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  1. That would be if, and that's a big if we don't lose some players to transfers. I think Nana would be gone as well as 2 or 3 of our current roster, if there is a change. All you have to do is look at last years women's team vs. this years women's team. Last year the women lost their best outside shooter as well as 2 incoming recruits with the change in coaches. So would we be back to looking at what we will have in 3-4 more years. I don't know the answer to this, but I think we need to consider it.
  2. NU 67 PSU 63 1 win
  3. The last time I felt this way about the Huskers was in the season where we went 10-18 under Danny Nee. I hope things improve the next few years like then. We were all trying to figure out if we could ever win in basketball. That next few years with the guys that sat out and along with the guys that got their butts kicked the year before was so much fun. We were showing up at the Bob trying to figure out how much we were going to win buy, not if we were going to win. Hope this turns out the same way!!!
  4. MU 74 NU 66 3 players
  5. NU 74 PSU 67 4 players
  6. nwu 82 NU 69 11 assists (I don't think our mindset will think that we can win)Hope I am wrong.