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  1. cornfed24-7

    Husker Athletics Priority

    Really though I am setting up 2 TV's side by side and watching both
  2. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    I guess this is where you and I just don't agree. The original response was to the question if people really thought Miles was getting a raw deal. Thats a big old nope. But I believe and you don't is Miles isn't Moos guy and his indecisiveness on getting rid of him hurts long term. We shall see. I sure hope he gets his ducks in a row and makes a knock out hire (whatever that is) because I also believe we are going to be looking fo a coach next year. And hope springs eternal
  3. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    Sure. But what proof is there that Moos will have his guy next year or the year after that. AD get paid to make tough decisions in the here and now and Moos punted.
  4. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    Thanks! I was too lazy to look it up. I really think if he make the tournament next year he's gonna be a lot more attractive than some believe.
  5. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    I can't speak for everyone else, but I'm going to anyway . Disclosure - I like Miles and want him to succeed and thought he could have. With that said I think what draws the ire of most is what a dumb decision a 1 year extention is for the overall health of the program. I would have been completely fine if the last AD fired him last year or the new AD fired him this year. Would I have been a little upset and salty for a bit? Sure. See the disclosure above. But I won't argue he has shown beyond any reasonable doubt he deserves to be here. After next year look at roster. It slim pickins. I think we can all agree Miles bread and butter has been the transfer market for recruiting. And the last AD and now this AD have essentially cut his legs out from under him each of the last two seasons. So if at this point you don't believe in a guy get rid of him. Don't sacrifice the long term health of the program because you are indecisive and need your mind made up for you. The arguments against Miles are the data is there he is what he is. And thats fine. I can't even really argue against it. But don't in the same breadth then tell me the 1 year extention was the right decision.
  6. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    Well the great thing about this is we get nearly a whole year to debate it
  7. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    I agree with this too. If everyone comes back they'll know the hand that has been delt. Hell they might even come in loose. If Miles is worth anything as a Coach he should have them boys ready to play and not concern themselves in the least with his employment status. This should be the best team he has ever had time to show 'em what you can do coach
  8. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    Oops supposed to say postseason THEN tournament 2 of 8 Thanks!
  9. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    This is where I disagree with you. To me the argument you are making boils it down to just record. It takes out history. We historically suck on epic levels compared to other power 5 schools. I don't believe an AD will only look at record. If Miles gets us to the tournament next year it will be postseason 3 out of 7 years and tournament 2 of 7. After an almost 20 year absence before he got here. One of our best conference finishes ever. And if he gets a win it will literally be at the last power 5 school to do so. All the while being hamstrung be his own administration for a solid 3 years straight. I think he looks a lot better on paper than just a record.
  10. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    Sooooo what was this last year?
  11. cornfed24-7

    Let me get this straight...

    But that's kind of the point. Then fire him! The one year extension does absolutely no good. And the probability is it actually does more harm of the 3 options of extend 1 year, fire him, or extend 2+ years.
  12. Pretty sure this AD would pay someone to to take Miles
  13. Yup. And you what? If he gets us tournament win next year I will be fine with whatever happens after that!
  14. I really have no intention of going around and around with you. I agree with like 95% of what you are saying. I just see the roster after next year as a complete mess. And thats if Roby stays. With taking fault out of it if you are Miles and you have a great year I believe your opportunity to parlay that into another job is at your highest level of opportunity next year. To clarify the best job he is going to be able to get regardless if it is worse, the same, or better is next year if he has a good year at Nebraska. And I also believe if he had a great year next year and chose to stay his likely hood of being fired in the following 2-3 years is still much high than it would be if he took a different job because of where I believe Nebraskas roster will be at after next season. Clear as mud?
  15. Very valid point as well. My counter point is going to be the very basic "Money isn't everything." I myself have taken a job for less money after considering all factors and I have no where near Miles financial security. Miles has made what, north of $10,000,000 since he's been here?