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  1. Go on record now.

    I Could go on record now, but it would be ridiculous since I haven't seen any of them play one second of basketball. Never been a fan of completely uninformed opinions. So I abstain.
  2. Offseason Potpourri

    Well, they are in the State of Norm.
  3. Jimmy, all i can say is that some's funny stuff right there. Bringing your A game in retirement!
  4. Norm, with all due respect, I am more of the "you are what your record says you are" with regard to last year's team. You're right on Rutgers, and perhaps Ohio State, but at the time we lost to Illinois, it was a better team. We were a really bad team right then. Lots of things were going on. but it added up to not very good. And don't forget Iowa at home could have easily gone the other way, not to mention Indiana and Maryland. I know from prior posts you believe part of the collapse the last few weeks was due to the team getting demoralized and some chemistry problems, especially from a particular player. I would factor in a really poor shooting team, poor perimeter defense, and really inexperienced post play. We were bad through many points of the season. You don't lose to Gardner Webb and barely beat Southern if you're a lot better than your record. We got hot for a few games in late December, early January, but mostly we weren't good. Anyway, it's in the past and I look forward to being improved this year, and surprising the prognosticators who have us 13th in the league. But if we do finish 13th, I would be shocked if their isn't a change.
  5. Seems like a reasonable opinion. I think its obvious that if we finish several games below .500 again this year, there will be a change, regardless of anything going on in football and the new AD. It is equally obvious with the recent recruiting efforts and better stability with assistants that Miles will stay and get a contract extension if we make the tournament (and from my standpoint, if we improve to .500 or better and make the NIT). I suppose the dynamics raised by the posters are more applicable to the gray area--we improve several games from 12-19 but don't make a post-season tournament. How much of an upward trajectory is required will be the issue. So we're back to how do you define "winning" this year to determine the "accountability".
  6. Looks like a good hire. Very experienced, friendly, down to earth, says he'll be accessible. All in stark contrast to his predecessor.
  7. I can't believe you people...

    I was in my late 50s when that game started. I am now 97 years old. But, we survive!!
  8. Eichorst Out

    Whether its great might depend on his level of competency at it. Perlman cared a lot about athletics, he just sucked at it. Reverse Midas touch. Hopefully Bounds/Green do a much better job with making decisions that help advance the mission.
  9. Next Years Starting 5

    Welcome to the board, but I have to disagree. Well, there may have been a reason Roby "never looked confident taking a shot"--he was a FRESHMAN. And one who was sidelined by injury for months before the season. Just because he appeared that way as a true freshman, and one who got a late start at that, doesn't mean he'll be a permanent glue guy. Look at the steady, albeit gradual improvement of Tai. Now, some guys are that way, Benny was always going to be challenged offensively, as was Rivers. But I'll take a chance that categorizing Roby this way ends up being wrong. As for Nana, guess what, he's a freshmen also. Every single year in the history of message boards, posters anoint FNGs to be better out of the gate than the returning guys. And every year they underestimate the adjustment to this level.
  10. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    Brian was a good man and a big fan of women's basketball. He was very dedicated to the women's program. He fought hard against his illness for 14 months, kept his problems to himself and never complained. He will be missed.
  11. Seems fitting in the week of Hugh Hefner's death that Jimmy would be talking about quickies in the sack with a magazine.
  12. By the way ...

    From the proverbial "source close to the program": "Copeland is for real. Already a team leader. Mature, good from 15' in; physical. They liken him to Draymond Green." Take it for its worth.
  13. Offseason Potpourri

    OK, folks, with practice starting today, it's time to put this thread to bed! Thanks to Fever for starting it, and to all for great contributions along the way! 25 pages of good HHC stuff. But now we're in-season, and man, am I ready.
  14. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Actually, a couple of them were directly a result of pitiful protection. We have sucked as a team the whole season. To put that all on one player is unfair and unrealistic. Yeah, he hasn't been good. But our problems go way deeper than how the QB played. I had to listen to 2 years of "Tommy Armstrong is the devil; can't play in this offense, once we replace him all will be well." That was simplistic then, and blaming Lee for everything is simplistic now.
  15. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Wow, Smiles, you sure give the offensive line quite a free pass.
  16. Eichorst Out

    Good summary, Norm. There is a diehard group of HP/SP/SE supporters who are Kevin Bacon in the Animal House parade with regard to football. Must be my old man cataracts that cause me to miss the good football being played by all these shiny object from signing day.
  17. Eichorst Out

    Agree. Lee always seems to make part of it about himself, but his points on SE are valid and not cheap shots. This was a Harvey debacle that was never gonna work, on a bunch of levels. Onward and upward, hopefully.
  18. SE GONE

    No, not inappropriate. Smiling today: Bo, Yori, Dr. Tom. Not smiling: Harv.
  19. Eichorst Out

    The timing of this actually gives a better chance of saving the recruiting class. No way Eichorst was going to get to hire the next coach. This is the order in which this had to happen. Firing SE this early allows the replacement to get in place sooner, who can then be ready to go right after the Iowa game with the coaching search. If we wait until November, it all gets drug out further. You wait on it, and assuming the miracle turn around doesn't happen and you fire Riley, and you're screwed.
  20. Eichorst Out

    Agree with much of the post, but just for accuracy sake, Bill Byrne hired Yori.
  21. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Actually in the presser Riley made it sound like it would by Jaimes (pulling his shirt) or Gaylord. When asked about moving Conrad back to tackle, Riley said "we considered that also", but then rambled on about how that could mess up both positions. When discussing the right tackle situation, he didn't mention Conrad until specifically asked about it. Cav must really not like Decker.
  22. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    One play from being 0-3 with two bought games at home. Hard to believe.
  23. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Cav should have been fIred at halftime. Worst position coach in the history of Husker football. None of this surprising. Need to cut the head off the snake and be done with the Perlman destruction of the athletic department. Shawn must go. No chance of moving forward until that happens.
  24. Bureau of Weights and Measures

    I was going to say "that's what she said", but then I realized that would be juvenile and immature so I decided not to say that.
  25. RIP Rollie

    Icy cold, 49r.