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  1. OmahaHusker


    I'm aware I'm in the minority on this opinion and always have been...but I've honestly never cared if you like the football team but not the basketball team because who am I to say who you can or can't root for? I don't agree with it, but I don't care if you do it. Maybe it's because I'm around a lot of fans here in Omaha that do just that. Grew up going to Husker football games, but Creighton bball games instead of Husker bball games. A lot of grade schools (especially parochial schools) here in Omaha give out free Creighton tickets to students and it makes them grow up liking Creighton bball. Are they just supposed to flip the switch and hate them if they also like the football team, or end up attending UNL? Again...I don't agree with it...but I can understand why it happens.
  2. OmahaHusker


    It's easily Creighton. The hate is real between each fan base, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I compare our rivalry with Creighton to the Xavier Cincinnati rivalry. Both are also in different conferences, but if you asked each fan base who they their rival is they would say each other.
  3. OmahaHusker

    2018 College World Series

    LSU and Mississippi State are the only SEC teams I root for to make it to Omaha just because of their great fan bases who come to party at the tailgates. Give me MSU with at least one of Tennessee Tech or Stetson to mix it up a little this year.
  4. OmahaHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    Based on the game last night, the Warriors know how to guard Korver too so I agree that he isn't going to be as serviceable this series either. Especially since he can't guard Klay at all. Hopefully he gets his shot going for the rest of this series. I just can't stand watching JR do his signature 4 crossover dribbles then fade away shot much more.
  5. OmahaHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    Also I have to give Lue a little bit of criticism. Why....is....JR....playing...so....many....minutes? Offense is atrocious and giving nothing on D = bench. Put Green or Korver in more.
  6. OmahaHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    What was crazy to me was how different it looked between real time and slow motion. Real time you think it's a charge all day, but slow mo you can see Lebron is kind of dipping his shoulder a little and isn't quite set, but the fact that even slow motion was kind of subjective I don't think you can just overturn that call. Officiating has been awful the entire playoffs unfortunately.
  7. OmahaHusker

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Any insight on these circumstances? Seems pretty hush hush on all fronts.
  8. OmahaHusker

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    I could be completely wrong, but something still feels off to me about this whole Gates situation. I just find it hard to believe he realized he didn't like Florida after a couple weeks of courting recruits for them and quits his job. Again, I am probably wrong, but just very odd to me.
  9. No way an AD comes out and publicly says he's keeping a coach....and then fires him. If Moos was indeed looking around he's been denied and is done gauging interest until next year or years after
  10. OmahaHusker

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Haha it was a pretty broken jumper. We're allowed to say that now.
  11. OmahaHusker

    Ty Lue - Rested?

    When Lebron goes to the Sixers next year his life will be much easier
  12. OmahaHusker

    Kenya Hunter

    Under your assumption that we're going to throw big money at a proven winner, I'm interested to hear what your ideal coaches would be if Altman is out.
  13. OmahaHusker

    Kenya Hunter

    We don't even know how true this is but man this just sucks. It may come down to Kenya wanting to make his way back to the east coast, considering he's from the DC area. And if a proven coach like Hurley is offering you a spot on his staff at a school whose name carries well, like UConn, it's hard to pass up. But the fact that we could be a serious competitor in the B1G next year with Palmer and Copeland returning makes this worse.
  14. OmahaHusker

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    This is spot on. The reality is the only way Erstand is leaving anytime soon is if he chooses to.