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  1. HB

    2018-2019 Roster

    Kearney Man, is that you?
  2. Another game I can't root for either team.
  3. HB


    Your scenario explains certain Omaha people liking Creighton hoops Not the hate and d-bag actions toward Husker hoops, when they choose to support the home state football team. Screw the sweater vests; got no use for 'em. My favorite basketball team other than the Huskers is whoever plays Creighton, and usually whoever plays Iowa.
  4. HB

    2018 Husker Baseball

    OK, Birds, rather than just coming on here and down-arrowing a legitimate opinion, what do you think? Please give us your view on the subject, rather than just doing your "drive-by" thing.
  5. HB


    Then consider me a fraction. Actually, I don't have a problem with a pure Creighton fan. But I despise the Jaysker. I know someone who has the audacity to state "we" when talking about Husker football, yet he hates Husker basketball and cheers for us to lose in all games, not just the Creighton game. Makes no sense. Down with the Jaysker.
  6. HB


    I suppose it has or will become F-Iowa. Truly a low life form and it pains me to even mention the word. Would have no problem with it being F-Creighton, but lately it hasn't been competitive enough to call it a rivalry.
  7. HB

    Athletic Department shake up

    Speaking of athletic department folks: Eichorst to Texas as an assistant AD! Couldn't happen to a nicer program. Hook 'em!
  8. HB


    Interesting that despite the lack of abundant support from his ADs the past 3 years(deserved or not; not trying to open up that discussion), Tim is still being Tim publicly, and is still very supportive of the local scene. Interesting that his daughter is going to attend UNL. And Coach represented Saturday night in Hebron at the Cattlemen's Ball, making a $5k donation. Was back at it last night at the Git R' Done Foundation event, making another sizable donation at the auction. Taking the high road.
  9. He was every bit as hamstrung by a very mediocre staff and a vacillating, incoherent recruiting approach than he was by facilities. It was never gonna happen.
  10. HB

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Depending on what happens in the draft.
  11. Ah, the good 'ol morning paper. Soon to go the way of Kodak film and the rotary dial telephone. Progress, I'm told.
  12. HB


    Yes. Very good. Since the prognosticators tend to pick based on the prior year, my guess is they will have Iowa too low in the preseason predictions.
  13. HB

    18-19 depth

    Yeah, and you told everyone about Sheldon Jeter. Multiple times. People should listen to Norm. I just don't get why they don't.
  14. HB

    Emily Wood

    Yes, and on her nuptials this weekend! Outstanding young lady who will be missed. Glad to see her staying in Nebraska, at least for now.
  15. HB

    2018 Husker Baseball

    SWEPT by Creighton. Just pitiful.