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  1. Coastal Carolina vs. Nebraska

    Growing pains for sure. Not sure how much Maddie being hurt is affecting us. Hopefully, we hit some shots, and Miss Cain gets it together next half.
  2. Coastal Carolina vs. Nebraska

    Thanks for the link. And, thanks to RedSteve for the link yesterday. GBR
  3. Buffalo - Nebraska

    56 - 55 Huskers after 3.
  4. Buffalo - Nebraska

    I wonder what attendance will be listed. Looks like 200 would be generous. Found it amusing when Jasmine had to track down the basketball when Buffalo threw it out of bounds. Silver lining, not much of a home crowd advantage.
  5. Buffalo - Nebraska

    I think it is 39 - 37 Buffalo.
  6. Creighton - Nebraska

    Listening on the radio, sounded like there were a few questionable calls, that went against Nebraska. Announcers mentioned the official by name, Mark Resch, and I got the impression, this was nothing new for this ref. Do we have a history with this guy?
  7. Ms. Cain

    Give her a couple of years with this strength and conditioning department, and we might not recognize her. The current team looks like they have bought into whatever the S & C department is selling. We might not get the number of wins we'd like this year, but there sure seems to be enough positive signs, for one to be encouraged.
  8. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Even from my living room (BTN), you could see Nicea contributing from the bench. Looking forward to her taking the floor. These kids seem to like each other and are having fun. Might be wishful thinking, but I'm seeing another Cady/Hooper type combo in Cain/Kissinger. Their games might be a little different, but they already have a similar chemistry. Early yet, but sure looks like we are on the path to better things. On the other bench, Arkansas has some nice players. Hope we don't run into many more like Monk. That girl can move. Didn't see anyone dressed in white last night, that could keep up with her. We just might have beat a tourney team last night. GBR
  9. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Washington didn't play much, but it was easy to see, she has worked hard to get into playing condition. A pleasant surprise.
  10. Reminder

    Lady Husker game vs. Arkansas will be on BTN @ 8:00 tonight. Replay at 3:00 A.M.
  11. Signing Day 11/8/17

    Huskers.com also has a nice article on the signings. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211677302
  12. Artcle on Kalynn Meyer

    Would the strength and conditioning program for volleyball, be compatible with what is needed to compete in the discuss, at the collegiate level? I'm sure she is talented enough to do both, but not sure we would see her best in either, if she tried both. My guess, she will concentrate on volleyball.
  13. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    Prayers sent.
  14. Jess Shepard

    I wouldn't imagine UCONN needing to. My suspicions would be towards usual suspects, such as Mississippi State, South Carolina, Louisville, or maybe even Baylor. By "usual suspects", I mean schools that have been investigated before, not necessarily for WBB (but are successful in WBB).
  15. SE GONE

    I agree with Redsteve. I can't imagine, WBB, would be anywhere near the leader board, on a new AD's immediate concern list. I'm sure all sports will be watched closely, but any AD, worth their salt, will give her time. There seems to be quite a bit of optimism surrounding this program. Football, deservedly, will be the overwhelming focus of the new AD.