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  1. Big 10 Talent

    The stars are nice, but how many of these players have actually lived up to their star ranking? Take out freshmen who haven't played a second yet. Also, where exactly was Allen a top 100 recruit? He's not in there for Rivals, ESPN, Scout or 247. It's a little early to rank Jordy and Isaiah; Isaiah certainly didn't because of injury but Jody showed some signs while being pretty raw coming in. I guess you can count him since he was just a 150 kid and not any higher than that. Watson has certainly lived up to top-100 status I'd say, so that's two. None of Palmer, Gill and Copeland have lived up to their rankings. That is the risk of taking chances on former highly-rated recruits who haven't panned out compared to under-recruited studs from lower levels who are looking to move up. Are they truly what they showed themselves to be in high school, or were they just misevaluated? Will a new home help them to thrive like it did for Andrew White? We could certainly do this same exercise for the rest of the teams as well but I don't have that kind of time or patience.
  2. Next Years Starting 5

    I agree with your overall point about so many questions, but you're worried a bit too much about 2 vs. 3. Palmer and Nana are wings. Palmer will handle the ball more while Nana is more of a spot-up guy and a slasher. So if you wanted to look at it that way you'd say Palmer is more of a 2 and Nana is more of a 3 by skill-set. But again, it doesn't really matter. They're not bigs and they're not point guards (although Palmer can fill in there if necessary like Taylor did last year).
  3. Next Years Starting 5

    I'd say it's too early for something that specific. I think it's safe to expect Watson and Copeland to get starter's minutes, and they're hoping Roby and Tshimanga progress enough to get those minutes as well. After that, I think they're still sorting things out. I think Copeland's athleticism and potnetial shooting ability make him pretty easy to play with pretty much any combination of players on this roster. Roby, Copeland and Tshimanga could form a pretty fun front-line though.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    No, and it's definitely frustrating for me as well. I do talk to people who have that access, though, so it's not completely blind speculation.
  5. Next Years Starting 5

    Having athleticism and being able to play defense at the D-1 level are not the same thing. Also not sure what his shooting has to do with his defense.
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    You are correct, plug Copeland in at the 4 and slide Jack behind him. As for Taylor, his poor shooting doesn't mean he can't play shooting guard. It just means they have to get more creative on offense. If the inability to shoot 3s disqualifies you from playing or starting, then Nebraska would not have been able to field a full lineup the last few years.
  7. Next Years Starting 5

    Curious... Why are you so confident in Nana's defensive ability?
  8. I believe Allen is being trained as the back-up point guard. I don't understand the thought of his offense "being wasted" at the PG spot. Having a dynamic player at point guard is great for an offense. It certainly hasn't hurt Glynn Watson. The guy playing point doesn't have the ball in his hands 100% of the time; you can still run that guy off some screens in the halfcourt. The problem with Taylor at point guard is that while he doesn't make many mistakes (which I'd actually argue against; he had the same number of turnovers as assists last year) defenses don't have to worry about him much. If he tries to run a P&R, they're just going to go under. At the 2 or the 3, they don't have to respect his shot either but he can at least be a cutter, and he showed a bit of ability to attack close-outs off spot-ups for a mid-range pull-up last season. Taylor is going to be an offensive liability no matter which position he plays, which is why I think it will be better for Nebraska if Palmer can take minutes from him. Taylor is solid defensively but I don't think he's all-conference by any means. If he's playing significant minutes when conference play rolls around, Nebraska's ceiling is significantly lowered in my opinion.
  9. Copeland

    Horne was always going to have a problem playing defense because of his tweener status, but I talked to Nana's high school coach about him and he's got a ways to go defensively as well. There are a ton of great athletes who aren't good defenders. Nebraska has Palmer, Taylor, Roby, McVeigh and Copeland at the 2, 3 and 4, and that doesn't include Gill or Thorbjarnarson either. I think the Horne comparison is a solid conservative projection for him. If he can steal minutes form the upperclassmen, good for him. But that's what it will take for him to have a consistent, significant role.
  10. Based on what Miles has done in the past, I'd guess Taylor starts opening day, but I think Palmer will be that guy eventually.
  11. Copeland

    It's fine to be excited about a guy like Allen, but you really can't see a guy who was a fringe top-100 player not starting? We have no idea what Nebraska is going to get out of him this season. Watson was a higher-rated recruit and he didn't start until the last game of the non-conference season (following the loss to Samford), then started 16 games, then moved back to the bench for the last six games. Shooting is really important, especially on this team, but there is a lot more to basketball than just the ability to shoot. And big red22, that isn't necessarily true. Hitting shots against high school defense and hitting them against Big Ten level athletes are two very different things. If I had to project which of these guys would be the best shooter long-term, I'd take Allen. But it seems like a bit much to expect that from him right away.
  12. No news is good news

    I've said this elsewhere, but a media outlet can't just "send a reporter to practice." Nebraska's practices are mostly closed. The lack of the content you want isn't because the media is lazy, it's because the coaches don't open practices or hold regular press conferences, and therefore there isn't much for us to write about.
  13. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    Jonathan Givony told me he improved to 38% from 3 in his last season, but that's not a particularly large sample size. If people think he's coming in as a sharp-shooter, they might be disappointed. He's improving there but it's not the strongest part of his game.
  14. Countdown to College Basketball

    That's true in theory, but has Roby become that player yet? He certainly wasn't that guy last year. We've seen that Miles has leaned on veterans early in the season in the recent past.
  15. McVeigh Playing in the World University Games

    I don't think that link is working.