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  1. JT III out at Georgetown. It's about damn time. No reason that team should not be above average at the very least every year.
  2. Just to add my two cents on the Jays...I don't think they get past Rhode Island. And even with the bias, I just don't think it's a good pairing for them. URI is a team that can get to the rim at will and plays extremely tough defense. Gonna be really hard for Creighton if the 3's aren't falling/Foster is off.
  3. But you can also look at the other side of that matchup. Daum can pull Karnowski away from the basket with his 3-ball. Idk if Karn will be able to keep up with him on the perimeter. Not saying SDSU will win but it's an interesting 1/16 game.
  4. Tai is drained. If you compare his minutes to the minutes of other typical starters in the conference if might be roughly the same...but when you rely on him to do literally everything it's too much.
  5. This is a really good listen. The interview with Basnett was great. Down but not out boys!
  6. Treshawn Thurman is a similar player to Derek Pardon at Northwestern and Pardon has owned Morrow every time he's played us so I wouldn't say Morrow is much better either. Just my opinion.
  7. Much better? At best it's a push. McVeigh is an AWFUL defender so I can't really be convinced Haun is worse.
  8. UNO

    The Mavs are doin work right now against IUPUI. Up 23 with 5 minutes left. They'll take on SDSU tomorrow night in the championship. Some on this board might disagree, but I'll be rooting for them if they make the tourney.
  9. I see your attendance numbers and raise you a national title contender/perennial Top 10 power that he has built in Eugene. I mean I get what you're saying, maybe by some miracle he'd want to come home, but for how pretty he's sitting at Oregon and for the contract he just signed literally 4 months ago you really think family draw would make him want to leave all of that to come coach this team? You only move up from the position he's currently in. If Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, NC etc had one of their head coaches step down for some reason he'd be legitimate candidate. Yet he's going to come coach here? No way. Me personally? Get Gottfried. Would be perfect for a program like ours with lower expectations. A great recruiter and a proven entity in getting a Power 6 team consistently into the tourney.
  10. This is Eichorst. There is no checkbook. He's paying with what he has in his wallet.
  11. It doesn't matter. Have you happened to hear Nick Bahe on his radio show talk about Altman's despise for Nebraska when he coached him at Creighton? Altman had a damn vendetta against us in prep for that game every year. Took it extremely personally. The bridge is indeed burned. I said before... It's not happening.
  12. It has to be a damn one hour prep for coaches to figure out how to scheme for us defensively. Put your best defender on Tai. Don't let Glynn go right (because he cant drive/pull up to his left). Let literally anyone take 3's. Play behind the bigs and let Jordy, Ed, or MJ either convert, miss, or turn the ball over by bringing it down, dribbling too much, etc. And...that's pretty much it. Holy hell we need a shooter. You suck AW3
  13. A rock solid defense and a set in stone tourney appearance every 2 years. It's time for Coach Rushmore to leave the Black Hills