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  1. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Let's talk about that tweet they sent out yesterday. It looks like everyone is there, working hard. They showed a ton of JPJ, Cope and Roby. I don't know it gave me hope that maybe just maybe all our doubts, doomsday fears, negative bs we've been feeling the past few weeks isn't as bad as we thought. Maybe, these young guns like playing together and are bought in. Maybe they are ready to take the next step, because they came so close last. Yes, we need a new recruiting coordinator/assistant coach that can bring in talent. The X-Man decommitment sucks. But I remain hopeful until it all blows up in my face that we could have another good year next year.
  2. Next Assistant Coach

    Ok maybe this idea is crazy and I don’t even know if he’s interested. But tis the season for hot takes and half baked ideas. I think Miles should offer Anton Gill a role as a Grad Assistant for next year. Anton probably isn’t going to have a career as a player in pro basketball. However he is a guy teammates love and I think that could transfer over as a coach and in the recruiting game. Not saying he would be the recruiting coordinator but I think he could be a key asset in this time.
  3. Next Assistant Coach

    What about the head coach at Brewster Academy? Keeps some guys from leaving, brings some guys in. Win win
  4. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I'm totally in favor Copeland and Palmer going to test the waters. I'm hoping the intent is to come back to Nebraska if they come back to college basketball. Will be interesting to see how we approach recruiting. I'm hoping Miles and the staff are in better communication with these guys than in recent years
  5. Big Ten Tournament

    Hopefully we watched this game licking our chops. Role players for Michigan logged a few more miles than they probably would have liked, and Iowa put some doubt into their minds. Get Hungry Nebraska.
  6. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    It took them to the 2nd OT to get to RRRRRRUNZA level
  7. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    My sentiments exactly. Is there any correlation to our low perception nationally and the fact most of our games were regionally broadcasted via BTN
  8. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Watching the Texas vs Kansas game and shockingly Dickie V and an interesting nugget. In the last 26 years only 2 teams have made the tournament with a conference record 4 games below 500. Baylor, Texas and Syracuse all have that possibility
  9. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    There's plenty of opportunities for the teams ahead of us in Lunardi's fantasy factory to lose. I have no doubt our team will be locked in on Friday
  10. Let's get this place hopping. I don't plan to sit all game and I've ran 10 miles this weekend in preps for the lincoln half.
  11. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    It's annoying watching Louisville. They have these huge allegations that cost to vacate a championship, they're listed in the thick of this FBI investigation, and yet they can not only compete but be ahead of us in most bubble watches. This is why the NCAA needs to work faster. The kids that are being punished immediately are the ones currently at programs doing things right.
  12. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Providence escapes and now Seton Hall going to OT with St. Johns. Big East is the Big Least in my mind. It's time Providence starts to go down in the bubble watch.


    I'm in! Or is it I'm N?!? Let's do it right. Show up early. Stay past the final buzzer. Support the Railyard first. Celebrate like the bench mob. Make the tshirts. Paint up. Tell your neighbors. Tell your family. College kids camp out. And please please NO JAYSKERS!
  15. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I feel like someone recently told us losing to the worst team in your conference is bad for the bubble