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  1. NU 71 UCF. 68 3 in double figures. it's my favorite holiday and I'm going with the upset.
  2. Creighton - Nebraska

    Gotta love message boards. The last coach got killed on here for not substituting enough and playing people too many minutes (although when she did substitute, she caught hell for being negative and taking players out for making mistakes). Now this coach catches it for too many substitutions and wave substitutions. Kinda funny, actually.
  3. No, it absolutely is not. It is to get better. And if the coach thinks we'll get better by doing things that make us win by 20 instead of 30, I would hope he does that. You can improve in games as well as practice. And if a starter were to go down playing in the last 2 minutes against a team we're up 20 against, I don't think it would make us better. it would make us stupid.
  4. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Hey Red Steve--we're 3-0 now!! A lot of progress, and I would have said that even if we hadn't held on. Cincore's best game as a Husker. Blackburn was awesome in her minutes. Mitchell's best game as a Husker. Obviously Kissinger stepped up. Love Cain passing out of the high post. Overcame a really rough night by Whitish.
  5. Offense is hard when you can't shoot. Sincerely, Mr. Obvious
  6. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    You're kidding, right? The new head coach would want the last head coach to stick around and remain on staff? Wow. I guess that explains why you would have been preaching to keep Riley until Minnesota.
  7. Nicea's Injury

    Hearing that Nicea's rehab is going well, and even a little ahead of schedule. She should be back for the San Juan Shootout at the latest. Could even suit up Sunday. Janay isn't too far behind Nicea with her recovery.
  8. Whoa there Red Steve! I love how you're thinking, but I don't think we get to count the exhibition game against Mankato State....
  9. Mi'Cole Cayton

    "What's done is done", but you keep beating the drum. You have zero inside information from either family to support what you just said.
  10. Mi'Cole Cayton

    Any reason this loser isn't banned? He is WAY worse than anything Kidney or other infamous banned posters ever were.
  11. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    If Cavanaugh isn't the worst position coach in Nebraska football history, he has to be close.
  12. Mi'Cole Cayton

    Nice work, KM. Wish an ACL injury on a young lady you've never met, who changed her commitment only when the HUSKERS didn't stick with the coach she was recruited by and signed with. Proud to have you as a Nebraska fan. You have the maturity level of an 8 year old, not to mention a mean spirit. Hide behind that keyboard and keep lobbing bombs, big guy. Would love to see a player's parent find out your pitiful identity and see how that ends for you.
  13. Glad to see Evan making his throws tonight