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  1. Whoa, congrats, Dimes! I missed that part in your post. Very happy for you and yours.
  2. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Saltdogs are having a game during the eclipse. That ought to cause a few issues with seeing the ball and concentration when the moment arrives.
  3. On the Forum Page the time of the last posts is no longer on there. Damn change.
  4. Offseason Potpourri

    Tim pretty direct in that speech. With the usual humor mixed in. Says Okeke is good in space but needs work on his game in small spaces. Dan Dakich will be disappointed to hear that Evan Taylor is never going to be a great shot. But he's a good player and a great athlete. Palmer is a mini-Petteway. He's tough. Confirmed Gill's injury was much worse then they initially thought. Article would be worth linking. Some White/Morrow/Jacobsen stuff mixed in also.
  5. Offseason Potpourri

    I forgot those highlights; very nice. And that was some damn fine broadcasting for student radio.
  6. Tom Crean

    Any comments on his tirade against the Michigan assistant after winning the title against Michigan? I would hate to see how he would act after a loss. Perhaps someone can link. This guy is obviously a great coach, but he is on the edge of sanity. This incident isn't it with him; it often looks like he is an eyelash from completely losing it. I hope all the people who have a fit when Bo has a sour look on his face are equally offended by everything Crean does.
  7. Help Wanted

    Sounds like a lot of money to me

    I vote to leave it on July 4. Kind of like leaving Christmas on December 25. And because moving to days other than July 4 would involve change. And change is bad.
  9. Dads and Insiders

    Sounds like that "iron" is really in the fire....😉
  10. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Meyers gone. We're gonna suck next year
  11. Season Tickets

    I wonder how the card option will work for club seating and club lounge accesss. Anyone know?
  12. NCAA Tournament Thread

    And don't underestimate the problem with the Big 10 scholarship rules. A decided disadvantage against the other conferences. Big 10 needs to wake up if it wants to become more competitive in baseball. Facilities and money thrown at the programs has improved substantially since we joined the league. Now we need to eliminate our scholarship rule disadvantage.
  13. Dads and Insiders

    No. Could have said "didn't sign" a post player vs. "didn't' recruit". Not sure how big the effort was vs. just not getting it done. Anyway, that ship hasn't completely sailed. We have an iron in the fire so to speak for a big who would be eligible in next season. Hope we can get something done.
  14. Dads and Insiders

    She should have added one anyway. It was never obvious that Rachel would recover fully from her knee problems. She has been behind the rehab timetable from the get-go. Even if her knee came around, she still doesn't have a lot of experience at this level to be the mainstay in the post. Washington isn't a player at this level, and the others are tweeners at best. Mind-boggling that we didn't recruit a post player under that scenario. Anyway, my guess is Rachel will play, but the question will be at what level of effectiveness and athleticism. Hopefully not a Kendall Clark situation.
  15. Jess Shepard

    Despite 3 "prettys", I'll take the unders.
  16. Offseason Potpourri

    I wasn't. I was talking about Ohio State. I'm not smart enough to be subtle.
  17. Offseason Potpourri

    Ohio State doesn't mess around when moving coaches on their way. They don't wait for things to first go all the way downhill.
  18. Jess Shepard

    Have to go with Cazzie on this one. Much more realistic.
  19. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Schreiber sure sounded like he's gone after the game. You're right, next year doesn't look too good. We were scrappy this year, but virtually every team we played looked better getting off the bus. Darin better get recruiting figured out or we'l be under -achieving here for a long time.
  20. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Burkamper has been our best starting pitcher the past 3-4 weeks.
  21. B1G Baseball Tournament Talk

    Good luck with that! 😀
  22. B1G Baseball Tournament Talk

    Looks very bleak. Maryland crushes the ball. We have Rayburn in left. He doesn't crush it.
  23. B1G Baseball Tournament Talk

    Let's hope! Overcoming all odds.....
  24. B1G Baseball Tournament Talk

    It seems I have a better chance scoring tonight then the Huskers do in scoring a run. Which should tell you all you need to know about the Huskers offense today.