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  1. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Iowa losses to South Dakota St 80-72...a day after they lose to Lafayette. Don't mind seeing Iowa lose...but not good for Big Ten RPI.
  2. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    I didn't get to watch the game at all...how did Copeland get most of his points? Posting up in the paint? Knocking down jumpers?
  3. Yeah, our offense was still pretty mediocre even with Smith here. Smith to me was more of a "glue guy" for the program and Coach Miles IMO. Our best year by far looks to be in 2016. Unfortunately, that year we were a pretty poor defensive team so we still finished with a losing record. The below numbers are pretty hard to stomach and unfortunately it doesn't appear that there have been any adjustments of our style of play that we can count on in the future. 2013(total ranking) EFG%- 297 3PT%- 304 2PT%- 272 2014(total ranking) EFG%- 224 3PT%- 211 2PT%- 219 2015(total ranking) EFG%- 287 3PT%- 341 2PT%- 156 2016(total ranking) EFG%- 147 3PT%- 166 2PT%- 140 2017(total ranking) EFG%- 328 3PT%- 308 2PT%- 313 2018(total ranking) EFG%- 313 3PT%- 280 2PT%- 289
  4. Wasn't that guy Lewis though? By all accounts his was the offensive guy who was going to bring some new life in that area. Honestly, I haven't seen it yet....is Miles too much of a control freak in that regard? Is he not allowing Lewis to put his fingerprint on our identity? I don't know. Then again, when you have players that can hit shots you offense magically looks better. But, we more times than not look disorganized and our spacing is typically pretty horrible.
  5. Is it time to start Roby?

    Maybe not last night...you are right, the times he did receive the ball he wasn't in the paint. But, the first two games he was lucky to draw iron. I would agree on getting him into position, but like usual the paint and driving lanes continued to be clogged up because of our inability to shoot the ball. I know this is rinse and repeat every year...but until we can make teams pay for sagging off we will have trouble on that end against good teams.
  6. Our roster under Tim Miles
  7. I guess crazier things have happened...but one team/program actually runs a competent offense and the other looks like they would rather be playing at Rucker Park. Anybody know who is in charge of developing the bigs within the program? I know Smith was tasked at doing that under Miles...but whose role is it now? It's just 3 games in, and I know Jordy had some health issues in the fall but lack of development out of him is a bit alarming. He has zero offensive game right now. To think, in the offseason we actually discussed if he should be allowed to shoot threes.
  8. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/st-john-s-blows-past-huskers-in-79-56-drubbing Not much here. But best I could find.
  9. Change the offensive gameplan? To be fair...we actually had quite a bit of open looks. But to also be fair...we have been bad on offense for years. I don’t see that magically changing unfortunately. Not shocked we lost. But I am shocked at just how disorganized we are. Not good. Not good at all
  10. Nebraska (2-0) Vs. St. Johns (2-0) Game Thread

    Doesn’t get more embarrassing than that. Hopefully it was an off night but it’s looking to be another long long long winter at the PBA.
  11. Nebraska (2-0) Vs. St. Johns (2-0) Game Thread

    Congrats to the Johnnies. Hopefully we are left out of the Gavitt games going forward until we can put a decent team on the court.
  12. Nebraska (2-0) Vs. St. Johns (2-0) Game Thread

    You may be right...I know his is a different team and different year but this is just an extension of the past three years. Actually...tonight may be worse unfortunately.
  13. Nebraska (2-0) Vs. St. Johns (2-0) Game Thread

    We are just a bad basketball team. Maybe that changes if we gel...but going off the last four years...this is likely the product we will be watching this year.