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  1. Great edit, Norm! (you didn't have me until then)
  2. Not to mention Washington, who regressed noticeably. Some people on here were convinced that she was getting screwed on playing time, and the positive approach would work wonders. Turns out everyone took the OFF-season quite literally.
  3. All so predictable. In 1996, a group of disgruntled Nebraska basketball players walked into the athletic director's office demanding an audience so as to air their grievances, and threatening a boycott. The AD promptly kicked them out and told them to get to practice. We went on to win the NIT Championship, and go to the NCAA tournament the next year. In 2015-16, a group of disgruntled people--a former Director of Basketball operations, a trainer, a few players and some parents, weighed in with their grievances. The AD and his henchman listened intently, with great concern on their faces, salved the owies of the complainers, and commenced a full scale investigation. They offered no support for the coach, despite an impeccable record with regard to wins and championships, graduation rate, and doing things the right way. "No", they said, "this is no longer 1996! We must get on the energy bus!" So the winning-est coach in the history of the sport of basketball at Nebraska was fired, and we all lived happily ever after, frolicking on the energy bus. Well, except the last part.
  4. Played on the one at Kearney. We all thought that was the wave of the future! What the hell did we know? I didn't like the feel of the dribble on it, or the sound.
  5. A tie goes to the runner.
  6. A lot of folks were in denial a year ago. Reality bites.
  7. Gino singled her out for criticism on her conditioning after the UConn game. That is almost unheard of. Perhaps he will see it as a challenge. But he is aware of some of the problems.
  8. Yeah, there was some major league backing the wrong horse by Eichorst and then Williams. Didn't work out so well. In the meantime, Kathleen Doyle goes 11 points, 8 assists, and 5 boards last night for Iowa. Horrible judgment by the AD coming home to roost.
  9. Well, yeah, but what do you think about Brandon Ubel's playing time?
  10. Not a very good baseball team.
  11. Gottlieb wrong again
  12. I think you're right, it's hard against any D1 team to sweep 4. That's why it's too bad we got off to such a poor start. We are just such an anemic offensive team, and it doesn't seem like it's just a case of some guys not hitting who will get hot. It's just who we are. Nothing to hang our hat on. No power, no speed, not consistent at small ball. If Luensemann can get it together we're pretty good on the mound. But man, do we do suck offensively.
  13. yes, I meant sweeping the remaining 3 games.