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  1. Now What?

    23 wins was always the goal IMO. So, we need to win out and beat Michigan. Still doable.
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Just a bad bad morning for us with Va Tech, Syracuse, and Texas winning. Holding out hopes Iowa St beats KSU.
  3. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    So I can laugh at them. Would certainly knock down their holier than thou attitude a peg or two.
  4. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Please let Creighton be involved...please let Creighton be involved....Please let Creighton be involved
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Speaking of USC, they just announced their second leading scorer is out for the remainder of the year with a patella injury. This will surely be factored in come Selection Sunday.
  6. Again, assuming we win out...a win vs KU would have improved our RPI by roughly 19 spots. Our predicted RPI would be #24 right now and a sure lock for the NCAA tournament.
  7. Let's assume we win out in the regular season. Right now, if we do that our RPI/SOS is predicted to be 43/101. Had we beat UCF and played WVU/St Johns our RPI/SOS would predicted to be 43/82 with a loss to St Johns. With a win vs St Johns that changes to 29/82. So, a pretty big difference in terms of SOS. But, had we not taken care of business against St Johns the second time around our RPI would be around the same. But, a win vs St Johns we are talking about 10+ spot difference in the RPI.
  8. Win out in the regular season that is. That's according to March Boehm who said he spoke with a member of the NCAA selection committee. Two wins puts us at a 72% chance. Those numbers seem to be pretty generous...especially the two wins portion but if true we are very good position despite what other outsiders may claim.
  9. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    It was in the OWH.
  10. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I think you are correct...and Western Kentucky has one of those. Vs Purdue early on in the season. Great win...but they also have FOUR tier 3 losses. They have losses to Mizzou St/Ohio/Wisconsin/UTSA. Their overall metric scores is 67 with an average RPI win of 181 and losses at 110. Compare that to Nebraska who has an overall metric score of 52 with an average RPI win of 181 and average RPI loss at 35. Sorry, but Nebraska>>>Western Kentucky. And I'm not claiming Nebraska should be "in" right now. I think everyone on this board agrees we need to win the next three. But having Western Kent in(and I usually like Palm's take) is a joke IMO.
  11. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Jerry Palm doesn't have Skers in his first four out...he has Boise St/Bonnies/Utah/Temple. Also has Western Kentucky as his last team in. I think you could make a solid case right now that Nebraska should be ahead of Western Kentucky and Boise St. Western Kentucky being "in" is a joke IMO.
  12. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Not foul....not sure what the right word for it is...sneaky maybe? That win @Buffalo and vs Vermont carries a lot of weight unfortunately with both being top 50 RPI wins and one on the road. Had we say....got Vermont to travel to Lincoln as opposed to Deleware St it would have been the difference of nearly 20 RPI spots. Hell, we probably wouldn't even be talking about the bubble all that much right now if that was the case. We are one Vermont win away from nearly being a "lock."
  13. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    A hell of a lot of truth to it. Mich has two Quad 1 wins...winning @Mich St was a very very good win. But winning @Texas? Nice win..but honestly that should not be what separates Michigan from Nebraska.
  14. Maryland

    We are +1 now. Wtf....that’s quite the line shift
  15. Palmer listed in Mock Draft

    I hope this pushes him to come back next year. Unfortunately I’ve heard he and Copeland returning is not a sure thing at this point. The hype for next year will be higher than ever if we return most of our production.
  16. HHCC Game #28 - vs. Maryland (Feb. 13, 6:00 PM CST)

    NU 75 Maryland 67
  17. Maryland

    Have not watched much of Maryland this year but looking at their last couple box scores...depth is not something they have. If we get some whistle happy refs or jump on them early I feel this may be a comfortable win for us.
  18. Speaking of Creighton. Their fans may want to be careful about beating the ole you can't get into the tournament with no tier 1 wins drum. Their two tier one wins are Seton Hall and St Johns. Both are teetering on the edge of falling out of that category and just a few weeks ago the talk out of them was how St Johns was such a bad loss for Nebraska.
  19. I don't think 2-2 is going to cut it. If we can have some help with other bubble teams losing I think we will be feeling okay with a 3-1 finish heading into the Big 10 tournament. With that said, with how we are playing and having 3 of the last 4 games at home and an Illini team that now looks like it may be throwing in the towel it will be a bit disappointing if we don't win out.
  20. HHCC Game #27 - vs. Rutgers (Feb. 10, 3:00 PM CST)

    NU 69 Rutgers 61
  21. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Anybody see the ESPN stats response to the Huskers question on twitter? BPI says if we win out before the Big Ten tournament we have a 99% chance of getting a bid. Lose just one and we have a 72% percent chance. I would take that in a heartbeat.
  22. Speaking of Craig Smith, any chance him and his team would want to become a regular in visiting PBA in the winter? It's not a cakewalk of a game by hypothetically had we scheduled South Dakota over Deleware St our RPI would be projected to finish seven spots higher than it is now.
  23. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Not a great night for us with KSU and Marquette winning. We really needed those two teams to go away. Marquette's schedule is very favorable for them down the stretch. Hopefully they lose @ St Johns.
  24. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I was going back and forth on this earlier...do we really want PSU? I know Maryland is a bubble team much like we are but I was kind of thinking that we may want them to rack up some wins so our potential win over them looks "good."