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  1. NebrasketballJake

    18-19 depth

    Watson, Palmer, Roby, Copeland are locks to have high minutes and to average close to or in double figures points wise. Jordy and Tom are the next two in line. Tanner will be in the mix for PT and that is not me talking crazy, someone has to play big and go rebound the damn ball. From there I'd say it's between Amir, Nana, and Thor. Karrington will not play a ton, if ever, and barring an injury catastrophe Heiman should be redshirting. Yes he's long, but transitioning from Class B Basketball in Nebraska to Big Ten Basketball takes a little bit of time.
  2. NebrasketballJake


    I know I'm way late to the party but the top 3 closest current things to rivals in my mind are CU, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and that is only because we've had some very good and exciting games with both Iowa and Wisco these last few years.
  3. NebrasketballJake

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    So we are just waiting on some buy games, Big Ten/ACC opponent, and a possible neutral court Power 5 Matchup. I like the way this schedule is coming together. Nobody should be able to nitpick this slate of games.
  4. NebrasketballJake

    Nebraska will host Seton Hall in the 2018 Gavitt Games

    Doesn't piss me off per say knowing that MSU has the Champions Classic event the same week as the Gavitt Games every single year and always has a pretty strong non con slate as is.
  5. NebrasketballJake

    Nebraska will host Seton Hall in the 2018 Gavitt Games

    In the Greg McDermott "What Could've Been" Game.
  6. NebrasketballJake

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Don't rule anything out. This is Nebrasketball
  7. NebrasketballJake

    Dachon Burke is N

    Go Big Transfers
  8. NebrasketballJake

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Right now it's a tie between a team that went winless in the ACC and a team that finished 4th in the Big Ten. Sounds like an easy choice.
  9. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Sarcasm very much intended. Hard to make it evident via typing
  10. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Husker Baseball

  11. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Looks like the floodgates have opened at Haymarket... Stupid blue jesuit bastards
  12. NebrasketballJake

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    When the Warriors actually put him on the court last summer he was rather efficient. He definitely deserves a shot.
  13. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Schreiber batting leadoff and Luis actually playing the field tonight?!? Pulling out all the stops to try and topple the Jaybronis
  14. NebrasketballJake


    We'll get a Gavitt at home. This'll be the 4th year of the event and we have only had 2 games, both on the road. I'd bet we get Providence, or possibly Marquette (Hello Storyline) at PBA next year.
  15. NebrasketballJake

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Would've expected this to be announced by now if it were actually going to happen. Also wouldn't have probably seen him in that little offseason workouts montage that was tweeted out yesterday.