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  1. Next Years Starting 5

    My post was a little misconstrued. I think Roby is a very good all around player but last year didn’t show enough on offense to justify starting WITH ET. Roby should start but based on how we went into many offensive slumps last year, starting both guys together when we have many ALLEGEDLY better shooters available now, doesn’t make sense to me. So in summary: GW Palmer Roby/ET Copeland Jordy
  2. Next Years Starting 5

    I don’t think Roby and Taylor both start. Both are glue guys that do a lot of things well but are not great scoring options. Roby never looked confident taking a shot and Taylor could make outside shots only occasionally. As for Nana, he seems to have the athleticism, height, and allegedly great three point shooting to start playing right away. Hard to believe he would come here to get only rare minutes as a freshman, I bet he was promised more.