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  1. Jimmy, nice job on the video post. You're really making progress in working with your ebay.......
  2. This is Husker basketball. It's NEVER too early to get pessimistic....
  3. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Tough break for the Huskers. Hopefully we have enough depth to survive it.
  4. Who is he going to guard playing that position?
  5. Michigan

    Actually this spread shows a lot more respect (to the extent that's even a thing) than the last 2 home games.
  6. When Matt was able to talk it sounded like Darrien had a good game in expanded minutes, especially defensively. 2 assists; no turnovers. Good for her; hope it continues.
  7. JoJo White

    Went to KU basketball camp twice when Jo Jo was on staff. Hero worship by all the campers. Outstanding player.
  8. Funny, Whoopdedoo and I post it at the same time!
  9. Great win. Free throws obviously a huge problem. Can't hold it back any longer: Really hard to listen to Griesch. Might be the worst color commentator in college basketball. Virtually unlistenable. Matt is usually so patient with him. Tonight he couldn't take it any longer and didn't put up with it, all the while Griesch was making a fool out of himself.
  10. Just an unfortunate same last name. If my name was Eades I would change it.
  11. Future NBA players (with the possible exception of those over 7 feet tall) do not sit the bench or redshirt. If he was a potential NBA guy, he would be playing. Our coaches may not be coach of the year candidates, but they know enough to play the pros.
  12. Welcome, Ben, and thanks for your efforts. FYI, as a Cubs and Royals fan, great job in back to back World Series. As a result of your heroics, my son refers to you as the "greatest player of all time".
  13. Every game, before and after. It helps.
  14. NU plus 5.5. Again, one would think the line would be higher with a home game against an 0-5 team ( kind of sound like Doc there, starting out with "again"). Vegas continues not to think much of us. Time to earn some respect, if not money.
  15. I can tell you it got mentioned a lot in my section at the time. Folks were not amused. It got further comment at the bar after the game.
  16. Just an absolutely pathetic call on the Illini 3 pointer. So weak. Conference is a joke. Heads should roll for weak ass shit like that. Didn't matter, but you can't make that call. He misses it and that guy gets 3 free throws in our gym. I am flat out fed up.
  17. Wow. Wouldn't have called that line.
  18. whoops, sorry, wrong terminology. No wonder I lose money betting! NU minus 5 or 5.5.
  19. Makenize Helms 2019

    It's easier to post on Twitter, Instagram and snap chat sitting down.
  20. His "advisors" must have finally realized how fricking ludicrous the timing of his requested release was. Well, hope he and they learned, and he improves as a player.
  21. The crowd must get better

    Quite a difference between the two sports over that time frame. Depending on one's definition of irrelevant, of course. In football we had a conference championship, several divisional championships, multiple 9 and 10 win seasons, and several bowl victories in that time frame. In basketball we did what? One NCAA tournament bid. About 3 NIT bids. Many losing seasons. Several last place conference finishes. Poor comparison.