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  1. New York Cares about the huskers...
  2. It's Time to Subscribe

    On Point is the best radio program out there! It is on NPR which is a great source for news as well!!!
  3. Hate Will Never Win

    Maybe this person is just a publicity whore but what about the young people who are listening to him and using his words to legitimize their own beliefs. Holding him and others like him up as some type of role model. Even if this guy never acts out on his statements of how he loves violence, there are others waiting in the wings of society who might. It seems that our new political climate has emboldened this type of behavior. Hate has been legitimized and it comes right from the top. I don't know what the answer is but I know that this type of thing is taking us down a bad road. A road that we have been down before. It has never ended well.
  4. Hate Will Never Win

    I will not use his name but ,in reference to the University of Nebraska student causing all of this controversy... The problem with freedom of speech, which I agree is important, is that is gives people freedom to be complete hate-filled jackasses! I would include this alt-right jackass in that category! People like this alt-right jackass make our university and our state look bad and I hope our team and everyone in the state and the country know that most of us do not agree or condone this alt-right jackass or his comments and actions.
  5. Hate Will Never Win

    Hate will never win!!!!
  6. Deep run in the dance?

    Well since we are a lock for the sweet 16, I hope we get to play in Omaha! I don't care who we play!!
  7. Time to eat a little crow

    Thank You Norm for so eloquently saying exactly what I am feeling!!!
  8. Time to eat a little crow

    This isn't Kansas or Duke. We can't just throw our uniform at who ever we want when it comes to recruiting and expect them to come to Nebraska to play basketball. I think Tim Miles deserves a contract extension of at least 3 more years. This is the best team we have had since the Danny Nee days. Sure it took a while for Miles to put it together but we are not going to get a Bill Self or Coach K to come here. The recruiting is on an upward trajectory and if we make the tournament that should continue. We got T Allen to pick us over Kansas and I think Nana is going to surprise some folks as well. I am looking forward to the next few seasons and I think we need to let Tim Miles have a few more years minimum. This is Nebraska and it takes time to build a program that really has no basketball history to speak of. Lets get behind our team and get to the NCAA tournament this year and build for the future of Nebraska Basketball!!! GBR!!
  9. This is kind of off topic but I watch on the Fox Sports Go app. The video quality is way better than the BTN2go app!
  10. This might just be my favorite team of all time! GBR!!
  11. I agree, I think Miles should have put him at the end, last 3 minutes or so. Nothing else was working except JPJ. I think having a big guy in the middle might have helped stop them from driving to the basket. Bates-Diop was killing us inside...
  12. That last second shot was awesome! James Palmer Jr is a stud! Ice water in his veins for sure! I think Roby could fly if he tried, he is going to be a great player for us down the road! As for Jack, I don't think he brings much to our game. Always gets beat on defense and not much on offense. Great kid but should be playing at UNO not UNL.
  13. I like Jordie but that was a slap in the face to his team mates. If he decides not to go and the team finds a way to give him a pass and accept him back to the "brotherhood" then he better give 100% to this team. I believe we have a real shot at post season play and an even better shot next year. Team chemistry is huge and that was a very selfish move by Jordie. I know he is young and I probably made some pretty selfish moves when I was young as well. I wish Jordie the best and I hope he somehow makes it right with his team mates and we win some games going forward. I guess time will tell. With or with out him I think we have one of the best teams we have had since the Danny Nee days and I think the future is bright for Nebraska basketball! GBR!