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  1. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Illinois finish 14th in both sports.
  2. Y'know, I'm tryna keep calm.

    My tickets, er, cards, arrive tomorrow! OH! Do you think the new team poster I paid for will be included? I WANT MY NEW POSTER!!!
  3. Next Years Starting 5

    He'll be in the rotation for rebounding alone. The dude can jump out of the gym. He'll play.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    I don't see how Duby Okeke could NOT be included in the rotation. Any rotation (8-man, 10-man, whatever) HAS to include Okeke. We didn't sign him to NOT play him.
  5. Tim Miles Presser 10/2/2017

    I sure hope so! Last season, always caught myself saying, "Our defender needs to be a half-step closer to the three-point line..." right as their man received a pass and swished a not-so-contested three. I'm hoping this rosters length and athleticism will help with how we defend the three-point line.
  6. This should get you a little excited...

    Are you just saying that because you want me to read your thread?! Kidding. But I think 8 or 9 wins is most likely. I think we win all home games against non-power conference schools (6 wins) and Boston College (7). We'll win at least one in Orlando (8) -- if we win 2, fantastic. The game at St. John's is the swing game.
  7. This should get you a little excited...

    I'm just trying to keep my high level of excitement from turning into high expectations. But doing that is becoming harder and harder with each passing day!
  8. A quicky in the sack with Lindy

    We were also picked to finish last in the Big Ten before the 2013-14 season...
  9. Offseason Potpourri

    Jeriah Horne is currently working toward a PhD at Tulsa.
  10. Copeland

    Article from LSJ's Chris Basnett: http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/nu-basketball-s-isaac-copeland-ruled-immediately-eligible-by-ncaa/article_ea4a9e86-4d65-5575-826c-d64a12fbfcc9.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share
  11. The Isaac Copeland watch

    And for the next 100 callers (cuz we can't do this all day), if you buy one watch and decanter set, you'll get a second watch and decanter set for FREE!
  12. The Isaac Copeland watch

    If we call right now, do we get the decanter for free?
  13. Copeland

    I am so freakin' JACKED right now! LET'S GO!!
  14. Countdown to College Basketball

    I'm with you. Last year saw the worst home loss (Michigan) and (if I remember correctly) the most losses (19) in a single season in program history. Statistically, we were ranked in the 300s for three-point shooting (both offense and defense). I may not be overly optimistic for this season, but I'm definitely excited because how could we possibly be worse?!
  15. Seat Yourself Process

    Thank you all for the info/advice!