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  1. #Shafted
  2. Definitely not a bad asset to have on staff when trying to recruit in the state of Iowa. Tough loss for our staff, good get for Drake. Would like to see them on our non conference slate next year if possible. Congrats Ali!
  3. This is going to sound like a no brainer given the woes on the defensive end this season, but I feel like defensive schematics may be in for complete and total overhaul. With the roster we're gonna have next year, I think we could be in zone quite a bit. A good bit of length and athleticism quite different from years past
  4. The sky is not falling!
  5. I second this. High basketball IQ, savvy with the rock, good stroke, and can always find an open man. If he was a couple inches taller he would be a "stud recruit", but I would love to add him to our cache of luxury walk ons
  6. So after how many weekends where Coach Miles doesn't get fired, will this thread title change?
  7. Napoleon returned from exile in Elba to take back control of France, Coach Behrens wants to return from exile in Peru, Nebraska to retake control of Omaha Central Basketball.If there is any coach in Nebraska who could call his old employer and say "I want my old job back," it'd be Coach Behrens. Part of it also might have to do with the fact his son is going into his senior year. Central Basketball hasn't won a state tourney game since he left, so we'll see what this comes to.
  8. Nesadsketball
  9. I mean.. He is now our second biggest body..
  10. The news on Mr. Jacobson won't become official until he is officially granted his release. Which will most likely come on Monday or sometime early next week.
  11. Completely and totally agree. Could definitely contribute
  12. I agree with the point that if Eichorst and the administration want Tim gone, the decision has already been made and these past 4 games have not been the deciding factor. I expect Tim to return, but his leash will be extremely short next year. Do or die.