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  1. Some days, you just get beat. This was one of those days. On to the next one.
  2. Having watched the game on BTN Plus, listened to the audio and the post game interviews with Matt, and made my way through the posts in this thread, my two cents: I agree with everyone touting Coach Williams for post season honors. Her energy, attitude, enthusiasm, personality, love of Huskers, etc. comes through loud and clear. The team is in good hands. She inspires (and knows what she is doing). Regarding the game, I'm still smiling. I was a bit down on Hannah with the turnovers in the first half, but her shooting made up for them. Her 2nd half was fantastic. The tone Jasmine set on the boards early was huge. You can't ask more from a senior leader. Nicea might have had the best total game of her career. Her defense is so reliable. 3 for 3 from long range. I almost think her late free throws made were as important as the long range shots. Maddie is rock solid. She closed out last year on an upswing, and has been improving ever since. She is taking the ball to the hoop as well as anyone on the team. Taylor has improved game by game. Not sure how much the knee set her back, but she must have been taking in the lessons regardless. She's been able to shoot from day 1, but seems to be in much more control, on both ends of the court now. She takes care of the ball, plays smart, position defense, looks to pass, crashes boards, and seems to enjoy it all. Kate, what a 2nd half. Rachel and Darrien gave her plenty of rest in the first half, and it showed. Kate was fresh and took over the paint. Janae has really come on. I too wish she had another year or two. Bria has also been a spark. She might handle the ball well enough to take some of the pressure off Hannah. And we've also seen, during the year, how Woody and Grace can contribute. This was a team victory. Last year, I wondered why I subscribed to BTN Plus. This year, best money I've ever spent. Thanks Huskers.
  3. Yes she is. I'm a fan of Grace too.
  4. I have a feeling, the pups coming in will push for playing time. Is Haiby a true point guard?
  5. Agree. Cincore is a warrior. TK is playing great on both ends. Doesn't look like a freshman. Kate playing like a vet. Rachel and Darrien giving great minutes. Nicea, Maddie, Hannah, Janae, Bria, ......... hard to see the court in a nail biter.
  6. Game over and the Lady Huskers react like "No Big Deal". They expected to win. Hats off to you ladies. You continue to amaze.
  7. Ask and you receive. Well done Nicea.
  8. Nothing timid about this bunch. Is that a reflection on the staff?
  9. What a way to finish a quarter. Well done.
  10. Michigan State with their Rutgers impersonation to start the 2nd half.
  11. Whitish sure is nonchalant with the ball at times. (passing and dribbling)
  12. Nice sequence by Nicea. 2 treys, a steal, and tracked down a loose ball.
  13. Maybe shook the rust off against Wisconsin. I've been watching TK on defense. She has really improved since the beginning of the year.
  14. The two freshmen, are holding up well. Cain played like a veteran from day 1. Kissinger seems more comfortable every game. Not sure if anyone will need a "second wind". Staff has done a nice job spreading the minutes. There is not a kid on the roster, that hasn't stepped up at one time or another. I hope they are enjoying the season as much as I am.
  15. Might have been a "make up" call after the quick whistle on Kissinger.