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  1. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Glad he's coming back. Shake it off. Let's get it.
  2. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Ok I didn't take this tweet too seriously cause I have no clue who this guy is, however one of the guys who liked it was none other than Jordy. Regardless of what happens I'm hoping Jordy learns the power of rash decisions
  3. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Maybe it's because of the Jaysker influence, but I rarely trust the OWH when it comes to Husker basketball news. Lee has a tendency to look for gloom and doom or drama as quickly as possible
  4. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    It really doesn't make sense since he's coming off his best game. But when you're young, you don't always make sense. Sometimes it's easy to forget these are young men emphasis on young. Makes you appreciate Jack's maturity since his minutes have disappeared. Hopefully it's not over yet for Jordy. I thought he brought something to this team.
  5. One thing that I noticed about Roby tonight was it didn't feel like he wanted to finish at the rim and was more interested in kicking it back out. If the 3s are falling it's not bad cause it creates spacing in the defense but I felt he missed some opportunities for some finishes at the rim. Glad Jordy played well you could tell the crowd wants to see this kid succeed.
  6. This was a game we needed a good start to put pressure on them at home and that just didn't happen. A lot can be said about Purdue's interior defense but the perimeter defense was highly effective. Watson, Allen and Gill couldn't find shots. I liked us getting scrappy in the 2nd half but when we tried to speed the tempo up we made some gave the ball up or took poor shots. Just gotta keep grinding. This team has improved a ton since our Chumbawumba tubthumping to Michigan St.
  7. I feel like that T was the equivalent of the Kenny Bell block from the Big 10 championship game
  8. Haarms sure talks a lot for someone who has been on the ground twice for upper leg pain this game
  9. When Cope, JPJ and Glynn are all playing well with a mix of Anton and Zay, this team becomes so much fun to watch
  10. How crazy is it we can play like we did in the 1st half and still manage to score 70!!!
  11. Kansas (7-2) vs. Nebraska (7-4) Game Thread

    Let's go folks! Bring the noise
  12. Rock Chalk Tock

    Maybe I'm getting caught up in the holiday spirit. Maybe it was that set 5 W the girls got last night. But I got this feeling tomorrow night https://www.facebook.com/klkntv/photos/a.190491777649944.46692.188017517897370/1735468599818913/?type=3&theater The volleyball game being broadcasted at the arena should keep some fans around. The mild weather tomorrow afternoon should encourage people to get to the Railyard early. Sold out game against a top 25 "rival". This game now has all the makings of No Sit Sunday only this time it's on a Saturday! Fans we got to do our part tomorrow to protect the vault!
  13. Can we appreciate the improvement that Miles didn't get T-d up in this game? Especially after the Jordy and Watson calls?
  14. Hopefully this gets us fired up for the rest of the season. We can hang. Let's get hungry, get angry and protect the vault.
  15. Burn Creighton Burn

    I have worn my Hastings College jacket at a couple Nebraska vs. Creighton games to remind people there is only one private institution of higher learning in this state.
  16. Defense set the tempo tonight. I liked that we pushed the ball on offense when we needed to, but were willing hold up, move the ball, and find the right shot. There were a couple transition opportunities that got away from us, but for the most part we stuck to the game plan. Our players went right for their weaknesses during the 1st half and kept the heat up the whole 1st part of the 2nd half. Nice rotation, nice help from the bench. Would have liked to see one of the Mr. Gill's shots go in on his birthday but I think he'll take the win as a birthday present. Now let's retake the state on Saturday
  17. Burn Creighton Burn

    We need this one. I need this one. I've lived in the dirty O since 2011. We haven't won against Counciltucky St since 2010. Thats too long. Too much time for Jayskers to be created. Too much time for misery. I'm tired of the chirping. Let's get it #cryjayscry
  18. Having Isaac for the whole season is paying dividends
  19. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    2-3 would be pretty great. Protect the vault is going to be so important this year. 3-2 would be the best early Christmas present. Especially if it was against Counciltucky St.
  20. From an offensive side of things. I feel good that at least 3 players will get into double figures, it may not be the same 3 but, usually it's 3. I also liked how at the start of both halves we got out an ran a little off of turnovers. Hopefully that can continue. I really like having Anton come in off the bench and get some timely 3's. That was nice. Once Isaiah went out and Duby and Jordy got into foul trouble I felt like our rotation got off track a bit and that lead to some bad matchups and them getting back into it. I'm waiting for Jordy to start playing again like he did down the stretch, I have a feeling some of it is mental and him still not having a wealth of skills down low. 2-1 out of this tournament is good. Nice to see some shots falling today.
  21. It's just been really great to see Gill playing and playing well these past few games. Watson's time will come but he doesn't have to do as much this year with all the other scorers. Still wanting Jordy to do more but I think that's wishful thinking
  22. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Iowa lost to South Dakota St. Jacks are a good team but Daum didn't even have a good game. Two head scratching losses for Iowa
  23. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Creighton (Counciltucky State) is beating UCLA in a close game in the Hall of Fame Classic in KC. I think all no who's to blame... CHINA!!!
  24. Northwood Pregame notes

    With Gill's injury history I think Nana should be ready to play. However, he's gotta be ok that some games he might only see 2-3 minutes depending on if his jumper is hitting. Hopefully he understands that Gill and Taylor are gone next year and that the responsibility load will be high for 2018-19
  25. Walter Pitchford is on board

    I guess we all make bad decisions when we're in our early 20s. Some people get a tattoo others go to Creighton. I feel Walt made a dumb mistake leaving early and it's unfortunate the NCAA wouldn't let him return. I think he's a nice guy and I'm glad Miles didn't write him off and has welcomed him back as part of the program.