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  1. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    I believe BTN will replay the game Tuesday for anyone who missed it, check local listings.
  2. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    Was able to upgrade from my usual 200 level seats to the second row of section 111 for this game. Wow, being up close, you really get to see so much more of facial expressions, hear the players chatter, and hear the coaches pretty crystal clear. Pregame: No Husker Power chant attempted by students at all. Too bad, as it’s been a mainstay tradition at PBA since the first season. Hopefully the usual leaders went home early for break. Game: Very up close to Duby’s Alley Oop. Guy has amazing wingspan, should play tight end and be a FG blocker for our football team. Guy skies for rebounds. Great to see the Raleigh guys have breakout games. Gill looked very confident out there. Taylor runs the show much more than I thought, he’s barking out actions and pretty talkative. As previously mentioned, Palmer looked just a bit pressed today. I personally thought Jordy in the second half hurt us and was a key reason why North Dakota pulled closer. He simply doesn’t have the foot speed to guard smaller players who drive at him. I think he may have given up at least 8 points in a small stretch. I aaw Miles look at Roby, who was waiting to check in, say “are you going to do something about this?” Postgame: Miles comments about UCF and the 7’6” Big was insightful. Said something about, our bigs not being able to run out front of them, but “we’ll get it figured out, Roby and Cope will.” Good win today. On to Orlando.
  3. Anyone know where to find the postgame quotes??
  4. Thought out athleticism would never let a game get out of hand this bad...it’s like they brought in a Division II team and punked is the last 6 minutes or so. They did have some nice dunks on us. I felt like I was in some Collier/Sadler twighlight zone and we were playing at Allen field house...
  5. The guys held up the husker signs of the husker power chant while people were still trying to show the color guard due respect. As previously mentioned, they started it too soon. Need to wait until the away teams lineups are being announced. Duby is fun to watch, he lives to block shots. Our length and athleticism compared to last years is much improved. I still have an IV of kool aid flowing right now. I like this team quite a bit.

    The first husker power chant the cheerleaders tried to lead...the crowd was into it like a crowd who’s football team just got smoked to a 4-5 team. Much better when the away team was being introduced.
  7. Hi all. First post but long time die hard season ticket holder. Would consider myself one of the “6500” Lee B has made reference to. EIU was a strange team to gauge, feisty, sneaky athletic, and played loose. I wish Jordy had improved over the summer for better post moves but he does give us some rebounding. Jack had a play on a rebound where he didn’t quite squeeze it and it got poked away. On to North Texas.