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  1. It's Time to Subscribe

    Couldn’t agree more but I’m one of those weirdos who buys albums vs streams them because I feel smaller artists deserve to get paid. /End self-righteous post.
  2. UNL 69 Sandusky U (nvr frgt) 67
  3. Penn St at Michigan game

    If Michigan wins and we lose to PSU, then Michigan wins their final game we’ll be fifth seed. Michigan winning would be great only if we Sunday.
  4. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    So torn on MICH/PSU. PSU wins and that’s guaranteed fourth place, which is so essential. But they could jump into fifth and that would be hell to play them again. Yikes.
  5. Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    I Dropped a pin from the 300 level. Did y’all hear it on TV over this silent crowd? If we lose we only have OURselves to blame.
  6. LOL. Sorry nothing important to add except what a bummer of a game.
  7. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    When we lived there tickets were pretty easy to come by and could get decent seats. Knowing CU I’m guessing half empty for this one.
  8. Kinda ironic that Huerter looks like a turtle. Mitch McConnell variety.
  9. UNL: 76 MAR: 71 Agreed, much like Chicago and Colorado, they do have a sweet flag and you see it everywhere! Wish we did too
  10. Rutgers (12-14) vs. Nebraska (18-8) Game Thread

    We should take solace in the fact that Palmer, cope, Gil, and Allen were all under par and still won easily.
  11. Rutgers (12-14) vs. Nebraska (18-8) Game Thread

    Anybody at the game? Couldn’t make ittoday. What’s the vibe? Seems weird/quieter than normal.
  12. Rutgers (12-14) vs. Nebraska (18-8) Game Thread

    Glynns been wincing. Not a great sign