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  1. Next Years Starting 5

    Much more appropriate. I think Roby is going to be a stud. Was he last year? Absolutely not. "He excells at all aspects of basketball." Really?!? Do we expect/hope he makes giant strides from year 1 to year 2? He damn well better if we are going to have the kind of year we can all get geeked about 😉
  2. Next Years Starting 5

    Trying to support your argument by introducing Curry, Durant, and Wade 😂😂😂
  3. That inbounds pass 😡
  4. Nebraska (4-0) vs. UCLA (5-0) Game Thread

    Looked good. I think we're gonna get better. Struggled with the zone.
  5. Nebraska (4-0) vs. UCLA (5-0) Game Thread

    Man Gill is ice cold.