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  1. 12dozen

    Danielle Page

    Always one of my favorites. I wish her well. Maybe, she will find her way to the Nebraska staff one day.
  2. If no one leaves, I think we have room for 2. I also wonder if there are any new names being mentioned. How did the overseas trip go?
  3. 12dozen

    Season ending Banquet

    Wouldn't Bria and Darrien be 5th year players? Any chance, they both graduate this semester? I'd like to think they earned their degrees before leaving, if speculation is true.
  4. 12dozen

    Season ending Banquet

    Is "preferred walk-on" an option for Women's basketball at this level? My concern with numbers, has more to do with practice than game day. I'm excited for the 10 scholarship players we will have on the roster this coming season.
  5. 12dozen


    If she is a "Graduate Transfer", and has met other stipulations, it is possible she would be eligible to play immediately. I'm not aware if she has graduated or not. She was listed as a Red Shirt Junior in 2017/2018. This will be her 5th year, so she has had time to get a degree. If the statistics I read were accurate, it looks like she led the team in rebounds this year. She wasn't a scoring leader, but did contribute on the offensive side. Interesting transfer.
  6. 12dozen


    If Wikipedia can be believed, players are draft eligible if: they are at least 22 years old, or have graduated from a 4 year college, or are 4 years removed from high school.
  7. 12dozen


    Agree. Dream scenario, to me, a graduate transfer with post skills. It would be a one year roster assist, allowing Amy to manage her roster effectively long range. The 4 kids coming in might be enough for a single class. Next year, Maddie and Darrien will be seniors. And, we don't know how much longer Rachel will be able to play through the pain. As it stands, we should have room for another 4 member recruiting class next year. I also agree, it would be hard to turn down a transfer with exceptional ball handling and shooting skills, regardless of class. Probably few and far between, for both scenarios, but one can dream.
  8. I got the sense, Kate might have been told not to leave her feet much. Fouls seemed to be her Achilles heel. Really kept her from playing aggressively. I remember her taking over a couple of games late, when fouls weren't a concern. She could make a huge "leap" between now and her sophomore season. As is, well done ladies. Looks like I'll have to subscribe to BTN Plus again next season. GBR
  9. 12dozen

    Non-con schedule next year

    I like scheduling Creighton every year. Can't imagine it did anything but help our strength of schedule this year, both being tournament teams. And if John Cook thinks the series can help promote his sport in the area, wouldn't it do the same for women's basketball?
  10. 12dozen

    Non-con schedule next year

    Is something similar to this season's San Juan Shootout, in the works? Maybe, a little higher profile? Buffalo, as it turned out, had a nice team. Just not the household name you'd like to see.
  11. 12dozen


    If she's able to play or not, I suspect she won't be far from the bench.
  12. 12dozen


    We signed the 4 girls early. How many scholarships are still open for 2018/2019? To keep from overloading a single class, would it make more sense to look for transfers at this point? Maybe, a graduate transfer to lend some depth to the post position for a year? Any chance Rachel will play in less pain next year?
  13. Me too. Maryland has separated themselves as my least favorite BIG team.
  14. I'm thinking more along the lines of "Tonya Harding".
  15. Announcer just said "all ball on the block". Looked like Maddie could have had her shoulder dislocated by the contact.