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  1. Serious question ...

    This year is about getting buckets! I feel like the last few years we've felt good about getting buckets for sure from one person and maybe not quite as confident in getting consistent points from another couple players. The rest of the team was kind of a liability or super streaky. From the early signs, it looks like this team has a lot more offensive firepower from a variety of places on the floor. If that's the case and we can sure up our parameter defense then the ceiling is the roof. But it's all about buckets
  2. Copeland

    I think what will keep it close from our end of things will be in the low post. Counciltucky State doesn't have a post player that has height and muscle too. As long as we can keep them off the three line, we got our best chance in awhile. #cryjayscry
  3. Hump Day Motivation

    I got my Masters at UNL this month and walking across that stage was the 2nd greatest moment I've experienced at PBA behind No Sit Sunday.
  4. It will be interesting to see how much he plays at the 4 especially early on if Copeland isn't available right away. If so will that help eliminate some of the issues of him having to defend perimeter players. I'm sure he'll still need to get quicker in closing out perimeter shooters. On offense, with other outside scoring options he might get a chance to play a more inside/outside game. I don't think his ceiling is as high as Copeland or Roby but he could help get some valuable bench points and minutes
  5. OK, Let's Talk Basketball

    I think this team is definitely one of the more intriguing ones we have had heading into the season. I think the word that best describes this team this offseason is potential. As MJ would say "The ceiling is the roof". But there are so many unknowns right now which is very similar to the 13-14 squad. I think the thing I'm the most interested in is seeing if the returning members from last year's team were able to make positive strides this offseason. By all accounts it has been a great summer for workouts and practice, but I think this season is dependent on whether or not Jordy and Isaiah particularly make a big leap in their play. It's possible this could be one of the deepest teams Nebraska has had in a while, hopefully the potential comes together.
  6. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    It'll be weird having so many conference games in December especially that early. Between moving the date of conference tournament up a week so it can be at the Garden and Friday night conference games in football I really question the Big Ten's experiments this year.
  7. After Watson, who is our best ball handler. Perhaps it's Allen or Gill, but Roby definitely has shown he can handle bringing the ball up the floor. I like the idea of having a stretch lineup with Roby at the point, McVeigh and Palmer and Copeland spread out and either Duby or Jordy down low.
  8. Glad to see Roby is making gains this summer. Will certainly give Nebraska options in lineups especially in who he can guard on defense. Hopefully the added muscle and confidence can mold him into a Draymond Green like defender. (Someone who can guard all 5 positions but minus the groin kicks) I just hope he also improves on the offensive side especially in the mid range jumper area and from 3.