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  1. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Or Bellevue College
  2. Let me get this straight...

    I don't see it as a pressure cooker. For us, anyway. Pressure is when you don't know what its gonna happen. Here we know, it is over in March, 2019 for Miles at Nebraska. Miles will have some pressure, as wins will help him get the next job. I suppose a Moos has s0me if we win a lot (don't see it happening) and Miles gives us the middle finger he looks bad. But the dye is cast, so I don't equate it with pressure cooker.
  3. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    We sure as hell didn't fold down the stretch. We got beat on a neutral court by a red hot team that made the finals. Then we got jobbed and sent on the road and played a tough close game with a team that won at Bay,or and made it to New York. We soundly beat a very good Penn Stste team right before that. We can always find reasons to be bummed but this season isn't the poster child for that
  4. Let me get this straight...

    Well, the one year extension leaves him a little less vulnerable to a Barry Collier move by Miles; gives Moos a little more control over the timing of making the next hire. But if you think Bounds and Moos haven't already made the long term call on Miles I'd like to sell you some some ocean front property in East Lincoln. You don't do the last month and a 1 year deal on a guy who hadn't been extended the past two years if you think Miles has any chance of being your guy.
  5. Let me get this straight...

    Actually, much of the entire world knows the do or die ship has already sailed. Its already done died. Just a phony deal to allow them time to find the next guy.
  6. Let me get this straight...

    Would you have waited a month to extend one year? And, of course, winning next year won't help with getting anyone decent in November. Two Novembers so far while the ADs dithered has resulted in a shaky wing whose best offer was NU, and a tall skinny project. We're gonna be short on players even if we win next year.
  7. last place finishes in conference like when Miles took over.
  8. Let me get this straight...

    Nope on 1 and 3. There was a slim chance of that had they not drug it out for a month playing Simon & Garfunkel. This is over and the ship has sailed.
  9. You know that Riley rubbed the mitigation provision in our nose with a 50 grand salary, right?
  10. If all you're gonna do is give him a year, then give him the year and the nice public statement a month ago. Would have reduced the wind-twisting, teeth gnashing, and speculation. And the appearance that you've made the call that he isn't your guy. Again, not arguing the merits of that call, but the handling of this has sucked.
  11. And again (as Doc would say), sources indicate this wasn't all Moos; that Bounds was quite involved.
  12. What to do with Miles contract?

    Well, let's just hope that with a year to work on a replacement, Moos makes a killer hire.
  13. What to do with Miles contract?

    Yep, the old "how dumb does he think we are?" I wouldn't even bother filling the assistant position. Unless Norm wants it for a year. I assume Jamel White's uncle has moved on to other things.
  14. Xavier Johnson is N

    Like your takes on here, but have to disagree that we have stability with the head coach or even an illusion of it. So far 3 straight years without an extension. Last year no supportive comments from the AD. Promises of addressing things after the season but then crickets. This year any comments from the AD were delayed, then tepid and vague. Comments that it would be addressed after the final 4, but still nothing. If we go head to head on any recruit, there is no way the other school won't address instability with the head coach.
  15. Yet Another Contest Thread

    If there is a song titled "We're totally screwed" would someone please post it?
  16. That's around on another board but u might want to cut it in half.
  17. Not a revelation, that's been getting posted about for weeks
  18. Xavier Johnson is N

    "Easily"? Are u nuts. There is no recovery. We're a year out from knowing who our coach will be, and we can even start recruiting. The cupboard will be completely bare for Miles'' successor. We'll be going thru then"start from scratch" phase once again.
  19. Xavier Johnson is N

    I don't buy the term "penalized".
  20. Xavier Johnson is N

    Well then they might as well do away with letters of intent. What's the point if politics make them meaningless? How far down does the "not having the best interest at heart" go? Head coach is one thing, then assistant. Pretty soon it will be a release has to be given if the student manager changes.
  21. Xavier Johnson is N

    Pretty obvious reasons why we're not hitting the recruiting trail hard right now. What wind twisting begets
  22. Xavier Johnson is N

    Well, if he still has a shot, then the University's inaction is really perplexing, become it screws the pooch on the succeeding years. The impact of the recruiting problem and difficulties with replacing Hunter will be felt after next year. And to me this isn't just about Moos. Their is some guy whose initials are HB (also) who is in his ear. If Miles truly has a shot, why tie his hands? Money? Give me a break, we throw that around lie candy at a parade.
  23. Xavier Johnson is N

    It's HB official
  24. And for those of you who don't think this goes higher than Moos, again, please exit the dream world and enter the real one.