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  1. Shatel didn't necessarily put a time frame on it. He simply said that we could bank on NU paying a football coach $6M and a basketball coach $3M someday.
  2. I've wondered if this played even a small part in not firing Miles after last season. If he were fired, we would have had to hire a coach similar to his caliber/pay grade. Tom Shatel wrote (and I agree with him) that one day Nebraska will pay its football coach $6M and its basketball coach $3M in annual salaries. If Nebraska basketball wants to go to the next level, we need to dish out some cash for a coach who's capable of doing that.
  3. It's a separate card that will have the season's home games pre-loaded onto it. (One card per seat.) So you don't have to bring a paper ticket with you to the game - just the card. They will scan/swipe the card instead of a ticket. You'll just have one card to keep track of instead of 18 separate paper tickets.
  4. Okay. Seriously. F**K Texas.
  5. It was all Shavon.
  6. Now that joke stinks.
  7. Copeland being healthy AND playing the full season definitely are not guarantees. This is Nebrasketball, after all...
  8. I'm pretty sure that was the joke...
  9. "NO MORE SLASHERS" may be a bit harsh. But since our shooting has been SO BAD, I just want us to load up on shooters. I really like the offense Michigan ran last year: Walton at the top of the key, everybody else spaced out on the three-point line. They had a lot of good shooters and found a system that worked. Walton was the PERFECT guy to play point in that offense, but Watson could be that type of player for us. In today's game, if you can't shoot the three, you're not going to win very many games. We haven't had good shooters and our record reflects that.
  10. Well, we definitely need another 4/5. And, given our national ranks the past couple seasons, we need shooters. Most importantly: NO MORE SLASHERS!
  11. I should have waited another 15 minutes and I would have seen this...
  12. Brase is priority numero uno, for sure. And it does appear Maye's interest in Nebraska lessened when we signed Allen, but I wouldn't mind redshirting him, either. 24/7 Sports previously predicted Nebraska (100%), but they now have VCU (50%) in the mix. I know Agau is mostly fan speculation and I saw his string of tweets back in March. But I will include him on my list until he signs elsewhere. Wishful thinking, I suppose... Perhaps I'm putting too much into having a Nebraska kid on the roster, but Chandler has decent size. I'd like to see us give him a shot.
  13. We still have two scholarships to fill. From what I've gathered, these players are most likely to fill those scholarships (in no particular order): Tyler Maye, PG, 6-1, 170, Farmville, NC (http://247sports.com/player/tyler-maye-46040346) Hans Brase, F, 6-8, 231 (Princeton grad transfer, 1 year remaining) Akoy Agau, F, 6-8, 235 (Georgetown grad transfer, 1-2 years remaining) Other possible targets(?): Isaiah Poor Bear Chandler, F, 6-9, 260 (Omaha Central, recently decommitted from New Mexico) Am I missing anyone? I need more reasons to check Twitter every 15 minutes!
  14. Looks like this is just a copy of Lee Barfknecht's article which appeared in today's World Herald. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/isaac-copeland-s-eligibility-appeal-still-undetermined-while-huskers-fill/article_2b2bd19e-343f-11e7-8f20-a33f183a4e9f.html