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  1. And the guy sandwiched between them hired Pelini, Erstad, and Miles. 0 for 3 at this point. Tough decade or so for NU athletics.
  2. I've said the same thing about our offense for years on here and it was frowned upon at the time. Pretty clear that Erstad struggles on the recruiting trail. This is not a surprise though as it's common knowledge he's not a big fan of recruiting. Gives me hope that he will eventually take a MLB job.
  3. It's a four game series. And yes, we really don't have much wiggle room the remainder of the year. We will likely need to win 17-18 Big Ten games to have a realistic shot at an at large. Especially with the remainder of our non-con being garbage....UNO/Creighton are a combined 7-29 this year. Not very many top 50 RPI wins left on the table. I like how our starting pitching is rounding out...they could do some damage in the Big 10. Our offense still has far too many black holes in it though. As it stands right now, I'd argue this is probably the worst offensive team we have put together since the turn of the century.
  4. I don't think anybody would argue that we have some disadvantages due to the overall lack of talent that comes out of this state. Of course, when high major talent does come out of the state and you don't recruit them then that excuse is no longer valid. But you're right, other teams do it all around us...and some are even doing it with less "stars." It takes the right mix of talent/coaching and identity. It would appear we are falling short in all of those categories right now.
  5. We have to have the worst fanbase in the entire nation. We "make stuff up" about coaches character AFTER they are fired. We only fill up the PBA to 15K or so for a losing team. Some fans have the nerve to leave basketball games early when we are down 16 points with four minutes left. And last but not least, we take offense to a coach telling us to kiss his arse out the door and "FU." Woe is me
  6. Don't have access to Robin Washut's article but it states "I have been told Nebrasketball does not expect anymore transfers this offseason." So there's that. Hopefully correct, can't really afford to lose anybody else.
  7. You don't think you can coach shooting? Interesting. But, I would say that's not likely our appears to fall more on the recruiting side of things.
  8. You can afford to be mediocre on defense when you have the most efficient offense in the country. Being bad on offense and defense isn't exactly working out for us. 12-19
  9. Didn't his dad just post on here days ago that he thought Fuller would be the only one to transfer?
  10. No need to get so sensitive. You are the one claiming the team who led for 38 minutes shouldnt have won. Not me. They were the better team.
  11. Not sure what game you watched but NW was up almost the entire game. Kudos to NW. They have a hell of a coach. I'm jealous
  12. NW looking to make Nebraska the only power 5 school without a Big Dance victory. Up seven at half
  13. I wasn't worried about him from a potential standpoint. I am worried that we will replace him with another defensive liability that can't shoot.
  14. That better be the last of it.
  15. This would seem to fall in line with what they are paying Chambers. The only thing I could find had his salary at 900K near the end of 2015. Penn St doesn't really seem to care much for basketball. Nebraska on the other seems to be trying to make it work.