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  1. NFL draft has been a big eye opener the past few years....just goes to show how down our talent level has been. This staff is kicking ass and taking names on the recruiting trail right now...if anything else, I think we can expect them to replenish our roster with talent across the board.
  2. #17 SOS and they have 15 road/neutral wins. 21 games against the top 100 RPI compared to us who have played 17 games against the top 100. Although, we have more games against the top 50. That's okay...we won the series at their place...the more winning they do the better.
  3. Big win to start the weekend. I want to win the Big Ten but I don't mind seeing Indy and Maryland winning. The more wins out of those two the better for our RPI.
  4. Another transfer. We didn't want him anyways. EASILY replaceable. All is well. Blah blah blah. We are well on our way to tampering expectations again for Miles sixth year.
  5. Finding a sharp shooter had to of been near the top of the list. Check Mark. Now if we can find a guy who can provide 10-15 of good minutes down low.
  6. I'm hoping last weekend and the game vs Creighton was just the beginning and the end of the yearly slump under Erstad. Better to have it come around this time than at years end. Big series this weekend....don't think a series loss ruins any chances at an at large but it probably keeps us from having a chance to win the Big 10 if we can only scratch out one win. We seem to play well vs Minnesota. This weekend would be a good time for the bats to come alive. The below numbers just aren't acceptable. If the bats can't turn it around, during the offseason Erstad may want to rethink him taking over full reign of the offense. National Rankings RPG- #191 Avg-#152 Home Runs-#274(Kansas and Boston College only power five schools below NU) Stolen Bases-#202
  7. I live rent free inside your head. You are obsessed with me. Creepy
  8. RPI dropped to 50....we have a chance to make up for it this weekend @Minnesota. Probably need to win that series to stay in the thick of things for a Big 10 title.
  9. Death. Taxes. Erstad losing to a Iowa. I forgot what it was like to watch a team with some offensive fire power.
  10. The home run ball is the great equalizer. It's unfortunate we have struggled to develop power. Need to win the next two. Can't do continue to lose series to Iowa. Feel good about the pitching matchups.
  11. Average stars per VerbalCommits....Nebraska 3.370....FGCU....2.464. Not to derail this thread, and obviously location wise that's a great spot to be...but not many kids are choosing to play in the Atlantic Sun if they have the opportunity to play in the Big 10.
  12. You really believe FGCU is easier to recruit to? Just so we are clear...with the opportunities that lie ahead for next year...there are no excuses to not succeed, right?
  13. RPI up to #35 after last night's game. May be tough to do but if we can get it around 20 we may get in the hosting discussion. Another big weekend coming up...can't stand Iowa.
  14. Well, your original post made it sound like you were angry at Eichorst for not firing Miles immediately after the season.
  15. But you want Miles fired now? If so, is it due to the exodus of players?
  16. Were you in favor of firing Miles at seasons end?
  17. All the above may be true. The truth probably lies in the middle. But, none of it helps us win games next year so I don't really care as to what the WHY is. When/if Miles team tanks again next season...saying well, "Jacobson wanted to shoot threes" is not going to be his saving grace. If the above is true, Miles should have done a better job on the recruiting trail when recruiting the above players.
  18. I wouldn't let it get to you. Unless you are claiming we will be final four bound next year some will look down at you. Some prefer to keep their head in the sand....and that's fine. May be best way to go about being a Nebrasketball fan.
  19. What style is that exactly? Unless Miles lands a number of high profile 5th seniors this offseason our style will look the same. Bad basketball. Or are we talking GATA ball? That seems to have went out the window when Molinari landed in Lincoln.
  20. Maybe he's trying to crack another joke?
  21. Meh, I have a hard time caring anymore. The excuses for Miles have gone out the window. It's no longer "we are young" "we are inexperienced" "keep the core group around." He's either going to get it done next year or he's not. By this time next year, I'm sure there will be some who don't agree in regards to cutting him loose but they won't have a leg to stand on. At that point, it should be very easy to pull the plug. A very strong summer in recruiting would be nice but with the dark cloud continuing to hover over the program that's probably doubtful.
  22. This would be a dream come true but unfortunately I don't think we are that lucky. It's very interesting that Eichorst has not said a word as of yet, but I have a hard time seeing Miles going anywhere this year unless he takes another job.
  23. I agree, the talent level has been upgraded. Even though, Miles has a hard time keeping that talent around(this is an issue.) With the talent certainly makes it very difficult to explain the last three years and second half collapses that have occurred. Now, we have another offseason in which it looks like we will be turning the roster over again which will make it very difficult to have a good 2017-2018 season.
  24. Hoensee was nails last night. He's always had great stuff. Stout pitching and timely hits will have to be this teams MO this year. It's been working the past few weeks. Get one more this weekend and it was a successful week and we should start to see our name in the regional discussion again.