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  1. Coach Miles

    Depends what you call special. I’d say 20 wins and meaningful late February games is pretty special, I’d sign up for that year in and year out if we could. Also there a chance next year that we could win less games but it could be considered a better season. It really just all all comes down to expectations. As long as we are bringing in exciting recruits( the 3 current ones all seem to have a shock n awe to them IMO ) and we pack the vault every home game I tend to believe the on court stuff will take care of itself. Heck if miles incorporates some form of offense into the offense then we won’t have anything to complain about on this forum. Then what are we all gonna do?
  2. Okay we have the typical doom and gloom post

    Iowa should have multiple transfers too, they have like 6 4/5 guys who could all play significant roles elsewhere.
  3. Okay we have the typical doom and gloom post

    Sure sounds like Illinois is gonna have a lot of roster turnover
  4. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I’m guessing he’s going oversees to play rather than transferring to another school but I could be wrong. It’s another open scholarship atleast
  5. What to do with Miles contract?

    You gotta extend him n you gotta make it so he has a 4 or 5 year deal weather it’s a whole new contract or just an extension. hopes for next year should be high, I have my sights set on the school record for wins in the regular season alone but I don’t get all the talk that we are in trouble after cope palmer n glen leave. The cupboards will be far from bear and with 4 or 5 open scholarships next year my sights are set on a top 25 recruiting class similar to the class of 2015 rankings wise. when your a program like Nebraska it’s all about stability, n if we reup with miles I believe in 5 years we will be beyond pleased with the state of the program.
  6. What to do with Miles contract?

    We need to Start a deandre Ayton type slush fund. 10,000 fans chip in 10 bucks n we are in business
  7. Tough end to a pretty magical month n a half as a fan. effort was pretty lack luster tonight, jordys gotta learn to finish dunks n lay ups my god, and redic amount of three point shots when we don’t shoot it well from the normal distance. im a pretty big Miles supporter but am pretty disappointed w tonight’s game. They showed alil offense from time to time w glen getting into the lane but defensive game plan was poo. There point could shake n bake us whenever he wanted to off the dribble n the lack of zone defense was quite frankly maddening, probably the only time all year I’ve had issues w coaching outside of the penn st debacle. w all that being said I am pumped for the home stretch of recruiting and am looking forward to a loaded roster next year. A thanks to all that make this site and blog what it is, I check it atleast 5 times a day since becoming part of it. Love the opinions and the feedback even to the guy who says cope is good on the boards
  8. Karrington Davis is N

    Hip not knee my bad
  9. Karrington Davis is N

    Averaged 19 ppg his last season in St. Louis I believe and was considered a top 100-150 guy before a knee injury a few years ago, could be the kinda guy we normally don’t get a chance at outta high school
  10. Next year

    Roby would likely flourish at the 4 position. At some point roby will probably get tired of having to gaurd bigger 5s. However yes our depth would then be an issue, would need a grad transfer
  11. Next year

    it’s probably not the worst thing if cope leaves, palmer would obviously be a big blow. it will be interesting to see if Xavier can shoot enough to play the two because he looks like a point to me at this point in his career
  12. Coach Miles

    IMO we should give miles a 4 year 12 mil extension and give whatever assistants we need 200k to 300k raises. Some coaches can let assistants come n go but at this point we need to continuity.
  13. NCAA or bust.

    Morrow was essentially palmers size plus 20 pounds, let that sink in then imagine him going against fives in this league( not sure what his wing span is put it’s likely compable to palmers) you really can’t blame him for transferring out and probably should question if he wasn’t over ranked as a prospect. Wish him the best at Marquette but inless his range significantly improves he’s playing the five there too. Jacobson woulda made a great 5, had some range n some defensive mobility. But he didn’t wanna play the 5 either so best wishes to him at Iowa state too. The funny thing is we basically play positionless basketball now inless jordy is on the floor, morrow n Jacobsen probably woulda fit into that just in reduced rolls
  14. Coach Miles

    Either fire him or extend him 4+ years, anything else is a hinderance to the program. Even with some roster attrition this will probably be the best team in place to start a year for the skers in the last decade.
  15. Big Ten Tournament

    Iowa is an attacking gaurd away from being good next year. Garza is gonna cause pple fits for a lot of years it looks like.