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  1. Michigan

    Still little respect from Vegas. Team has covered 9 out of 10 and I look forward to seeing an outright win for the Huskers. On another note, we should pool our money as a community of Husker hoops fans and start betting aggressively on Nebraska lines. What could possibly go wrong as it's not like there is an extreme amount of bias here? Anyways, I know I'm new here but we should volunteer one of the administrators on the site to be the community "bookie" and during the game prediction threads we could designate how much we want our "bookie" to bet on our behalf. I know this sort of sounds illegal which is why I'll nominate someone else besides me to coordinate the logistics. I'm sure the NSA is reading this so this is where I say I'm kidding (hoping they can't decipher emoji's).
  2. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    Man, how great was Roby. Really hope this was an official coming out party. 9 pts, 10 rebs, 4 stls, 2 blocks and countless hustle stats and changed shots...oh, and another missed dunk, which I think he leads the nation in
  3. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    Called it, you are welcome 😀😀😀😀
  4. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    Illinois has perfected losing in the Big...we are fine
  5. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    Here is a thought. Tim should run a 20 minute intrasquad scrimmage before the next game to see if we can get the shit basketball out of our system so we don't have to endure these wretched first halves!!!
  6. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    At least they have practiced that at the end of games as well
  7. Illinois (10-8) vs Nebraska (12-7) Game Thread

    Wow, if true, it's nice to see us rolling with a more offensive lineup to start. Having Okeke and Taylor out there to really limits you offensively. Perhaps this is the night we score, I don't know, maybe 30 freaking points or more in the first half!!! Is that too much too ask???
  8. HHCC Game #20 - vs. Illinois (Jan. 15, 8:00 PM CST)

    NU 75 No Fightin Illini 68 14 assists 9th straight cover! (this should be worth bonus points!)
  9. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    This is unreal. If they haven't talked since Thursday, would it be fair to assume Jordy is no longer in Lincoln? What other explanation could there be? If Jordy's family took him thome or to his next school, I really hope Miles withholds his release. Miles should just tell Jordy that he may be able to shit on his teammates and just walk out but to get his release he owes him a face to face conversation, like an adult,, to officially tell him he is a quitter. Also, I am guessing that Miles told Jordy on Thursday to take a few days to think about his decision and then they would talk after they returned from Penn St.
  10. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Yeah, it will be a school with no integrity... thinking Texas, Miami, Colorado or any school with a Pitino!
  11. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Just terrible. I'm not going to pin yesterday's loss on Jordy as we've shown a propensity to start off shitty in most of our games, with and now without Jordy. You can't pin the missed free throws and Palmer's off game on Jordy either. It just sucks how this disrupts team chemistry and rotations. Okeke struggled yesterday so we are going to have to figure the rotations out quickly. I think it's time to unleash Roby and let him sink or swim and hope he can give you 25-30 minutes without fouling out after 15. I thought Andrew White was one of the more incredibly selfish decisions I had seen but at least he did it after the season and the coaches had an entire offseason to try and figure it out (which they couldn't)! Now Miles and company have to do it on the fly. Jordy's dick move takes the cake over AWIII. Incredible.
  12. I wonder if there are any degenerate gamblers on the selection committee. I believe that was our eighth straight cover, so hopefully that is a new metric. Man, that was a giant kick to the balls.
  13. Nebraska (12-6) vs. Penn St. (12-6) Game Thread

    I am now agnostic...and not feeling great. For the record, NyQuil does not mix well with rum.
  14. Nebraska (12-6) vs. Penn St. (12-6) Game Thread

    Man...that timeout Miles called killed us at the end. Watson was running free and would have got a much better shot off.
  15. Nebraska (12-6) vs. Penn St. (12-6) Game Thread

    Sweet baby Jesus... please, please, please. I will try to be a better person.