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  1. Is Bill Moos going to give me a year off my donations?

    Read in the OWH today that Miles said he is still waiting to hear details from Moos on his extension. Wow, figured details were discussed and they were just sharpening pencils on a few things. Sounds like Miles is in the dark too. Just like sales guys when they know their comp plan is gonna change, but the company doesn’t roll it out until 1 day before the change date 😀
  2. Xavier Johnson is N

    If he goes to Creighton I will physically vomit and then punch a Blujay alum coworker, in that order
  3. Next Assistant Coach

    What’s David Anwar up to? 😀
  4. Danny Nee's Old Hang-out (one of them, anyway)

    The attitude of blaming the patrons and painting Barry’s as the victims here doesn’t lend to much sympathy from me. They are making a crap load of money from selling drinks in a college town, they should take some responsibility for that.
  5. Ty Lue - Rested?

    I mean...he doesn’t look close to being healthy. Reminds me of when Luke takes Darth Vader’s mask off in return of the Jedi...
  6. Ty Lue - Rested?

    He was asked what it was like coaching the cavs, he paused for a while, looked like he was gonna break down, then replied “I don’t really want to answer that...” Whoa. No job is worth your health.
  7. Ty Lue - Rested?

  8. Ty Lue - Rested?

    Saw him on sportcenter tonight. He looks absolutely terrible. I’ve never seen a guy with bags under his eyes like Ty. Sad to see the toll the stress from his job has taken on his health. Maybe the Cavs will lose to the Pacers and he can come be Kenya’s replacement. I know, that’s not likely.
  9. Kenya Hunter

    I also read Hunter wasn’t really looking and people reached out during the final four weekend and the Hurley hire started the ball rolling... Hopefully Miles gets the extension soon!
  10. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    🤔 hmmm....
  11. What to do with Miles contract?

    I agree as well. Moos probably always has a short list “just in case” and that’s probably prudent in today’s world of big time athletics. I’m guessing it’ll be for more than 1 year, but who knows?
  12. What to do with Miles contract?

    I agree. I’d guess Miles would like five years, or as many as he can get, and maybe Moos is thinking something else....who knows.
  13. What to do with Miles contract?

    So far in his time as AD, he’s been the most candid person of anyone in the athletic department has been in a long time. And I believe he is being truthful with his quotes, an fully expect Miles to be our coach next year.
  14. What to do with Miles contract?

    Guys, I read the article. Yes, I bought a subscription so I could read the 7 part Danny nee series. Miles and Moos have already met twice. They are set to meet two more times. When asked if Moos had reached out to Altman, Moos answered “no.” “I’m not looking for a coach,’’ said Moos, who already has had two meetings with current Husker head man Tim Miles and plans more next week to eventually discuss a contract extension. First meeting with Miles was to get to know each other. Second was to discuss support staff, from the video guys to the trainers to everyone else. Moos said it was “premature” to discuss details of Miles extension, but they would discuss it in the upcoming meetings. “I never really got to spend any time with Tim, mostly out of respect for him and his season,’’ Moos said. “I wanted him to stay focused on what he was doing. I was sensitive to the run he was making. “Tim is doing good things here. There wasn’t anything I was seeing that concerned me.’’ (And to squash another rumor, yes, Moos attended games.) Moos said he sent Miles texts and emails of support throughout the season and kept Miles posted on communications Moos had with the NCAA selection committee. “I was watching Amy Williams with the women and Tim with the men, and supporting them,’’ Moos said. “Both had very good seasons and pretty dramatic turnarounds. “I felt good energy in the fan base and saw good play, so there are a lot of positives.’’ Those don’t sound like quotes from an AD who is using the final four, which he isn’t going to anyway, as a tinder... So, whether you agree or disagree, I’d say Miles is getting an extension and will be our coach next year. Period.
  15. Coach Miles

    A lot of coaches on Moos list are probably still coaching or just got recently done...I really doubt Miles doesn’t get a two year extension...