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  1. The crowd must get better

    I went to the Ohio State-Michigan State game last week. They had the #1 team in town and couldn't sell out. I also didn't think it got as loud there as it did during the KU game and the Buckeyes were laying the wood on the #1 team in the nation. While a small sample size, I can't help but think PBA's crowd holds its own.
  2. Moos Finally Attends a Nebrasketball Game

    That's hurtful. I feel hurt.
  3. Times Change I Guess

    Because they have the best quarterback and head coach of all time?
  4. Times Change I Guess

    See I always knew that was the problem with Doc's teams! They wore too many hoods to ever be competitive!
  5. Nebraska (7-3) vs. Creighton (6-2) Game Thread

    This is the most fun this game has been in recent memory.
  6. Burn Creighton Burn

    "I'm still hearing pockets (of people) out there -- more pockets than not -- that they didn't think this was a good hire," Frazier said. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/life-in-the-red/driving-for-rimington-s-advice-on-catching-uw-and-frazier/article_e5055ab4-da9c-11e7-8c3a-fbedbad1b63b.html
  7. Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

    Duby isn't a good basketball player, but I enjoy watching him be an athlete.
  8. Nebraska (6-2) vs Mich St. (6-1) Game Thread

    Score the first 2 buckets and see what happens. Being down 8 is a lot different than being down 16.
  9. Run

    Syracuse says here's our 2-3, now go ahead and beat it.
  10. Nebraska (3-1) vs Central Florida (3-0) Game Thread

    I'm feeling hopeful. Which history has shown means I'm about 3 minutes away from crushing anger and despair.