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  1. i wonder how much of these losses are just plain fatigue and lack of confidence and how much is them figuring out our offence
  2. maybe one last spurt in the tourny
  3. i feel like its more of a the team is gassed due to playing a schedule of so many tough games. even websters lock down defence has suffered
  4. 3-0 to finish the season and then make big 10 tournament finals, would this get a bid?
  5. just what happens when they happen to have a night where the other team has everything going for them and we cant make a bucket
  6. nebfan24

    Nebraska vs Mich State Game Thread

    why is it when other teams have great shooting nights we unfortunately have terrible ones
  7. this team shouldnt lose any of the last 4 with a healthy team, could definitely happen but if everything goes nebraska's way they can do it
  8. if Iowa has a case, we certainly do too
  9. I wonder how much they look at morrows injury, with him we are 5-2 so far, winning out would be 9-2 with him with only losses being wiscy and nw. if they finish 10-8 they would likely be 4 or 5 in the conference would be hard to see them not making it like that wouldn't it
  10. First post here, if nebraska wins out (which i predict they will), taking into account ed morrows injury losing a few games, does nebraska make the tournament? also if northwestern loses 3/4 games which is a possibility. nebraska could potentially get the 4 seed