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  1. Allen is also a top-150 player, he's not a 5-star, top 25 recruit. 247 = 90 Rivals = 99 Scout = 108 ESPN = outside top 99 Allen is a great pick-up, but he's not a one-an-done type guy who is going to be more talented than anyone else on the roster form day one. Him not startin doesn't mean he isn't living up to his ranking.
  2. I've known Ed for four years. I've seen him at his best, but unfortunately "his best" isn't what he normally is. He shot 31% from 3 last year (and that was an improvement from his sophomore year). In terms of how this went down, I will say that neither Creighton nor Nebraska "missed out" on him; they let him go. I think it's for the best for everyone that Ed gets out of this state and goes somewhere fresh to start his college career. He has a lot of work to do.
  3. To be clear, I'm not saying I think Isaiah won't ever be able to handle the ball. I agree that his biggest problem last year (beyond the lack of polish on his skills) was adapting to the speed of the game, and with a full offseason and a year under his belt, that should improve. But I think people are getting ahead of themselves trying to make him a point guard option next season. I actually wrote about the importance of Roby's development for my Friday column. I've been very high on him since he committed and remain so.
  4. Turnover percentage: an estimate of turnovers per 100 plays. He was at 25.7 percent last year. Tshimanga was second at 22.6%.
  5. Palmer handled the ball in practice a lot last year and I've been told he's good at making plays with the ball in his hands. Taylor isn't a point guard but he can bring the ball down and get the team into an offensive set. Roby had the highest turnover percentage on the team by far last year.
  6. The roster is also short on guys who can play the four. You have Copeland, Roby and McVeigh at this point and that is it. Nebraska will need him this year.
  7. Jeremy Tyler skipped his senior year of high school to play overseas a few years back. Got a cup of coffee in the NBA after that but couldn't stick.
  8. Taylor, Palmer and Allen are all more likely secondary ball-handling options than Roby at this point. Isaiah has a lot of playmaking potential, but he doesn't handle the ball well enough with any kind of pressure to run an offense.
  9. This is where I'm at right now. Remember last year that Miles started all his experienced guys to open the season last year - Watson, Webster, McVeigh, Jacobson, Morrow. Can't rule out three-guard lineups with someone like Taylor starting simply because of his experience. That's also why I hesitate to bump Allen ahead of anyone before he even steps foot on campus. Injuries had an impact, but it took Roby a while to get on the floor in a significant manner. Another thing to consider is if Copeland doesn't get his immediate eligibility Roby and McVeigh will be counted on to fill all of the PF minutes, which makes three-guard lineups more likely. It's kind of funny. Last year, Nebraska basically had a ton of tweener forwards, one center, one point guard and a couple off-guards. Now, Nebraska has two centers, two forwards (until Copeland is eligible) and a ton of guards. Watson, Palmer, Taylor, Gill, Akenten and Allen is six guys for the 1-2-3 spots without even factoring in some minute sat the 3 for McVeigh and/or Roby.
  10. But since it is a boarding school, he lived there during the week throughout high school, so I think one could argue he's from Elkhorn, in a sense.
  11. Tweener forward is definitely where he is right now. I've made the Shields comparison myself before. Wing capable of playing at the four who is good at getting to the basket an is a decent passer. Roby has a lot more defensive potential though with his length and isn't the same kind of finisher/natural scorer Shields is. He played a lot of power forward last season for a reason. He needs to raise his skill level to be more comfortable on the wing, to cut down on turnovers and knock down jumpers at a better rate.
  12. Technically, Mohamed Elradi went to Elkhorn Mt. Michael.
  13. I covered Justin all throughout his high school career. I like him a lot and he's a great pick-up. Like Jake said, he's better than any of the walk-ons from last year. However, you guys probably need to reel in expectations just a bit. For one, he's not a point guard; he's definitely a shooting guard. He handled the ball a decent amount and is capable of making some nice plays, but he's at his best off the ball running off screens. He also got little recruiting attention for a reason, and he wasn't going to be a D-I scholarship player anywhere. His first offer was from Benedictine and there wasn't much else beyond that. The problem is he is not a good defender at all. He's a pretty good vertical athlete but struggles laterally. To be clear, I'm a big fan of his. We had him at No. 9 in the class in our final 2017 rankings. I'm looking forward to seeing him in a Nebraska jersey. But if he's playing more than walk-on minutes, something went wrong with Allen, Palmer and Gill.
  14. Borchardt and Costello for sure. Malcolm Laws still has another year of eligibility. I know Trueblood expressed interest in coming back during the season like Borchardt did, but Johnny isn't 6'8" 275 so they weren't willing to take him back at that point.
  15. Already read it. Enjoyed it quite a bit.