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  1. NCAA Bracket Preview Show

    If we make it to the tournament, I really like our chances of beating anyone who doesn't have a dominant big man AND competent guard play (ie poor Happ is by himself). If you look at our losses, other than the early lose to St. Johns (we're almost a different team now), the only time we lose by double digits is when another team's center goes off, or at least scores 20 efficiently. I don't have the numbers on me right now, but Nick Ward, Isaac Haas, and the the Kansas center all had a hay day when they played us. 2 of those 3 games we lost by more than double digits. Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. Minnesota Game

    This is the stuff nightmares are made of. I didn't realize we don't have it as bad as we could lol.
  3. Didn't get to watch the second half, and then checked the score after the game. Was not expecting to gut this one out after what I saw from the first half. What I have been able to observe though, is that we seem to have caught a case of "winning". Something I thought we were actually immune to until the past few weeks- and especially tonight. 'Skers keep rolling. Good to see Glynn, Cope, and JPJ each put up +15 in the win.
  4. One of the ways they did this was through a top of the key screen with Cook and Bohannon. Bohannon would drive off of a pick from Cook, drawing the post defender towards one side of the paint. Bohannon would pass the ball back to someone at the high post, and Cook would, instead of rolling straight to the basket, roll to the opposite block and seal Roby who was concerned with the roll to the basket and Bohannon drive. All he had to do then was dropstep and score because the pass in from the high post was so easy. Saw that multiple times tonight.
  5. That's the one downside of our small ball (death lineup?). We have lengthy guards that can gang rebound to kind of negate some of this. Hats off to Evan Taylor tonight for being aggressive going for boards. He showed up big time.
  6. As a current student at UNL, I can assure you that we will definitely provide the "Husker" . I might to try to start a fake shot clock countdown with the student section too. That's always really irritating when other teams do it.