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  1. With improved sound.
  2. Where are ya kidney?
  3. Let's hope he's "silent but deadly."
  4. "The timing of my decision [to transfer] made the fan base upset." Yes. Yes it did.
  5. I'll bet he'd make a good Sleestak.
  6. I keep seeing this thread and I think, "Agau's salty what?"
  7. Maybe get him some pick and pop looks?
  8. I don't recall that he was ever responsible for starting a run-out after a rebound.
  9. "Anybody need my help, or you guys got this?"
  10. I tell you, his highlights video make him look like we're getting Shaquile O'Neal. I needed to see some full length Winthrop games to see what he looks like on offense and defense in the coarse of a full game. Didn't take too long, because you just skip to when he's in. Here's my take: On defense, first and foremost he is a shot blocker/shot alter-er. He wants that block, he'll challenge almost everything. He has good blocking instincts, and there were multiple times when he didn't get the block but still made the guy to miss. Still, it can get him in trouble, i.e., you can get him off his feet with a good shot fake. He hedges well, and moves his feet well on defense. Blocks out pretty well, though there were a few times he got beat on the boards. As part of the Winthrop offense, he simply just was not featured at all, hence the 2 pts / game. He was a starter, but in the offense they ran, it was a guard oriented, motion offense, with them taking lots of threes. Keon Johnson being the main threat. Okeke's role in the offense was to set up along the baseline, then come out and set a screen up top, then roll back down low on the opposite block, taking his defender with him and opening a lane for the driver. The only time the guards looked to him was when they penetrated off the dribble and dished it to him when his man left him to commit to the drive. He hardly ever sealed his man up and posted down low, and even when he did the guards never passed it in. In tight games down the stretch like Illinois (Winthrop to Illinois was like Gardner-Webb to us) Okeke was on the bench, or, they subbed him in for defense. It will be interesting to see how he fits in our offense. But in short, how I see Duby Okeke is that he is the player I hoped Moses Abraham would be but never was, which is a quicker athletic big who rebounded, blocked or altered shots, and occasionally got some points off misses. Guy can seriously dunk if you give him the chance. I'd love to see our guards throw up some passes for the ally-oop with him. He can go get it. And maybe, maybe, in the short time he is here he can develop a few more offensive moves, or, better free throw mechanics, cuz...damn.
  11. Word is they were going to announce this on 4/20, but thought better of it.
  12. Silver, I join the rest of us here in offering my condolences to you and your family. I know exactly what you mean, and I know everyone else here does as well, that this place serves as a brief but necessary respite from the wearies of the world. We're here for you.
  13. Curious if we see any tweaks or changes to our offensive attack next season. Miles said on more than one occasion after the season concluded that we need to shoot a much better percentage from three. It follows that he went after shooters in this off season recruiting. If it is true that the reason coaches sometimes favor the dribble drive offense is because of a deficiency in their perimeter game, the new additions of Allen, Akenten, Copeland and Palmer might result in us seeing some different offensive sets so as to give us a more three point oriented attack.