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  1. huskerbaseball13

    Jordy Gone

    I'll add...I wonder if this will be a positive on the offensive end? Jordy seemed to clog things up and was a black hole when touching the ball. It was almost a given that he was chucking it up if he touched the ball. On the defensive end...it concerns me. Miles is going to have to get real creative if Roby gets in foul trouble. We may be seeing a lot of 1-3-1 this year.
  2. huskerbaseball13

    Jordy Gone

    1. I feel bad for Roby who will have to play the majority of the minutes at the 5. Have to wonder how that will effect his NBA prospects. 2. Miles failures in regards to recruiting bigs continues to be a black eye for him. 3. Jordy was/is a mediocre basketball player up to this point who was likely going to be just another warm body to eat minutes this year. But still a tough blow as we are now razor thin down low. Probably would have been a good idea to use all of the available scholarships for once.
  3. huskerbaseball13


    Kudos to Glynn, he could have transferred at any time like the rest of his recruiting class but ended up sticking it out and will get rewarded for doing so. I think he has a big year ahead of him.
  4. huskerbaseball13

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    Speaking of dunks....I heard Roby welcomed Heiman to Nebraska recently by posturizing him in practice.
  5. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Quite honestly, this sounds like Gebbia. It will probably be hard for him to overcome Martinez in time but it would not surprise me to see Gebbia be the guy game 1.
  6. huskerbaseball13

    The Injury Report

  7. huskerbaseball13

    18-19 depth

    Jordy for me is probably the biggest wildcard going into next year. If we can get a solid Jordy it just further expands on the potential matchup problems Miles and company can toy around with. And we don't even need an All Conference type player at the 5....we just need Jordy to not average a foul every six minutes of game time and be closer to shooting 60% from the field rather than 40%.
  8. huskerbaseball13

    2018 Husker Baseball

    I do like some of the arms we have coming in...I think Colby Gomes will end up being very good. That of course is assuming he doesn't blow his arm out like quite a few of our other pitchers and that Silva can actually develop him. Both seem to be big ifs. I'm not as optimistic as you on the offensive side of the ball though. I think Altavilla will have a bounce back type of year but I'm not sure where the power/speed is going to come from unless the new blood impresses. Eventually, Erstad will have to come to a realization that grinding out games and trying to manufacture runs each and every game is not sustainable for long term success.
  9. huskerbaseball13

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Per Wilkening's dad, Jesse plans to sign. That leaves us with one player returning that hit over .300 this past year, Gunner Hellstrom who only had 71 AB's. We need to hope like hell the incoming class has some major contributors that are ready to go right away.
  10. huskerbaseball13

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Erstad has said many times that he plans on building the program around pitching/defense. That's great, but you need to be able to develop and recruit quality starters in order to do that. This staff has really struggled in finding a Friday night ace which is crucial in the college game.
  11. huskerbaseball13

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Papillion native Sean Chandler who finished his Husker career with 9 innings pitching and an ERA just shy of 10 gets taken in the sixth round of the draft after dominating at Iowa Western. You can't make this stuff up. We could have probably used him this past year. But, his arm probably would have fallen off had he stayed.
  12. huskerbaseball13


    I would say those people aren't fans then. It's in Nebraska's best interest that we kick ass this year and finally make Nebrasketball history in the big dance. Assuming we have no major injuries, this upcoming year is the best chance we have had since god knows when.
  13. huskerbaseball13


    I think everybody wants that. Miles engages the fanbase, sells the program. There is real no reason not to like the guy from a personable standpoint. It just boils down to can he take the program to the next level. It seems like we say this every year but it's hard not to see this upcoming year as do or die for Miles future at Nebraska.
  14. huskerbaseball13

    2018 College World Series

    Looks like it will be mostly the name schools again this year and heavy SEC. Tall task for Minnesota to go into Oregon St and win two games. Would like to see Duke/Wilmington/Stetson make it to get some underdogs to root for.
  15. huskerbaseball13

    Copeland is back

    Late to the party but sound the cowbell. I had a decent feeling Palmer would be back but did not expect Isaac back. I thought we could still be a pretty good team with losing Copeland but getting him back is just icing on the cake. Our 7-8 man rotation is going to be pretty darn good. If someone like Thor or Nana takes the next step and gets us some good minutes watch out.