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  1. Offseason Potpourri

    And Lovett and Ponds are very good. This will be a tough game to pull out a W on the road.
  2. Copeland

    I disagree 49er. Respectfully of course. I'm seeing Creighton as a solid 4th or 5th place choice in the Big East. Nova at 1. Xavier 2. And Providence and Seton Hall, both tourney teams, return their starters. Creighton is thin up front and doesn't have a proven PG. They'll be good but they're also beatable. We will give them a good game this year.
  3. Copeland

    I agree their backcourt will be very good. I feel like Hegner is their only option at center tho, other than some D-2 guy they signed for a year. Jordy could have a hay day down low with Hegner guarding him, but Hegner can also extend the defense with his 3-point shot. It'll be a great topic in a couple months no doubt.
  4. Countdown to College Basketball

    No matter the circumstance....Arrested Development references always get an up vote
  5. No news is good news

    Thanks Jacob. Not saying the media is lazy was just saying how all the effort is put on football even when there isn't much to report from fall practices for those couple weeks before the first kick off. I understand the priorities when it comes to sports in the state tho. Thanks for clearing a lot of that up for me.
  6. No news is good news

    I wish there was at least one article every couple weeks on some kind of practice/summer workout report on the team. Who looks good, who looks like they improved, who we should maybe temper expectations on. Really anything. Now that actual football season is here the opportunity for that ship has sailed, but I felt like the last month was nothing but the same thing regarding fall football practice and more preseason hype. It can't be that hard to send one reporter to one practice and just jot down what they see in a column, rather than us relying on rumors on here or a tweet from Lee or Kent telling us talent looks like its improved and that's about it. That being said......cant wait for the game Saturday. GBR!!!!
  7. OK, Let's Talk Basketball

    Thanks for this. This is a really interesting perspective to look at it side by side. A lot more similarities than I thought initially between this team and the 13-14 team. Hopefully it yields similar results.
  8. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

  9. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I'm thinking more 2-3, which I'd gladly take.
  10. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Oh he's absolutely redshirting. I think we should've done what Creighton did and ask him to go to prep school for a year, but I'll take an in-state commit.
  11. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Really wanted him for Creighton a mere week before that
  12. Offseason Potpourri

    What I took from that video....don't have Jordy switch so that he ends up defending a guard
  13. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Creighton announced their non-con schedule this morning. We're playing in Omaha on a Saturday, December 9th. Give me all the beers babay!
  14. NCAA Tournament Thread

    That's a big boy field right there. Can't wait for CWS. Greatest two weeks in Omaha (especially when LSU makes it, and tailgating is turned up a notch)
  15. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    I think Crean would be a great hire for them this late in the game but it's highly unlikely. Also it doesn't seem like the majority of Ohio State fans on Twitter or their message boards are very happy about this decision haha
  16. Tyronn Lue is the new Head Coach of the Cavs

    Go Cavs. Go Lue. And you know what? I might not like the Jays, but I do like Kyle Korver so go Kyle Korver too. Cavs in 7 baby!!!
  17. UNO

    The Mavs are doin work right now against IUPUI. Up 23 with 5 minutes left. They'll take on SDSU tomorrow night in the championship. Some on this board might disagree, but I'll be rooting for them if they make the tourney.
  18. Is playing in the D League considered finding a spot in the NBA?
  19. This is Why Lincoln Can't Have Nice Things

    A member of the Losole family is starting his own pizza place in Benson. Can't wait for it. http://www.omaha.com/go/dining/virtuoso-pizzeria-moving-into-pizza-shoppe-space-in-benson/article_ef225a86-fa11-11e6-8334-2bf86e079119.html
  20. This is Why Lincoln Can't Have Nice Things

    Solid list. And Jacobo's salsa is insanely good.
  21. Padding the Stats: Finding an Identity

    He said he writes about what he sees. Other than the Allen commit, what has there been rah-rah to write about lately? I feel like Jacob has been fair when critiquing Nebrasketball.
  22. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Every year I hope for that Michigan State - Nova match up and it never happens. In terms of our team...ya I'll take St Johns or DePaul before Georgetown please.
  23. Offseason Potpourri

    Jacob always has some good takes on both Nebraska and Creighton he's a solid source for anything basketball
  24. 2020

    Haha ya idk how Omaha and Chicago can both be given an F. North Omaha is statistically the highest when it comes to crime rate, but even driving thru that area most of the day is still perfectly fine.
  25. Jacobson Gone?

    Considering MJ and Morrow are leaving for teams that more than likely can't promise them as much playing time as they were getting here, this makes a lot of sense.