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  1. No way an AD comes out and publicly says he's keeping a coach....and then fires him. If Moos was indeed looking around he's been denied and is done gauging interest until next year or years after
  2. Xavier Johnson is N

    Haha it was a pretty broken jumper. We're allowed to say that now.
  3. Ty Lue - Rested?

    When Lebron goes to the Sixers next year his life will be much easier
  4. Kenya Hunter

    Under your assumption that we're going to throw big money at a proven winner, I'm interested to hear what your ideal coaches would be if Altman is out.
  5. Kenya Hunter

    We don't even know how true this is but man this just sucks. It may come down to Kenya wanting to make his way back to the east coast, considering he's from the DC area. And if a proven coach like Hurley is offering you a spot on his staff at a school whose name carries well, like UConn, it's hard to pass up. But the fact that we could be a serious competitor in the B1G next year with Palmer and Copeland returning makes this worse.
  6. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    This is spot on. The reality is the only way Erstand is leaving anytime soon is if he chooses to.
  7. Question?

    They were actually pretty close. I remember USA Today came out with their final bracket just before the Selection Sunday show and it had Creighton as one of the First Four out. I think they were more of a 10 or 11 seed, but the logistics helped them. The fact that they couldn't play in the Midwest region and couldn't be paired against another Big East team inflated their seeding a bit.
  8. Question?

    Villanova played an average game tonight and still wiped Michigan. Fact is Michigan didn't play anyone on their way to the championship. Hell they shouldn't have even gotten past Houston.
  9. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Screw Michigan. They made it to the championship, but now I'm done with the rooting for the conference. It's post season, has no bearing on our season, and I'm personally tired of Wagner and this little run they're on. Go Cats
  10. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    On top of the fact that all they need to do is show Doug highlights and say "this is the exact role we want you to play next year". Not a very hard sell.
  11. Matt Schick prank

    The Schick and Nick show will never be topped by anyone, but I actually enjoy Bahe's show. It's Unsportsmanlike Conduct that is brutal to listen to in my opinion.
  12. Matt Schick prank

    That was hilarious. "We laughed and we laughed and we laughed..."
  13. knee jerk reaction

    You cannot be serious right? If we would've went to Omaha and won we would be in the tournament right now if everything else played out the way it did. I understand the hate for Creighton in a rivalry but putting them on the same level as UNO is laughable. Rassmussen DOES NOT hate us. It looks like we weren't really in a position to really be brought up.
  14. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    He said it to Andy Katz on one of those NCAA March Madness 5 minute interviews they've been doing on twitter. So it's not like he wasn't thinking about his answers.