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  1. Download the Husker Lights App

    Did you turn the flashlight on manually?
  2. Matt Davison

    Seemed to me that Kent was expecting a "farewell" broadcast with Matt, but Matt was a little abrasive with Kent. Matt seemed like he hadn't caught his breath for a few days, which is understandable! Matt didn't provide much insight into what he'll be doing with the football program, but I think he's been put into a great position for him!
  3. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say Minnesota's intensity was a 2 or 3; Nebraska's was at least an 8. But the way we substituted players (especially defensively) allowed us to stay fresh and give Minnesota different looks. Minnesota was never able to find a rhythm. Kenya Hunter's defensive game plan worked great! Fun night at The Vault. Kudos to the coaching staff. Congrats to the kids on a great win. GBR.
  4. Minnesota Game

    That gorilla weighs WAY more than 100 pounds...
  5. Nebraska 70 Minnesota 78 3PM: 8
  6. So put a guard there. Glynn would be great there.
  7. Shooting % under Coach Miles

    Can you give me an example of an "established" coach who isn't a good coach?
  8. Then don't put a center there.
  9. Shooting % under Coach Miles

    If you want to win in college athletics, you need a good coach. Good coaches cost money. Now that we're a "full" member of the Big Ten, I'm hoping the trend of paying head coaches competitive salaries ($5M per year for Frost, for example) continues. If we want Nebraska Basketball to be a winner, we need to dish out at least $3M per year.
  10. I agree. But Miles hates zone. I guess he's just stubborn? Would like to see us play more zone. I don't think it would hurt.
  11. Shooting % under Coach Miles

    It would be something different and fresh. I don't think that would hurt the program.
  12. Shooting % under Coach Miles

    If/when there is a coaching change, I'd like the next head coach to be someone who at least played at the D-I level.