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    Jacobson Gone?

    Such a great and insightful post by Lady Husker. I fully understand message boards like this are fun for those of us on the outside looking in. I also know that I come to this board to try to get tid bits here and there but I take them with a grain of salt because much of it is water cooler talk rather than fact-based. But I show up and read the post anyway just to get a general sense of what people are thinking or saying. At the end of the day I support the Huskers and want them to succeed and I'm going to trust the coaching staff and administration to ultimately want the same thing. That being said, I will also throw out this observation at the risk of getting crucified by others here. Let's take a hard look at the four who transferred. Fuller:. Great locker room guy and helps the overall culture of any program he would be involved in. The question is, is he truly a big 10 talent. I love what he brings to the culture of the team, but is he a kid that can really get a program over the hump in the best conference in the country? Horne:. Tons of upside here. The question marks are this, he's an undersized 4 and not athletic enough to be a 3 in this league. The Big 10 has becoming much more Athletic League. It is not the physical, power, win a game 52-48 that it used to be. Morrow:. Love, love, love this athlete and talent. However, the question I have about Ed is this:. My father played football at Nebraska, my mother played basketball at Nebraska, I should go to Nebraska. He may love Nebraska, he may not. I wonder if he came to the Huskers more out of a sense of family obligation or if he truly believed Nebraska was the best home for him? The other question is, he's not a true back-to-the-basket 5, and he doesn't shoot it well enough to be a stretch 4. Jacobson:. Culture guy, hard worker. Will be missed in the locker room for sure. However, is he a difference-maker in the Big Ten, or is he simply a complimentary part? I would make the case that he is a complimentary piece and that this current roster has too many complimentary pieces. I do not believe Michael ends up in a power 5 conference, and at best, a different program allows him to play a stretch 4, MAYBE, but unlike White from last year, I do not believe he's going to go and be the leading scorer on his next team. He will be a nice addition for a smaller conference or a lesser program. Not a criticism, simply an observation. So for me, it comes to this. The perception of these transfers may be worse than the basketball reality. If Palmer, Copeland, and Roby turn out to be the type of players that most believe they will be, the Huskers end up being more athletic, with more offensive Firepower, than they were this year. They may not be as deep, but they certainly appear to be more athletic on paper. I think it is too early to tell what the basketball impact of these decisions are. As Husker fans we need to wait and see how next year's lineup produces. Where these four players end up may tell us a lot about the level of their athleticism and basketball Talent. GO!!!