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  1. Current Husker Most Likely To Play In The NBA

    I think Xavier will be Alil higher regarded by this spring than nana was but you could be right, I see him playing a similar role to what Allen is currently doing. If everyone returns for next year it could look similar to watson/xavier allen/nana/thor palmer copeland roby/Jody/Borchardt w possibly another grad transfer big for depth. I see mcveigh leaving if he is set to graduate in May. That would be a pretty talented roster to build upon what we hope is a post season run this year
  2. Current Husker Most Likely To Play In The NBA

    Both nana n Thor were dumb to not redshirt and would be dumber to transfer w the majority of minutes gone at the two guard, also if palmer were to leave they both have the size to play the three gaurd so hopefully by not redshirting they don’t transfer but we will see. As for Allen I just don’t think miles is comfortable with him at the 2 due to his size, that or he knows he’s coaching for his job n doesn’t want a freshman out there.
  3. Is it time to start Roby?

    He’s probably the closest thing the skers will ever have to the rare “basketball unicorn” and he’s already far n away the best rebounding player on the team. Would be nice to see him take some of these pick n pop threes and he needs to have some kinda post move, then he would be scary
  4. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    Great to get the win but color me shocked that palmer the guy who played 7 second half minutes on Friday hit the winner, played the top and wing in the zone and essentially kept the offense going all night. Love that we got the buzzer beater win but shoulda been the second in a row
  5. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    Kinda crazy that Illinois is terrible but yet they have an offense that involves getting it to the high post n using it as a screen for cutters, half these guys don’t look like they can dribble w both hands but atleast they know how to do more then pass it around the 3 point line.
  6. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    I think people are referring to his brother who played a big role in his recruitment. He committed to TCU a few years ago then transferred I believe.
  7. Even with say 22 wins the big dance seems like a long shot, best current win would probably be northwestern, best future expected win is probably what Maryland? All n all the penn st loss isn’t crippling as I higher seed in the NIT is probably considered a winning season just sucks because we had the game last night
  8. Valid point ET guards like a boss but as far as serviceable three point shooter he hit most of his earlier in the season, seems to really be in a funk now. I’m not saying don’t play him I’m just saying you can’t play him 27 minutes. Allen is gonna make some mistakes n he doesn’t have the defensive chips of ET but he’s also capable of getting buckets in bunches, him only getting 8 mins outta 45 just seems crazy especially when those were basically all first half mins. As for Nana who really knows.
  9. Agreed, jordy doesn’t necessarily help but just no distraction probably leads to a 5 point win atleast, only hitting 60 some percent from the charity stripe was frustrating since we have been better then most years but if Palmer is in for more then 20 mins we probably shoot 4 to 6 more free throws too. i fully expected they would steal this one especially after jordy essentially telling the team to pound sand. But as long as they can hold serve at home the rest of the way n maybe get 1 or 2 in the big ten tourney I think NIT is still possible
  10. 👆 thanks been reading these blogs for awhile n finally thought why don’t I throw in my too cents from time to time too, really enjoy some of your guys takes
  11. Tough tough loss, I am a miles supporter as he seems like a hell of a guy n has done what I’d consider a heck of a job recruiting at Nebraska. Tonight they did miss a fair amount of contested lay ups and probably a half dozen wide open threes the guys at the local YMCA usually knock down but this offense is trash. No clue what is so hard about putting cope or roby at the high post n let them iso from there, worked 75% of the time tonight but they only ran it like 8 times. as far as the no Palmer in crunch time is anyone’s guess, was happy to see some mcveigh but certainly didn’t want to see 21 mins of mcveigh. Hes gotta look at cutting Taylor’s minutes as well 27 tonight while not scoring for a second straight game I believe, Allen looked to have it going for a spurt in the first half then gets no minutes after that or he’s gotta give Nana a chance. Believe he is like 6’5” and shot over 40 percent from distance in high school his senior year. Just gotta do something to get more scoring on the floor. That was painful to watch in OT
  12. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Anyone think jordy would start or much less have the chance to play 20 mins at any other big ten school? IMO he just doesn’t do the small things like get offensive post position or move feet/help on screens on the defensive side of the ball. Would like to see what tanner does w about 15 mins of playing time, sets good screens n rolls hard from the games I’ve seen n that’s something jordy also really struggles with
  13. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Couldn’t agree more with dean smith, love that we got heiman n think his long term potential is off the charts. He looks to have somewhat of a face up game and good free throw mechanics plus good length for shot blocking, but just watching that video you can see he needs to add atleast 40 pounds, he took a lot of bad shots to get that 27 points and he’s currently just not good at getting post position because he’s never had too. but hey let’s hope redshirt year or no redshirt year he hits the weight room hard and has a stellar career as a sker