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  1. Question , last night Jordy hammered the shooter and Roby was no where near the foul and Roby was given the foul by the officials. Bardo noticed this error right away on the tv broadcast. Do our coaches see this? Is there a way to point out to the officials this error when it happens so that it could be fixed? Or it just is what it is? Later Roby was once again in danger of fouling out because of it. Just curious.
  2. Roby seems to always get called for cheap fouls. He is leading the team in fouls for sure. Against Illinois smith jumps over him and Isaiah gets called for the foul. Tonight Jordy hammers the shooter and Isaiah gets the foul. Those bad calls really hurt when they end up forcing him to sit at critical times. He has a history of silly reach in fouls but he seems to be getting better at reducing them lately and now he’s just getting some bad luck with bad calls. Another thing I’ve noticed in regards to Roby is that It seems like he is open quite a bit down low game after game and they fail to get him the ball for easy dunks as often as they could. Tonight he was pointing to the hoop for an alley-oop during a transition down the court back to their basket and it went unnoticed. Glynn seems to be best at finding him near the hoop , but it’s rare that JPJ looks his way. They seem not have the same chemistry that he and Glynn have. Anyway he is getting better and better and he does so many things that aren’t recorded in the stats that help us win. If we want to make some serious noise in the big ten tourney I think Roby will need to continue to step it up as he has lately and stay out of foul trouble.
  3. Illinois did a good job of containing JPJ today. He has been spectacular lately. He has been able to drive and score almost at will. Not today. Today he was getting hung up by double and triple teams on his way to the hoop. There should have been many team mates open when he was getting double or triple teamed when he was driving and he practically always took the shot anyway and it did not fall. Today may have been a good time to dish it to the open man as the drives weren’t working like they have been recently. They had his number and a plan that worked. He wasn’t able to take over. Very few if any assists to Roby who was open near the hoop more than a few times today. Roby had a great first half, 3 for 3 from three point land. Bad foul calls kept him off the court at some critical times down the stretch in the second half. Still with the double double again but it doesn’t mean much when they lose this huge game. And Glynn is struggling big time. Poor shot selection and it’s just not going in when he does shoot. He killed us tonight. How is it that illinois is so good against us?
  4. Hate Will Never Win

    Obviously this guy is a loser turd. It saddens me this crap exists and that this has popped up during this special season. I know this is bigger than basketball , but I can’t be the only one out there who hopes this loser and his crap doesn’t distract the team from their mission to make the tourney. Maybe it will bring the team closer together , more united, and that translates to more winning. Hopefully this loser crawls back under the rock he crawled out from under and his views die off and we can get back to talking about Nebraska basketball and back to enjoying this special season. I support the team and hate will never win.
  5. We have won 6 of the last 7 games. Roby and the “small” lineup have been starting for the last 7 games. Coincidence?
  6. Balanced scoring. All 5 starters in double figures. If Roby , Gill , and Glen can stay hot down the stretch , and it’s not just Palmer and Copeland putting up most of the points , we will be hard to hard to cover, and hard to stop, and hard to beat!
  7. Time to eat a little crow

  8. Time to eat a little crow

    Do you think Copeland will be back? He turns 23 this summer. Do you think Palmer will be back? He will turn 22 this summer? They both have another year of eligibility ,but will they use it or will they try to make some money somewhere playing basketball and start life after college. It could be scary next year if they both departed after this semester. This team could be really amazing next year if they returned.
  9. I was at the game and by chance formed a a mini Nebraska section with 7 other random Husker fans. Seats were cheap at 39$ a piece five rows from the floor even with the free throw line (with the down year Wisconsin is having). Lots of empty seats especially up high. It was great to get this win after being down most of the game and having to endure the repeated complaining by the Wisconsin fans all game long. They never quit and never lost faith and battled back and got this big road win as the underdog tonight. Some observations: Taylor , Gill , and Roby didn’t score. Roby played only 17 minutes due to foul trouble. What do you think , cheap fouls or bad calls? Jordy , Duby , and Roby had 13 fouls between them. Duby was in for 4 minutes total in the game before the first half ended and had 3 fouls and goal tended. Jordy looked good. Like the Jordy of the second half of last year. It’s good to have him back playing the way he can. He came up big tonight. The team needs Jordy playing well. Glen looked real good tonight night as well. Great to see him get back to be aggressive taking it to the hoop. If he keeps this going along with what Copeland and JPJ do most games we’ve got quite a triple threat. JPJ and Copeland have to be one of the best scoring duos in the Big Ten. Unbelievable find by Miles.
  10. Huskers 68 Hawkeyes 60 Why do all the trees in Nebraska lean to the east? ............................................... Because Iowa Sucks!!!!
  11. How many future pros are on our roster?

    Roby has taken 5 shots in the last 2 games combined and that is just not enough. He shows flashes of excellence. He has to get more aggressive going to the hoop. That is the best part of his offensive game. When he learns to be as aggressive on offense as he is in defense he will be a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully he will put on another 15-20 lbs of muscle over the next 2 years. It’s going to be quite a ride watching him reach his potential.
  12. Bounce back. Huskers 76 Scarlet Knights 68
  13. 1)Not going to win many games when only one player scores in double digits. Glen has got to get it back if we are going to make a run at it. I remember the multiple games of last year when he was on fire. What has changed? No Webster ??? 2) They had so many short layups in the paint. We couldn’t stop them there. Their guys got to the hoop tonight. We still can get to the dance. Just need to win down the stretch a whole bunch and make a lot of noise at the big 10 tourney.