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  1. Agree. Don't want to open Pandora's Box. I leave it up to those in the know, to use their better discretion.
  2. I know at least a couple of player dads and other insiders visit these pages on occasion. Since things are slow and new info is scarce, could you share any information regarding the team? Do the players spend the summer in Lincoln? Are there organized sessions? How is Burns rehab coming along? How is the teams relationship with the coaching staff? Are the players close? Will last years transfers fit in well? Can we expect an up tempo approach this year? Does team conditioning reflect this? Are leaders developing on the team? Obviously, tons of inside information that could be shared. Thanks in advance for any news. Fans need their fixes.
  3. Welcome to the Huskers Leigha.
  4. A bit off topic, but I noticed Maddie Simon was one of 27 Nebraska Scholar Athletes that received the Sam Foltz 27 Hero Leadership Awards. Also, Emily Wood was one of 5 athletes that received an Outstanding Scholar Award. Congratulations Ladies. You represent us well.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if Grace or Maddie cracked the starting line-up. Both were playing well at the end and we need some size desperately.
  6. I noticed Mariella Fasoula of Boston College is opting to transfer. Led the team in scoring and rebounding. Named to All ACC Freshman team. She's a 6'4" post player. No mention of schools she is considering.
  7. Could be. Looks like they have been discussing a 4 year extension since last summer, but, don't see anything signed yet. I read they had a major roster overhaul prior to this season. She brought in 8 new players, 4 Juco's, 2 transfers, and 2 freshmen. Obviously, this quick fix didn't work.
  8. Her choice of schools/coaches, might be an indication of her desire to reach her potential. If she selects a school, with demanding coaches, still no guarantee she will give the effort. If she opts for a less demanding atmosphere, enjoy it kid. You're only young once. I wish her the best.
  9. I enjoy watching them play. Then again, could have guessed. Grew up liking Yankees, Celtics, Packers, and the Huskers. I seem to like the winners. Have to admit, didn't root for Tiger at first, but miss his presence on the tour now.
  10. Disappointing. I was looking forward to a new and improved team/Jess next year. I guess there is yet a chance, the team could be improved. I too wonder if Eichorst is earning his pay. "Didn't mess up volleyball" isn't much to hang your hat on.
  11. Maryland vs Oregon just started on ESPN if interested.
  12. Mississippi State might be a tough out. 6'7" and 6'5" ladies in the middle, with athleticism to run the court, doesn't hurt. Baylor will have their hands full. There was a stretch in the Washington game, when McCowan (6'7") seemed to block every shot taken, then run down the court and score. You could tell she was having fun by the smile on her face as she ran. Enjoyable to watch. Now that Natalie is out, think I'll pull for Mississippi State, at least vs Baylor.
  13. Enjoyed the article. Thanks.
  14. I'd be happy with a 500 record next year. Not "giddy" by any means, but OK.
  15. Sunday morning "IF" ing. If Taylor picks up the game quickly, if Nicea and Hannah make a nice frosh to soph jump, if Maddie keeps improving, if Jess keeps working hard, if Rachel is healthy, and, if the transfers can take the pressure off Hannah and help shore up the defense and turnover issues, we could have vastly improved team next year. Call me optimistic, but I could see it happening.