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  1. Next Years Starting 5

    Who's more famous in this picture??? If you said Tracy McGrady............... well............. yeah................I guess you'd be right. But SP is a close 2nd.
  2. Next Years Starting 5

    Guards (pick 3): Allen Akenten Gill Palmer Taylor Watson Wings (pick 3): Akenten Copeland McVeigh Palmer Roby Taylor Bigs (pick 3): Borchardt Copeland McVeigh Roby Tshimanga Okeke The hardest part for me was the Jack, Palmer, and Gill spot. I think Taylor's minutes are his to lose next year. I thought he was one of those guys that just helped the offense flow and was solid defensively. He doesn't need to go for 12 points a game to be a key player. We're going to need guys to know their role and I think he does, and he played that role well last year. Problem was, the other guys might have known their role but couldn't full fill them consistently. (At times they might not have know their role though) I think Tia did as a go to scorer/attacker and Jordy started to at center, but the other guys were pretty inconsistent. I see us having an offense looking more like it did in 2007-08 season, 1-in 4-out look, or, like 95% of high schools called it in the late 90's..... "Husker". We obviously had a more dominate big guy "down-under" that year, but I feel we have a MUCH better attack overall then we did that year. (I did love me some Ade though) I think that will work great if Jordy continues to develop, but might not work as well if Okeke can't do anything offensively. Might also cause some match-up problems for our opponent if Copeland works on the block and pops out to 15 feet and works some one-on-one. Against a zone, I think Copeland could be a zone killer at that 10-12 foot range. But...... If Gill or Plamer is stroking...... put in the hot hand.
  3. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Ohio State....... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/following-decommitment-four-star-recruit-215016332.html
  4. Skers: 72 Goph's: 68
  5. I think I've missed 6 in a row...... Let's make it 7. Skers: 71 Izzzzy: 79
  6. Skers- 66 Train-75 GBR
  7. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Here are the number of NCAA appearances since 2000. I would have been pleased if we would have had the outcomes of Michigan (about 1 appearance every 3 years (2.8) with a finals appearance. Not bad. If you won't be happy until the Maryland-Ohio.st range (making Dance more times than not), then you're more strict then me. More power to ya. I hope we can get there. Michigan St.:17 Wisconsin: 17 Ohio St: 12 Indiana: 11 Illinois: 11 Purdue: 10 Maryland: 10 Michigan: 6 Iowa: 6 Minnesota: 4 Penn St.: 2 Nebraska: 1 Northwestern: 0 Rutgers: 0
  8. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Maybe. But...... Do you know how many winning conference seasons we've had this century? 1!!!! 1 winning conference season!!! Of course that was 2013-14. So..... Maybe I'm selling my soul here, but if we were competitive and played hard in our non-dancing years, I would take 3 Dances every 10 years. Maybe even every 12. Call me crazy. It's a hell of an improvement over the beginning of this century. That 2013-14 run was so exciting, I could wait 4 years for another run like that. Speaking of that...... What year is it? Just make one of those 3 dances a minimum sweet 16 please.
  9. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Assuming, yes. I just don't want that to even be a possibility. Odds are they probably would stay. I have no clue? I just know the thought would have to at least pop in their heads if they lose their entire coaching staff. Maybe it would be a quick, "No, I'm staying no matter what!", or maybe it would be, "Well, if I did have to sit out a year, who would be interested and what position could I put myself in?"
  10. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Where's my Soapbox?? Oh, there it is. If SE fires TM after this year, I would be devastated. I don't understand why people can't see the potential this team/program has going forward and what could potentially happen to our roster if TM was axed. Are we lined-up to make a Final Four run next year...... NO!!!! Am I ok with that........ YES!!! But I do think we can make the tournament the next couple years. I think 99% of you on here are smart, passionate, nebrasketball fans (I feel I'm both, maybe more of the latter) and you know the history of the program, or lack there of. We're not KU, UK, Duke, etc., we're not going to make the dance every year. We need to take the next step first. I think we're very close to that next step. I think our program should strive to make the tournament every year, but as fans, we should be more than thrilled to make it once every 3-4 years. If we make it more.... GREAT!!! If you're not happy about that then you've been flaming pissed the last 20 years. We have YOUNG TALENT here. We know this. If you look at what Barry and Doc left, Miles' talent is much much stronger. Sure Doc had Shavon, but he didn't have 4*'s and a 5* coming out of his southern ears like TM does. Rivers, Shavon, Ray, Ubel, Diaz-he might have stayed??) vs. Morrow, Watson, Roby, Jacobson, Gill, Copeland, Horne, Palmer, ET, Jordy, Jack. Miles wins in a landslide. I understand we're below .500 (if we played any of our prior schedules the last 20 years we'd still be thinking 18/19 wins is probably a possibility) but Miles got us to the tournament. I have more confidence in him then ANYONE else to get us back there. Yes..... ANYONE. More then Chris Collins??? YES!!! More than Coach K??? YES!!!!....... Why...... CUZ THEY'RE NOT COMING HERE!!!! We currently have a coach (ing staff) that has got us to the tournament and has filled the roster with 3 and 4 stars. Does that mean since we have a bunch of potential talent that a coach is safe, no, but, I just think fans need to stay behind this team and not put crazy ideas in SE's head. If you don't have this vision, I'd love to hear why you think we would want to break this team up. A team that seems to really play hard, respects and likes each other and the coaching staff. A team that has shown glimpses of being really good at times. If some of you want Miles gone. Be careful what you wish for. How many schools would be lined up to make Morrow/Watson a package deal. A better questions would be how many schools wouldn't be lined-up to take them.