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  1. I enjoy watching them play. Then again, could have guessed. Grew up liking Yankees, Celtics, Packers, and the Huskers. I seem to like the winners. Have to admit, didn't root for Tiger at first, but miss his presence on the tour now.
  2. Disappointing. I was looking forward to a new and improved team/Jess next year. I guess there is yet a chance, the team could be improved. I too wonder if Eichorst is earning his pay. "Didn't mess up volleyball" isn't much to hang your hat on.
  3. Maryland vs Oregon just started on ESPN if interested.
  4. Mississippi State might be a tough out. 6'7" and 6'5" ladies in the middle, with athleticism to run the court, doesn't hurt. Baylor will have their hands full. There was a stretch in the Washington game, when McCowan (6'7") seemed to block every shot taken, then run down the court and score. You could tell she was having fun by the smile on her face as she ran. Enjoyable to watch. Now that Natalie is out, think I'll pull for Mississippi State, at least vs Baylor.
  5. Enjoyed the article. Thanks.
  6. I'd be happy with a 500 record next year. Not "giddy" by any means, but OK.
  7. Sunday morning "IF" ing. If Taylor picks up the game quickly, if Nicea and Hannah make a nice frosh to soph jump, if Maddie keeps improving, if Jess keeps working hard, if Rachel is healthy, and, if the transfers can take the pressure off Hannah and help shore up the defense and turnover issues, we could have vastly improved team next year. Call me optimistic, but I could see it happening.
  8. Not sure school size matters. Much of the evaluation is done during AAU participation. Still, being from a small school isn't a curse. Jordan Hooper, Karen Jennings, Nicole Kubic, Amy Stephens, Anna DeForge, and even Kelsey Griffin weren't Metro area kids. They seemed to do OK. Having said the above, I have no dog in this fight. For the Lady Huskers benefit, I hope this girl is the real deal. GBR
  9. I thought she ran the court much better the last couple of minutes. Even sprinted a couple of times. Don't know, but seemed she was instructed to stay away from trouble because of the foul situation. Not sure last night was a good measuring stick for her. First time I've seen her play. Reminded me of a coaches kid/gym rat type of player that will help a team in many ways. Like speed, you also can't teach height. Never know, she might grow another inch in the next year. I trust our coaches know what they're doing.
  10. Nothing went her way tonight. Questionable fouls put her in trouble early, took away her aggressiveness. She was the focus of the Treynor defense. Still impressed enough to be named honorary captain on the all tournament team.
  11. Looks like a good crowd, from a BTNPlus vantage point. Attendance estimate?
  12. For Seniors day, I'd like to see Esther get the start in place of Jasmine. Could sub in early, but feel it would be a class move.
  13. Attendance 2276 on Senior Night? That late timeout, to give the seniors an ovation, left much to be desired. Hopefully, Nebraska gives our seniors a better send off. GBR
  14. Ashtyn is only a junior, correct?