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  1. The Happy Place Thread

    We're fine. I'm not a Packers fan but........ R-E-L-A-X (if you're not relaxed) If someone would have told me, "Skers will make the tournament, potentially Dayton, which is still the tournament and I would 100% embrace, if they win 2 home games and have to beat Michigan on a neutral court to make the dance, would you take it?" Is a frog's a$$ water tight?!?!?!? DUH!!!!! Some may say, but we're not guaranteed in if we do that, and I agree, but....... I think "Bruce and Boyz" would get a 13-5, 23 win B1G team in. **More positivity alert**....... We have a Tier 1 win
  2. When "Bruce and the Boys" take a closer look at the bubble teams, they need to look at the 1st Minnesota game. Before the visit to PBA, Minny was 8-1 with wins over (at) Providence and Alabama. The only loss was to Miami. I get other teams probably have games that looked really good, or not so bad (St. John's) at the time, but when they really dissect each team, I think that will show up, even though it doesn't show on our tiers. We've just had some bad luck when it comes to those things: Minnesota falling apart, not getting any of the Top 3 B1G teams @ PBA. Just the way it goes. Hopefully we can overcome those things. I think we can and will. Would you take the rest of our schedule or want to switch out Penn st. and Maryland with 2 of the top 3 (Ohio st., Purdue, and/or Michigan St.)???
  3. Receiving Votes

    Others receiving votes: Creighton 45, Arizona State 42, Seton Hall 25, Middle Tennessee 15, NC State 13, Florida State 11, New Mexico State 10, Washington 10, Boise State 9, Florida 8, Butler 6, Louisiana 5, Houston 5, USC 3, Alabama 3, Louisville 2, Kansas State 2, Texas 2, Loyola-Chicago 1 None in Coaches
  4. Receiving Votes

    34th in AP New Mexico State 66, Florida 48, Creighton 44, Butler 43, Virginia Tech 29, Middle Tennessee 26, Alabama 22, Houston 16, Nebraska 15, Missouri 14, Miami 10, Kentucky 8, TCU 8, East Tennessee State 5, Oklahoma State 4, St. Bonaventure 3, Louisville 2, Florida State 1, Vermont 1 Waiting on coaches poll.......
  5. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    49. Nebraska Cornhuskers Don't be surprised when Nebraska is right there in line for an NCAA tournament bid. The Huskers are good. James Palmer and Isaac Copeland have made a big difference this season. The question will be this: Has Nebraska beaten enough quality teams, or did it just not lose to a bunch of average teams? If Nebraska can get to 12 Big Ten wins, it will all come down to the Big Ten Tournament in New York. Jay Bilas thinks Nebrasketball is a top 50 team.
  6. I've Seen That Game Before

    Great Post. I don't think Miles or the players, get enough credit for their demeanor. I know it's easier when things are going well, but how embarrassing (or great) was it to see the Minnesota players/coach act last night when adversity hit? I know Miles has had his moments were he gets a little chippy, but, as of late, the mindset between the ears of the staff and players is in a great great spot. One of my favorite quotes is, "Living in their heads rent free". I think our athleticism, defense, and great team basketball (people need to stop knocking Glynn BTW. He's running the show) , but, most importantly our mindset, confidence and demeanor has been spot on. We're starting to "live rent free" in a lot of the B1G's heads. Oh, did I mention our athleticism?
  7. Receiving Votes

    Let's take care of business on Saturday and Hambleton might put us to 15th!!! All we need Over
  8. Receiving Votes

