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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Would be nice to see Northwestern hold this early lead on MSU. Vaults OSU back to the one seed and makes one of our road wins look better, with a possibility of later creeping into Q1 territory.
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Let's say they lose two of their final four: @KU, KSU, @Bay, ISU. RPI Forecast has them around 38th. Things would definitely get interesting if they lost their first Big XII tourney game.
  3. What If? Play-in game

    I agree it’d feel slightly inauthentic, but is an 11 vs 11 game all that much different than an 8 vs 9 game? It’d count in the record books and I’d count it in my book as well. And if we lose the 6 vs 11 game? I guess we’d just have a new goal for next year: reach the round of 32.
  4. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I still think conference standings and conference records are next to meaningless. I agree with you when you say they'll probably be brought up, but I don't think it's a major talking point. You're right, I got to the point where I was speaking in absolutes on that topic when I shouldn't have. My gripe is that yesterday you came out and basically said, "Ha! All you metrics guys are wrong! They talk about more than metrics!" First of all, I've never claimed that they only care about metrics, and if you've interpreted me that way then you've interpreted me inaccurately. I know that much more is discussed. And secondly, the irony is that the "metrics guys" have actually shown that you were wrong when you said 12 conference wins or 20 total wins or whatever would certainly be enough. When we said, "No no, we're going to need at least 22 wins, probably 23," we got laughed at. But now that's proving to be closer to the truth than what you claimed, yet you come out and say all of these metrics guys were wrong. Do you really think 20 wins puts us on the bubble? That would mean we finish the season 0-4. I think you'll be the only one in that state on the edge of his seat on Selection Sunday if that happens.
  5. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Haha. It was my way of saying I'm tired of arguing, but I still disagree. Glad you're not taking it personally.
  6. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Haha. I haven’t once said any of those things. I’ve been hammering home the fact that our lack of impressive wins (not a metric!) is the most damning aspect of our resume, and because of that we’d probably need 23 wins to get in. I’ve said 22 wins with an RPI in the 50s and our lack of impressive wins will have us on the bubble, but IMO probably out. Which you mocked because “there’s no way a 12 win 4th place B1G team would get snubbed.” Please show me where I said that our Non-Con SOS would kill us. I did say our Non-Con performance will do us no favors. Please show me where I said all Quad games count the same. I’ve said that I do think the quads will have an impact in the decisions, and that a winless Q1 will not be a good look. Please show me where I said our conference performance doesn’t matter. I’ve said that specifically, conference record and conference standings are not used in the selection process, but of course your conference games matter because they help form the whole resume. It seems that you’ve been twisting what I say to fit this mental image of a “metric-only guy” you have of me.
  7. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I thought 12 conference wins would make us a no-brainer. Shouldn't that mean only one more win?
  8. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    @Swan88 gets off to accusing posters of being Jays fans.
  9. Could Central Florida end up our biggest disappointment

    I actually thought of the same thing. We can't be too mad about KU since we did have the Illinois buzzer beater. If we would have lost to U of I, we'd be about 66th.
  10. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Man, something crazy I just noticed is that USC (50) jumped 8 spots in RPI to 42nd after winning a home game against Oregon (80) last night. We won a home game against Maryland (59) and jumped up two spots.
  11. Could Central Florida end up our biggest disappointment

    This. Although this is one aspect of RPI that I don't mind. I'm okay with the fact that a win vs Kansas combined with a loss vs Delaware State is of the same value as a loss vs Kansas combined with a win vs Delaware State. To answer @khoock 's question, we would be approximately 36th in RPI if we would have beaten Kansas. What a difference one shot makes. We'd easily be in right now and probably a 7 or 8 seed. And similarly, if instead we kept the KU game as a loss, but changed one of our road losses to a win we'd be in 43rd.
  12. Could Central Florida end up our biggest disappointment

    I agree that we probably wouldn't have won that game, so the UCF loss probably wasn't as disastrous as it could have been. As for the bolded piece, I've never heard of anything like that. Pretty sure both games would count.
  13. Could Central Florida end up our biggest disappointment

    Assuming we lost to WVU and beat St. John's, our RPI would be about 0.0104 points better, which would put us into 41st. So yeah, that's a significant impact. It would have actually decreased slightly if we were to lose to St. John's, though. We'd be 55th. So it depends if you think we would have beaten them in the rematch.
  14. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Well considering the committee created them, yes I do think they matter. But again, even if they don't matter, big wins DO matter... there's no doubt about that. That's all I'm really arguing here. Quadrants don't have to be relevant for what I'm saying to be true.
  15. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Maybe not 3 percent. But my point is that we should be rooting for the teams I listed. I think the one spot that Michigan would occupy is far less important than us having an impressive win. Michigan finishing in Q1 would jump us up multiple spots in the bubble hierarchy. Not to mention Michigan would have to collapse at this point to not make it. And if that happened, we wouldn't have a single win against a tournament team.