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  1. NIT bracket announcement

    You guys, we finally got a game on ESPN! Just playing the long con.
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Can you imagine what Deandre Ayton could do against us?
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    VT is 6/28 from 3 but they sure seem to think they’re going to hit one every possession
  4. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    This game is ridiculously entertaining! Love conference tourneys
  5. Big picture I’m glad about the season, and am glad Tim is gonna stick around. Just is painful to be so close and be so good all year then have it ripped away in a do or die game
  6. Man. I could not have been more disappointed with an NIT appearance than I am. Just heartbreaking after how good this season was
  7. Putting on the ol’ Ryan Anderson jersey. Let’s do this
  8. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    This is a selection committee games of interest thread, right?
  9. Worst defensive half this year?
  10. Just picked up his second foul, fortunately
  11. Maryland

    How do you think we’ll match up with them defensively? I know we are athletic and are able to switch a lot but if it’s a 4 guard lineup it could give us trouble, having to put Cope on Huerter or something like that.
  12. Man, a lineup of Allen, Gill, Jordy, Isaiah, and Evan is not gonna get you a whole lot on offense.
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Those 3 teams were already in his field in the seeding list he tweeted out yesterday. So those games shouldn’t affect us moving up past teams that lost
  14. Husker Superstitions

    I don’t have any long running superstitions, but if things are going well during a game I’ll try to not change anything. I’ll sit in the same position, have my phone in the same spot, etc. I think for the Michigan game I literally didn’t move for almost the whole two hours