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  1. Creighton announced their non-con schedule this morning. We're playing in Omaha on a Saturday, December 9th. Give me all the beers babay!
  2. That's a big boy field right there. Can't wait for CWS. Greatest two weeks in Omaha (especially when LSU makes it, and tailgating is turned up a notch)
  3. I think Crean would be a great hire for them this late in the game but it's highly unlikely. Also it doesn't seem like the majority of Ohio State fans on Twitter or their message boards are very happy about this decision haha
  4. Go Cavs. Go Lue. And you know what? I might not like the Jays, but I do like Kyle Korver so go Kyle Korver too. Cavs in 7 baby!!!
  5. Is playing in the D League considered finding a spot in the NBA?
  6. A member of the Losole family is starting his own pizza place in Benson. Can't wait for it.
  7. Solid list. And Jacobo's salsa is insanely good.
  8. He said he writes about what he sees. Other than the Allen commit, what has there been rah-rah to write about lately? I feel like Jacob has been fair when critiquing Nebrasketball.
  9. Every year I hope for that Michigan State - Nova match up and it never happens. In terms of our team...ya I'll take St Johns or DePaul before Georgetown please.
  10. Jacob always has some good takes on both Nebraska and Creighton he's a solid source for anything basketball
  11. Haha ya idk how Omaha and Chicago can both be given an F. North Omaha is statistically the highest when it comes to crime rate, but even driving thru that area most of the day is still perfectly fine.
  12. Considering MJ and Morrow are leaving for teams that more than likely can't promise them as much playing time as they were getting here, this makes a lot of sense.
  13. This alone is what got me thru yesterday
  14. Thanks for feeling for the realistic fans. Much appreciated.
  15. Are we all given another 24 hour window before crying time is over again?