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  1. Serious question ...

    After today I have only one question. "Is it basketball season yet?"
  2. Serious question ...

    We should be better this year than last. What mostly hurt us last year was unbelievable opponent three-point shooting, a really tough non-con, a couple of stupid bad breaks, poor three-point shooting, and losing our top returning scorer. Will opponents shoot the three like they did last year? Not likely. I can't see it happening again that bad. Non-con? Still formidable, but not as tough. Bad breaks? We'll see. Three-point shooting? I think we've addressed that. Should be better. Losing our top scorer? Well we lost Webster to graduation, but we need some of the new players to step in and replenish the scoring. But here's my problem. From last year's team we lose Webster, Morrow, Jacobson, Horne, and Fuller. They are replaced with Copeland, Palmer, Allen, Akenten, and Okeke. In an "on paper" world, it looks like we are bringing in a better five. But this reminds me of an earlier thread where Norm asked when was the last time we had a legit lineup going into next season. I've been excited about lineups going into the next seasons for the past few years now, and this year's no exception. But just take last year. Even with us losing White, I thought we'd be really good because we had a true center, a solid core of sophomores, and new players like Tshimanga, Anton Gill, Roby, Horne. But Gill really struggled. I assumed he'd take up the transfer baton of Petteway and White before him. Roby showed flashes of greatness, but overall he played like a freshman. Very up and down. Same with Horne, only worse on defense. Tshimanga showed some promise, still had a long way to go. So what player expectations will not be met this year? I don't know, but it seems I'm always full of hope and excitement before the season starts, then reality sets in by way of how they actually play. Naturally it's too soon to know whether this team will be better than last year. It should be. But this year I can't bring myself to be too excited until I see how guys like Copeland and Allen and Palmer play. I just can't wait for the season to start so I can know.
  3. Copeland

    "Did someone mention my name?"
  4. Copeland

  5. So, last season ...

    Simply put, if we can improve our three point efficiency, and improve our efficiency in defending the three point shot, our W-L record ought to improve concurrently. I like our chances of accomplishing both of these things this season. Of the five departures from last season, only Webster, in my mind, is tough to replace in terms of three-point shooting. With the new players this year (freshmen and transfers) I expect our overall team 3 pt. percentage to nudge a lot closer to 40. Something I'm really hopeful this year is that with the improved depth of three-point shooters, the pressure will be off McVeigh to have to make all or most of his threes, and thus he can feel more loose, and start improving his accuracy.
  6. OT: Eclipse Plans

    That's funny, whereas I decided to drop trou and present my own moon to the moon. A double totality, if you will.
  7. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

    Who's it going to be this year? Hmm, looking at the schedule, I'd say....Stetson.
  8. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Various highlights: http://www.hudl.com/profile/4929622/brady-heiman
  9. Duby Okeke is N

    With improved sound.
  10. Are you job hunting???

    Where are ya kidney?
  11. Hello? It's too quiet in here

    Let's hope he's "silent but deadly."
  12. Andrew White Transfering

    "The timing of my decision [to transfer] made the fan base upset." Yes. Yes it did.
  13. Jacobson Gone?

    I'll bet he'd make a good Sleestak.
  14. Agau's Salty

    I keep seeing this thread and I think, "Agau's salty what?"