, we play Minnesota in Lincoln. That's pretty much it. Minnesota is the better team but McDermott owns Miles and we haven't won a regular season game in Omaha since when...the 90's??
  18. Boston College has some nice pieces...they probably won't be making any type of postseason play but I would think they get more than 2 wins in the ACC this year. Nice to see us start out hot shooting the ball. But, to win any of the next 4 games we will likely need to piece together back to back solid offensive halves which this team has struggled to do against non mid major teams. Love the way Anton's playing right now...after his injury his play is shocking. Glynn was apparently sick last night...still had a good game but probably why he did not assert himself more.
  19. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    I know crazier things have happened...but MSU, Creighton, KU are basically for sure L's. I know one of those three aren't the same but until Miles can keep it within ten of Creighton it's hard to expect a win. So, if we can go 2-3 in that stretch that will be a win for us IMO.
  20. Nebraska (3-1) vs Central Florida (3-0) Game Thread

    Rinse. Repeat. We say this every year...apparently the only guy who can’t see it is making over 2 million this year.
  21. Nebraska (3-1) vs Central Florida (3-0) Game Thread

    At least Jordy showed some life that half. Good to see. We also made it somewhat respectable. That appears to be all we can ask for out of this team/staff at this point.