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  1. ConkTrifecta3

    This team...

    Should have won at least 1 game in tournament. Really enjoyed this...
  2. ConkTrifecta3

    Who is Tim Miles

    We all know the jokster around the media, quick to pull a pun out of his sleeve- but what is he like in practice, behind closed doors, etc. I feel like you kind of knew what you had in Danny, Barry and Doc. Dont feel that way with Tim. Anyone know?
  3. ConkTrifecta3

    Next Years Starting 5

    Lol. Yep.
  4. ConkTrifecta3

    Next Years Starting 5

    i thought Allen is playing the 1. I dont see how these five wont be the starters by mid year: Allen, Glynn, Roby, Copeland and Jordy
  5. ConkTrifecta3

    The Defense

    What a great day for Husker hoops. We have our shotmaker. We have a lot of pieces in my opinion for next year. However how do we fix the defense? Do we soften a bit in the lane to make sure there arent open looks from 3? Zone? This is one of, if not the most important fix for next year.
  6. ConkTrifecta3

    Thomas Allen is N

    His jump shot is so smooth
  7. ConkTrifecta3

    Thomas Allen is N

    What an enormous get
  8. ConkTrifecta3

    Crying time is over

    Ok. Im just trying to determine if its real smoke or just because Ed left and its hopeful.
  9. ConkTrifecta3

    Crying time is over

    Do you have anything of substance that Shawn is even halfway thinking about making a change?
  10. ConkTrifecta3

    My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    Something has got to be going on behind the scenes. I mean if his players don't like him he needs to start getting players that do; the roster shuffle is killing us. There has got to be an explanation for this beyond, "I need a fresh start".
  11. ConkTrifecta3


    What needs to happen different schematically next year? 1. The perimeter defense. This is a must. We need to do something different against teams that shoot the 3 well. 2. Less ball screens more ball movement. Would love to see us move the ball much more. Inside-outside-reverse-reverse again, get the the rock moving. 3. Manufacturer more set plays. Play to strengths of shooters. Put players in position to be effective.
  12. My examples i provided lead me to believe that odds are this group wont stay together...thats part of my point. You can ride the improvement of Tai all you want, and i wont disagree with you there- but who else?
  13. Tai- great improvement However- Pitchford? Hawkins? Biggs? Vucetic? White? Fuller? Hammond? We have missed, or failed to see through or improve on quite a bit of players as well...
  14. Loser aura? The guy has had 2 losing seasons in 22 seasons. As far as Miles goes, what leads you to believe next year will be that much different than this?