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  1. Absolutely love Evan Taylor. I know some who sit around me don’t, and are quite vocal about it, but he is our lunch pail leader, who has made numerous energizer-Benny type plays that part go unnoticed. Agreed, he will be hard to replace.
  2. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    Shon Morris, as off his rocker as he was after the Maryland game, just listed his top five games in order, and #1 was Penn State at Nebraska. Told Big Ten fans to circle it. Lots at stake! Oh, so was Jack Mitchell right about it being born on his radio show?
  3. Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    No Sit Sunday - first season my 7 year old went to almost all of the games. A memory he and I will always have NU VS CU when Mike Peltz smashed Avery Dingman and Grant Gibbs in the loose ball scrum. Any game with Amos Gregory or Lance Jeter.
  4. Shon Morris is off his rocker...sheesh
  5. Legends Weekend

    I thought it was interesting that barely anyone from recent teams came back, or at least was there for the court recognition. Velander, Turek, and those guys, but barely if any of Doc’s guys or even Miles previous teams were there. I texted the real Mike Peltz and he couldn’t make it this weekend. A few years ago he came back from Alliance and drove all the way to Omaha to watch my son play little league hoops. Meant the world to my son. Still cool to see some of the guys that gave us so many memories.
  6. Rutgers: Saturday

    The walk to Decaney made it so much better when you actually made it inside the door...a miracle I didn’t get frostbite on some of those walks. I have many fond memories of the Bob. My eyes may have welled up a bit during the video they played during the final game VS. Minnesota.
  7. Nebraska (17-8) vs. Minnesota (14-11) Game Thread

    Good win. Took care of business and can prep for Sanders and Baker this Saturday. Rutgers just played Purdue tough at home, but I feel good at the Vault. GBR!
  8. What a gutty performance. Like Copeland said, if it was earlier in the season, I’m not sure they fight their way back. To go on a run like this and against Northwestern on the road to finish the game, it’s pretty fun and I could get used to it. Man I think Evan’s a gamer. I know he is somewhat limited offensively and some think he plays out of control, but I absolutely love the guy. He brings the energy and sets the tone on defense. His little things add up. I think we will miss him next year much more than we think. Oh, we just got some love on ESPN, Scott Van Pelt with the Best thing I saw, he says “if you’re sleeping on Nebrasketball, this right here is your wake up call” “this could be a tournament team” and proceeds to show the iverson dunk, then basically a entire comeback. Nice to get some sports center love!
  9. Nebraska (16-8) vs. Wisconsin (10-12) Game Thread

    Oops, I was off by one. Told ya’all, never any doubt. (Typed in sarcasm font)
  10. Nebraska (16-8) vs. Wisconsin (10-12) Game Thread

    I’m starting to dislike Wisconsin at a Creighton level.
  11. Nebraska (16-8) vs. Wisconsin (10-12) Game Thread

    Sweet dish from Watson to Palmer. Glynn has to stay aggressive and not just pull up for three’s.
  12. Nebraska (16-8) vs. Wisconsin (10-12) Game Thread

    We need to come out in the second half with some renewed energy, get our big three going with solid contributions from our role players, and we win by 10.
  13. It’s an awful lot to ask a team to prepare for four offensive threats, which I think we have in Palmer, Copeland, Roby, and Glynn, even though Glynn isn’t shooting much lately. Fun atmosphere. Scored four lower level tickets VS my normal 200 and it was a fun upgrade. Glad to see ET have a solid game. Jordy had a very good game, wonder if that’s why Duby and Tanner didn’t play? Bohannon reminds me of a Creighton player. Tyler Cook is a beast. All in all, a good win!
  14. James Palmer/Cookie Belcher

    There were some prime bleacher seats in the bob back in the day...must’ve been a game during holiday break..
  15. How many future pros are on our roster?

    I’m by no means an NBA scout, but I have league pass and catch as many games as I can throughout the week, which is typically a dozen or so...I know, I’m a rare diehard NBA fan. I tend to agree with basketballjones, while I think Roby has the potential to be an NBA player, he’s a ways away from that happening. His build/frame is kind of like Paul George, I believe Roby is 6-8, 214 with a 7-2 wingspan, PG is 6-9, 220 with a 7-1 wingspan. I see Roby playing the three in the NBA, so his ability to guard the perimeter will have to get better. Some smaller details, I think it was against Illinois he threw a skip pass to Tom Allen and it was about four feet too high, Miles even mentioned it on his radio show, those type of things need to tighten up. I do agree that Roby probably doesn’t know how good he can be and he’s somewhat raw, he’s not there yet, but could certainly be in the future. I also agree that BK being the only option would be a bad thing, their fries need help!