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  1. Would tend to agree, considering it seems our opponents take more "open" shots than we do.
  2. Is she rocking the comb-over?
  3. I wondered if he was in the Rick Barry family. Now I know.
  4. And now we stand alone.
  5. If there was ever a guy who was money in warmups...
  6. I found this to be pretty informative. Granted it's over an hour, but despite that I think it only scratches the surface on the whole dribble drive concept. My uneducated eye was telling me that our offense was too often just a bunch of individuals going one on one. I need to watch more examples, but I can appreciate what this style of offense is trying to do. It is an attacking style, reliant on spacing, and its efficiency relies on putting your players into the best position to make the highest possible percentage of baskets, either close to the rim, or at the free throw line. Even though often a play ends with a player going one on one, it really is a team effort, with the rest of the team cutting, setting screens, and posting. You hear the coach (who invented the dribble drive motion) say a lot of the things we've heard from Miles before. Now this coach never covered on ball screens in this video which Miles uses a lot, and I wonder if that is a wrinkle he added from other offensive styles.
  7. Nice analysis Norm. And was it after the GW game that Miles said he would simplify things on offense for the players? I don't feel as if our offense has ever been that intricate, so to simplify it ever more didn't seem to work, especially in the long run. Teams started to figure us out staring with Northwestern. I would like for Miles and Co. to take a serious look at changing our offense to try to generate more assists, more team ball. This mostly one on one stuff isn't going to cut it in the BIG. Of course, one thing that would really help is if we can knock down our outside shots.
  8. What an ingenious way to collect on insurance!
  9. You'd better upgrade your seats to the lower level. Just in case.
  10. I second this, btw.
  11. On one of the Monday basketball shows (I think) Miles said he asked all of the players if they planned on being back next year, and he said that all of them, with the exception of "maybe" one, gave a strong affirmation that they were planning on returning. This was about a month, month and a half ago. So, take that for what it's worth.
  12. Our offense is just all one-on-one stuff.
  13. That's the question Cubs fans had been asking themselves for the past 100 years.
  14. If they were susceptible to the pressures of the OWH articles this year, next year's pressure to make the NCAA tourney may put them in a catatonic state.