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  1. And Jordy didn't' touch anyone on the over the back call. But for the game, I thought we got a decent road whistle.
  2. Now What?

    A good post as far as fans. I'm curious to see how the players respond. Does the air come out of the balloon, or do we fight back. Will be interesting to see. Could go either way.
  3. Not sure it would be laying an egg. IU could be better than us. Today was laying an egg, losing to an inferior team.
  4. All during 52-47 I said "oh oh, we may look back at this point in the game and regret not putting them away. " A bunch of bad possessions. Watson has to be better.
  5. That was the trend until the last game. That one was scary--4 fouls and 3 turnovers in 7 minutes. Don't need a ton out of that spot, but we need better than that.
  6. What If? Play-in game

    You must not have read Rasmussen's lengthy dissertation as selection committee chair. Your outlook is way too negative
  7. This team's accomplishments are simply remarkable. Amazing stuff going on with this group.
  8. Time to eat a little crow

    Classic Norm post, complete with an MF bomb! As long as we're generalizing (young people), there is another group that tends to apply to these arguments--those who think we can hire anyone out there as long as we're willing to pay them enough. This group assumes anyone can be bought. In reality, none of the big, I've proven this for years, can't miss names are coming here for any amount of money. They already make so much more than they and their descendants could ever spend, they're not going to take a job that is still thought to be a career-killer at a place that is hard as hell to recruit to. So those who are saying "I don't want to fire Miles unless we get Bill Self, Izzo, Coach K, Altman, etc." should just conclude "don't fire Miles". Anyone we get will be a lateral or step up guy, which will have the usual risk. And I get how some are willing to take that chance, in case we strike oil, and others are reluctant and worried that we get someone who won't be able to recruit as well as Miles. I have vacillated some myself.