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  1. Teddy wants to be a coach on the floor, vs. an Ops guy. As CWG notes, this was a done deal a few weeks ago. I expect the position to be filled in-house, although that is pure speculation on my part. Brent Sapp and Greg Eaton are highly thought of in the basketball offices and athletic department.
  2. Kent, take a DEEP breath. It's going to be OK.....
  3. I vote that we have Norm work with him on his shot. That free throw percentage will go up considerably if he does that.
  4. Kenya is a BEAST and deserves a raise!
  5. Based on the sweet deal he got from Harvey, he won't be getting a refund.
  6. MOJO comes through. Needed that. Also a single and great bare-handed putout by Cronenbold to atone for his error.
  7. Well, he's running out of excuses. Final Four over and now spring football.
  8. Miss the days when we were an opportunistic team. Don't get the key hit or the key out much.
  9. Khiry Thomas is pretty damn good
  10. There's that play on words again!
  11. Romeo involved a coaching change, and illness in the family. White involved the scandal at Illinois. But you're right, with the NCAA, who knows anymore.
  12. Because Shawn worships him. And has incorporated "Stay Positive" in his tagline on all correspondence. Perhaps he's paying Mr. Gordon royalites.
  13. Maybe I am not understanding the post, but if she transfers to a DI school, she has to sit out next year (even out of conference). Absent a really bizarre NCAA waiver ruling, any "hope she could play next year" would be misplaced.
  14. She was injured, but I don't see a scenario where she would get it back due to transfer. She could get a 6th year if she has another major injury. I just doubt too many good teams will be interested in someone who sits out a year to play 2.
  15. Problem is she red shirted already at K-State. Not sure she will want ot sit out 2 years of 5. So DII may be the answer.