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  1. B-town hoopsfan

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    Get a transfer every year and take anyone who is division one talent in our own back yard. Other then maybe having another stretch 4 I’m pretty happy w the make up of the current roster. I think burke is big time in 2 years too
  2. B-town hoopsfan

    Player Power Rankings

    Watson and palmer and roby are probably 1 n 2 n 3 as Watson had been here for the valleys and the peaks n if we get this rolling we will probably look back at palmer and roby as the reason why
  3. B-town hoopsfan

    18-19 depth

    Wouldn’t hate if Davis had to take a redshirt year to get academically eligible. If he was willing to stay for it. Mt verde kinda screwed him? Or is this an issue from when he was in St. Louis?
  4. B-town hoopsfan

    Successful Season

    Make the semis of big ten tourney. Be better than a number 10 seed in the NCAA tournament. Win a game in the NCAA tourney
  5. Justin Jackson, bates-diop, Carr all landed in pretty good spots but likely left some money on the table by not coming back for another year. nice to see our guys got good information and will hopefully make the most outta it because palmer n cope woulda went undrafted for sure it looks like. It will be so crazy if next year at this time time we are talking about 3 huskers being drafted or even making nba teams, would be great for recruiting
  6. B-town hoopsfan

    18-19 depth

    I’d rather see heiman get 5 minutes every 3rd game then see those minutes go to jack n I’m of the impressive heiman isn’t close to being ready to play...
  7. B-town hoopsfan

    Roby (is Good)

    W the talent and the perceived coaching chops of Gates when it comes to shooting I would be shocked if we don’t have 5 or 6 guys shooting over 35 percent from 3 point land. W roby,Copeland,Allen all approaching 38+ percent. I am hopeful we can keep up the team free throw percentage from last year as well, having all the regulars aside from jordy shooting in the 70s last year was such a luxury
  8. B-town hoopsfan

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    His twitter timeline is a 50-50 hit rate. He said Gates was coming 5 days before it was announced. He also said erstad was getting fired. I’m closer to Sioux Falls than Lincoln so I hope he’s accurate
  9. B-town hoopsfan

    18-19 depth

    Thor has Some pretty crafty moves in his arsenal from what I’ve seen, for those who watch practices or warm ups is he atleast an average 3 point shooter?
  10. B-town hoopsfan

    18-19 depth

    The goal bar should be firmly placed between winning 25+ games, winning the big ten, and being a top 5 NCAA tourney seat. We have talent. We have vets. And we have a new assistant w a knack for improving shooting. Things are on the up n up.
  11. B-town hoopsfan

    Costello Redshirt

    Hopefully miles gives him some run in the non conference so we can see what he brings to the table
  12. B-town hoopsfan

    18-19 depth

    IMO playing Copeland roby and jordy all at the same time would lead to a huge amount of gray hair from games where all our bigs are in foul trouble
  13. B-town hoopsfan

    18-19 depth

    With the news in the last week our depth looks to be fantastic going into this season. IMO w the likes of Watson Allen palmer Copeland and roby starting. Then jordy coming off the bench w 2 years of previous experience we have a very solid 6 deep. The key will be to get two of nana,Thor,Davis,Harris,maybe Costello? To give solid minutes so we can go 8 deep. I’d like to see Thor or nana push for starting 2 gaurd minutes as I’m not crazy about Watson n Allen playing defense together. Also will be interesting to see where they go with that last scholarship as it makes no sense to keep it for next year to me. Cheers though guys, good news like this previous month doesn’t happen to us very often
  14. B-town hoopsfan

    Copeland is back

    If nana can understand the defense he’s gonna play. He’s 6’6” ish and can shoot it
  15. B-town hoopsfan

    Palmer Back

    Gonna be the best roster Nebraska fans have seen in 20 year now. Watson will have played major minutes since he arrived jordy has been a rotation player since he arrived roby is a potential lottery pick palmer is all big ten and Allen,Thor,nana have all been in the program for a year with high level potential. might even get Copeland back if we are real lucky