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  1. Coach Williams Presser 10/9/17

    No worries, doctor playing it safe....she could lose the boot and play this afternoon if she had to.
  2. This years starters

    This is impossible without knowing what Coach will do with Hannah and Bria. Is Hannah the point guard or the shooting guard? If Hannah and Bria play together, is Hannah the 2 or does Bria play the 2? Point guard is the one position where it is difficult to split time.....like a football team having 2 quarterbacks, it usually does not work. I think Taylor is a 3 more than a 4, both offensively and defensively. Is Nicea the 2 with Hannah, or the 3 with Bria and Hannah? OK, this still leaves Janay, Jasmine, Maddie, Darrien, and Grace.......not easy. Considering we lost a lot of inside scoring, I would say Rachel, Kate, Hannah, and Nicea with either Bria or Taylor depending on point guard scenario. When we lose 20 something games like last year, we can't be too surprised when the transfers and freshman start and/or play a lot. How many guesses do we get?
  3. SE GONE

    I hope you are right. Problem is the only thing an AD (here anyway) can do to improve a team is hire a new coach. Its not like they will decide to put more money in for recruiting, facilities, etc.....that stuff is already top of the line.
  4. SE GONE

    Its funny that what is good news for husker fans is bad news for all current husker athletes. You want to play for the coach that recruited you, and obviously a new AD means new coaches all over the place.
  5. Not sure if this is good enough to save the day, but all 4 of the 2018 recruits were at the FB game today.
  6. Rachel Blackburn update?

    I wish RB all of the luck and good health in the world, and think she is a wonderful player.......but I also think she is standing on her tippy toes in these photos.