    We do now.
  9. Receiving Votes

    I think we've had several let down scenarios the last month. Hopefully this will end like those....... with a dub.
  10. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Obviously, we have a chance to build that Q2 Tuesday @ Minny and vs. Maryland. During this bubble talk, it shows how important your conference schedule draws increase/decrease your chances at making the tournament. If you have a mediocre team, your best chance is to get an easier conference schedule and beat up on the lower half (which we have), but WE DON'T HAVE A MEDIOCRE TEAM, so, I think we got the short end of the placements. I think we would have benefited by playing a hard schedule in conference, especially getting the top 3 @ PBA. Maryland's line is interesting. Maryland - Q1 1-8 / Q2 0-1 / Q3 7-0 / Q4 6-0 Like Nebraska, most of the "Big Boys" (big boys excluding NU) in the B1G, they had/have on the road. Mich st., Mich, Purdue, and Ohio St., (4 road, 3 home) Nebraska (3 road, 1 home) Maryland lost their first 2 of 3 at home against the "Big Boys" and thankfully we DOMINATED ours (Michigan). It would have been nice to have drawn at least one more, if not two more games, like Maryland drew, at PBA. I would have liked our chances, thus making our resume look like Marylands....... except with some wins in the Q1 and Q2. Thankfully, we get the Turtles at PBA.
  11. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    This is the extreme..... but Beating Duke @ Cameron Indoor vs. Beating Temple in (insert random city) = Tier 1 Wide enough for some teams to get lucky and make their tiers look much stronger vs. another team who could just be on the other side of the #.
  12. A Zero Sum Game

    It was "Greg from Myrtle Beach". He's very blunt to put it lightly. I usually agree with him when it comes to things Husker football (pre-Frost), but, since Nebraska football is looking bright, he turned his (negative) attention to Nebrasketball. He claims to be a realist, but his comments this morning were irrational towards HCTM and Nebrasketball. A caller right after him stood up for Miles and the program, made some nice, more accurate descriptions of the program. Greg did start the call out something like this..... Jake or Sip- "Oh man! It's Greg in Myrtle Beach! How's it going Greg?" Greg- "The bikini and convertible tops are down in Florida my men!"
  13. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    The breakdown will be as follows:Quadrant 1: Home 1-30; Neutral 1-50; Away 1-75 Quadrant 2: Home 31-75; Neutral 51-100; Away 76-135Quadrant 3: Home 76-160; Neutral 101-200; Away 136-240Quadrant 4: Home 161-plus; Neutral 201-plus; Away 241-plus.
  14. How did we lose

    Every team on the bubble is going to have some weaknesses in their resume, wether its SOS, RPI, Bad Losses, or like Nebraska, Quadrant 1 victories and road wins. (Which will hopefully change). One thing we have over most current bubbles (I'm assuming) is our lack of bad losses and Q's 2-4 is very solid. So, like you said, going to be "hard to determine what all it will take". I'm not judging, but I always think its funny (not in a bad way, just funny) when people write this stuff. I feel its the "inner coach" that comes out of people. "JUST FOCUS ONE GAME AT A TIME!! DON'T LOOK AHEAD!!!"...... Well, yeah, I hope that's what HCTM is preaching, but thinking about the tournament is WHY I'M ON HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!
  15. Road to 20

    Quadrant update: The breakdown will be as follows:Quadrant 1: Home 1-30; Neutral 1-50; Away 1-75 Quadrant 2: Home 31-75; Neutral 51-100; Away 76-135Quadrant 3: Home 76-160; Neutral 101-200; Away 136-240Quadrant 4: Home 161-plus; Neutral 201-plus; Away 241-plus. Current: Q1: L's @ St. J's, @ Mich St., @ PukeBirds, vs. KU, @ Purdue (0-5) Q2: W's vs. BC, vs. Minn, @ NW, vs. Wisky, vs. Mich, L UCF*, L @ PSU, (5-2) STILL SOLID! Q3: W LB St.*, vs. Illinois (2-0) Q4: Rest (7-0) Q1: (0-5) Q2: (5-2) Q3: (2-0) Q4: (7-0) Good News: We beat (destroyed) Michigan. Bad News: It was a Quadrant 2 win, not a Q1. But....... Look at our Q2-Q4 record!!! 14-2, and the 2 losses were in Quadrant 2!!!! That is solid!!!! We only have 2 shots at Q1's left (not counting B1G tourney) Remaining: Q1 remaining: @ OSU, @ Minn, (2) Q2 remaining: @ Wis, vs. Mary, (2) Q3 remaining: @ Rutgers, vs. Iowa, @ Ill, vs. Indiana, vs. Penn St. (5) Q4 remaining: vs. Rutgers (1)