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  1. Good luck with that! 😀
  2. Looks very bleak. Maryland crushes the ball. We have Rayburn in left. He doesn't crush it.
  3. Let's hope! Overcoming all odds.....
  4. It seems I have a better chance scoring tonight then the Huskers do in scoring a run. Which should tell you all you need to know about the Huskers offense today.
  5. Iowa must be starting a lefty.
  6. Playing in a bandbox. Favors Iowa. They are a power team; we are more Punch and Judy. Routine fly balls are flying out of there. May have some games in the 20s before this is over. They should never have the tournament in Bloomington again.
  7. Yes, a candid admission on your part. I was that way once also. I have come back to earth. Perhaps the shooting percentage did it. Perhaps bringing the ball down low after a board did it, and perhaps loving the dribble in the paint did it. And perhaps you are right, an off season will improve those things. The effort will be there.
  8. I think he'll do just OK, vs "well". Pedestrian player. Nothing special.
  9. Agree. I guess I understand Sharp not asking Coach Williams anything of substance in his radio interview of her last week, because they pretty much have to be complete homers on Sports Nightly. But you'd think the newspaper guys might ask something substantive. We all get that patience is in order, but that doesn't mean all inquiries are off limits. Having said that, I'm not sure we'd get a completely straight answer, like "Well, we tried, but we came up empty".
  10. Good luck competing in the Big 10 with those 3 "posts". And someone is getting paid almost as much as John Cook to not just want someone who will fit in and not just be a warm body, but to actually find one, in a year's time.
  11. Right, I get how it's tough to sign that first class in November when you aren't on the job until April, now that recruiting starts so early. Miles had the same issue with his first November class, although not too many posters cut him any slack for that when they are rehashing recruiting classes. Anyway, hope you're right and that 2018 class turns out to be a good one. I will always wonder why we didn't take, or couldn't get, a post player in the spring signing period of 2017.
  12. Hard to get to details like this when you're busy saving the whales and preserving the rain forests.
  13. I'd say it is the second recruiting class of this staff
  14. Wish I had road tripped to Happy Valley. I soon as I retire those kind if things are happening.
  15. I like the low stress day so far!