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  1. Jacob Padilla

    18-19 depth

    When I asked about it, I was told the biggest reasons they haven't participated in recent years are the drive and gas money.
  2. Jacob Padilla


    These are all top-100 guys that I've seen play in high school over the last handful of years (that I can remember). I coach an AAU team for OSA so I get to do a bit of traveling for tournaments plus I've been in grand Island the last few years when Oak Hill and Sunrise Christian have come to Nebraska. 2015: Henry Ellenson, Dwayne Bacon, Glynn Watson Jr., Justin Patton, Shake Milton, Marcus LoVett 2016: De'Ron Davis 2017: Michael Porter Jr., Mohamed Bamba, Gary Trent Jr., Trae Young, Jontay Porter, Jordan Goodwin, Mitchell Ballock 2018: Bol Bol, Tre Jones, Keldon Johnson, David McCormack, Will Richardson, Joey Hauser, Daniel Oturu, Joe Wieskamp, Keyontae Johnson, Carte'Are Gordon, AJ Green 2019: Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Zach Harvey, Patrick McCaffrey, Chandler Lawson, Malik Hall
  3. Jacob Padilla

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    But how can you create such a system when there are so many teams and schedules are so very different? Every season is unique and the bar to clear moves based on that season's results.
  4. Jacob Padilla

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Nebraska missing the tournament wasn't an analytics vs. eye test thing. Choose whatever method you wish to evaluate Nebraska's schedule; there simply weren't enough good teams under the win column. Part of that is bad luck and part of it is on Nebraska for missing out on most of the opportunities they did have. If you believe Nebraska should have been in the tournament, then you're basically throwing out the entire discussion about resumes, and if you choose to discount analytics" then I don't understand what criteria is left. If you say Nebraska simply "looks like an NCAA Tournament team" and that should be enough, how many others could you say that about? There are only so many spots available. Nebraska is giving itself more opportunities to make the tournament next season.
  5. Jacob Padilla

    Clemson/ACC challenge

    Yeah, being paired with Clemson IS a sign of respect. They were a Sweet 16 team last year and bring back their top scorer and four of their top 6.
  6. Jacob Padilla

    Way too early Top 25

    You named two players. Everybody else on the team was average to bad and it doesn't look like they have any recruits coming in that one would expect to make a big impact right away. Getting Trice and King back will help, but unless a bunch of guys make a big leap (which is what didn't happen last year and why I expected them to finish about where they did) I don't see them making a huge leap.
  7. Jacob Padilla


    This. There wasn't a good reason for them to be as bad as they were last year, and they're bringing back basically the same team. Dead last in the league in points allowed. They have to figure that side of the ball out.
  8. Jacob Padilla

    No Huerter no more

    Maryland has a top-10 recruiting class plus Cowan and Fernando returning. Huerter would have pushed them over the top but they still have plenty of talent. I took a look at what the draft decisions made for all the teams impacted if anyone is interested.
  9. Jacob Padilla

    Costello Redshirt

    I'm going to disagree on the lateral quickness part. Defense was definitely his biggest weakness in high school. He struggles to stay in front of guys. He's strong though and actually does have pretty good explosion with a lane to the basket. He's a guy who can hit tough shots and is pretty good running off screens and elevating for jumpers.
  10. Jacob Padilla

    Morrow leaving

    Simply going after offensive rebounds doesn't mean you're going to get them. You still have to actually be good at it. And it's not like all of Jacobson's offensive boards came on his own misses nor is it like he just planted himself near the rim all day waiting for boards. He still played away from the basket and shot jumpers as well. Jacobson has been significantly more productive on the offensive glass and a little more productive on the defensive glass. Overall, it seems like Jacobson has been a better rebounder. But dimes is right; this is a strange topic to have an extended debate about.
  11. Jacob Padilla

    Morrow leaving

    Rebound percentage is just that - a percentage of the rebounds available that a particular player grabs. It's not based on totals. We have three full years of Copeland and two of Jacobson to go off of. Isaac Copeland is unquestionably a better player than Michael Jacobson; it's OK to admit Jacobson is the better rebounder.
  12. Jacob Padilla

    Morrow leaving

    Jacobson and Copeland were fairly comparable as defensive rebounders (slight edge to MJ) but Jacbson's offensive rebounding rate was twice what Copeland's was this year. Jacobson averaged 3 more boards per 40 minutes than Copeland did.
  13. Jacob Padilla

    Nebraska will host Seton Hall in the 2018 Gavitt Games

    Powell is really good. Cale was a 4-star recruit but apparently can't shoot and wasn't all that productive as a freshman; they need him to make a big leap. As for their recruiting class, ESPN has those two rated as generic 4-stars (ESPN is not good) but Rivals and 247 have both of them as 3-star guys. McKnight is a guy who got buckets inefficiently against mostly low-to-mid-major competition; hard to know what you're going to get out of that guy jumping up to a higher level of competition (see guys like Jaaron Simmons and Mark Alstork). Thompson should be good for them. I'm just not sold on Seton Hall being good next year. Nebraska should win the game, and if Seton Hall does end up putting it together I'd expect them to be better late than early.
  14. Jacob Padilla

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Seton Hall has one good player back from last year's team, Myles Powell (15.5 ppg, 37.9% 3FG). Four of their other 5 top scorers all graduated. They add Taurean Thompson as a transfer from Syracuse as well as a Sacred Heart transfer guard and a juco center that both sat out last year. Their recruiting class is made up of three 3-star players.
  15. Jacob Padilla

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Don't really have a whole lot else to share beyond what I have already. As for Teddy, if Miles wanted to talk to him I believe he'd listen. As for Wingett, I think it'll probably be Memphis. Like I posted on the Wingett recruiting thread, he's planning to sign sometime next week.