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  1. Eichorst Out

    It has hit the fan fellas. It has hit the fan
  2. Anton Gill

    The Legend of Lumberjack McBeard.
  3. Anton Gill

    I expect Anton to contribute on the defensive end if anything. Wouldn't be surprised if his main focus is in shooting the ball outside (despite his abysmal numbers while we had him last season) instead of slashing. Hopefully, he can find himself a role. Depth isn't something to complain about.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    This sounds a little bit generous to me. Care to name said teams and what categories you feel they fall into.
  5. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    But on the flip side, I had the thought pop into my head that if anyone is happy that football and SE are under the microscope, it's Tim and his guys because that shifts the torches and pitchfork talk away from them for foreseeable future.
  6. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Is this how the kids would summarize the happenings of today. With one of them internet memes
  7. Copeland

    I see Nana as this team's equivalent of Jeriah Horne. He'll be a spot up shooter, and if his shot is going in, he'll stay on the floor. If not, he'll get buried. At least that's how I see it. Just because someone is a great player in high school doesn't make them the same type of player in college. Adjusting to the college game takes time. Some adjust quicker, some take more time to adjust
  8. Offseason Potpourri

    http://three-man-weave.com/3mw/2017/9/14/big-ten-preview-2017-18 Found this over on Reddit from Three Man Weave. Has us projected to finish 13th in the conference and says there is too much uncertainty to see us anywhere above 12th. Also says that "Nebraska is one of those teams that is sure to notch a few big time wins this season while also losing many head scratchers (much like last year’s squad)."
  9. Copeland

    Coach Miles actually caught a break. What a time. What a time indeed.
  10. Offseason Potpourri

    From what I've been told, Tanner has been a stand out in workouts this off season. Depth is never a bad thing to have. Especially when it means we get to see some homegrown Nebraska talent on the court (that happens to be 6'9 and long armed). Good for Tanner.
  11. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    Needs to get more physical and more consistent, especially on his jumpshot is what a little birdie told me. Also said there are flashes of what he'll bring in the future. Just needs his time to develop and adjust to the college game. Wouldn't expect much from him.
  12. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    This may be true, but Kansas is still no slouch
  13. New Graduate Manager

    I think they're still deciding on if they want to fill both the Video Job, and Director of Player Relations and Development. Video will be filled for sure, Ali's old job will just come down to office space and budget probably. Not unusual for schools to have multiple Graduate Assistants as well as the staff members with job titles.
  14. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Actually these secret scrimmages can sometimes be kinda like a home and home deal. Since we went up to Ames last year, and the proximity is there, I wouldn't be surprised if we scrimmage the Clones again this year.
  15. Bud

    Now that.. That would be a spectacle. Him coming out of the football tunnel while "Sirius" blares. I can see it now.