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  1. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/nebraska-s-nba-draft-hopefuls-receive-second-round-feedback-from/article_3fe6c701-93ba-5703-a1a4-91725fad1bbd.html Most important part: Miles said he has spoken openly with Palmer and Copeland about their NBA chances. “Both of them feel if they have a legitimate shot to get drafted in a spot where they look like they’re part of a franchise’s plan," Miles said, “it might be worthwhile to stay (in the draft). “If not, they’ve indicated to me they want to come back and make Nebraska a winner."
  2. OT: Biographies

    Not strictly a biography, but Basketball and Other Things by Shea Serrano was a blast to read and has a lot of historical anecdotes from the NBA.
  3. Let me get this straight...

    If you were the AD, would you go to the Kansas basketball game or the volleyball National Championship game?
  4. Kenya Hunter

    Fun fact! Millennials are typically considered to contain those born in the '80s to mid 90's. Xavier, someone born in (I'm guessing 2000) would qualify as a member of Generation Z. (For context, I work on a college campus and generational differences have been a frequent topic of discussion as the needs/wants of students are changing).
  5. Miles extension poll

    When it comes to postseason success at Nebraska, Amy Williams (.333 winning %) > Scott Frost (.000 winning %). Men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie.
  6. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Any idea how this is a worth a double tech?
  7. Paying players a signing bonus should be allowed

    The closest the Census gets is 25-34 years old. In that case 52% of people in that range have no degree and 63% do not have a Bachelor's Degree or higher.
  8. Paying players a signing bonus should be allowed

    The majority of people have degrees now. When everyone has something its value is relatively reduced. Well, that's just not true. According to the 2017 census, 56% of the US population above the age of 25 does not have a degree of any kind and 66% do not have a Bachelor's Degree or higher (so D1 schools). I am pro-paying players, but there's no benefit to be had by using only anecdotal evidence to argue your points.
  9. Question?

    The notion that the Big Ten is down has nothing to do with the top teams in the league. It's simply because there was no middle of the Big Ten this year. Here's a look at the number of teams each year that were below .500 overall since Nebraska joined the league: 2017-2018: 6 2016-2017: 3 2015-2016: 4 2014-2015: 4 2013-2014: 3 (Plus Rutgers in the AAC, so 4 if you count them) 2012-2013: 4 (Plus Rutgers in the Big East, so 5 if you count them) 2011-2012: 2 (Plus Rutgers in the Big East, so 3 if you count them)
  10. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Would anyone from Nebraska see the court if they played for Nova? Roby?
  11. What to do with Miles contract?

    I think many people are getting hung up on the buyout numbers as having a huge impact on the decision-making process. I really don't think anyone in the athletic department cares. They're paying (at rough estimate) $14 MILLION for Bo, Shawn, and Mike to not work here anymore. What's another couple million on top of it?
  12. What to do with Miles contract?

    Honestly, what incentive does Bill Moos have to get rid of Tim? We've been in the top 15 for attendance every year Tim's been here. I'm Bill, I'm keeping my mouth shut and doing nothing until fans stop showing up and the athletic department can't milk the cash cow.
  13. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

  14. USC Coach nails it

    I've looked at literally no other metric, but merely looking at conference finishes makes this seem like a head scratcher: USC: finishes 2nd in PAC 12, gets 1 seed in NIT Arizona State: finishes 9th in PAC 12, gets 11 seed in NCAA
  15. Should college players get paid and if so how much?

    See, I'm not so sure about this. I think it could create an interesting scenario if the NCAA comes out and says pay athletes whatever you want, just make sure the amount you spend on men is the same as you spend on women. A snarky response to this would be to say I'd be happy to see the NCAA start caring about Title IX issues for once @Baylor.
  16. Should college players get paid and if so how much?

    If it came out tomorrow that Nebraska had been paying every player on the roster cash under the table, would you stop watching or supporting Husker Hoops?
  17. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'm all about the open market. If the Warriors want to shell out a 10 billion a year to pay Lebron, KD, Steph, Harden, and Giannis, then go for it. The one redeeming part of it is professional athletes can rely on endorsements and sponsorship money to supplement their income. College athletes don't have that option.
  18. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Well, in this example, the NCAA. Obviously schools are wiling to pay more, but someone is coming in saying you aren't allowed to pay them more.
  19. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    My question for you, is are they being fairly compensated for what they are worth? If you get paid $15 an hour, but are worth $20, should you argue for more or be thankful that you aren't getting paid $12? I don't think it's unreasonable to say yes, athletes get a pretty good deal, but they also could be getting more - especially considering they're the ones bringing in the money.
  20. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    That would be Minnesota. Went 11-7 in the Big Ten regular season, with 2-3 against the top 3 (Purdue, Wisconsin, and Maryland), and 9-4 against the rest. Their four losses came at Penn State, home and away against Michigan State, and at Ohio State.
  21. Deep run in the dance?

    Ideal situation: Huskers win out, pull an upset at MSG and walk away as tournament champs. Get assigned to the Wichita site and have 2 more home games because Husker fans travel. End up playing Creighton in the Round of 32 and beat them to go to the Sweet 16.
  22. uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 26 - @ Minnesota

    Best video I can find of it for those that are curious.
  23. The Seat is Hot

    To be fair, it's a lot smaller sample size of games he's started (6) than games he's come off the bench in (17). Could just be in a cold stretch. Could be something mental about coming in off the bench. I don't think you can say for certain either way.
  24. uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 25 - @ Wisconsin

    Jordy with 9 points and 4 rebounds, plus decent D against Happ, IMO. Plus, he was 3-3 from the field and 3-3 from the free throw line. That's honestly all we need out of him.
  25. Nebraska (16-8) vs. Wisconsin (10-12) Game Thread

    *sniffs* smell that? Smells like.... hope. Which means I'm going to go to bed pissed off because I thought the 'Skers could pull it off and they didn't.