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  1. What needs to happen different schematically next year? 1. The perimeter defense. This is a must. We need to do something different against teams that shoot the 3 well. 2. Less ball screens more ball movement. Would love to see us move the ball much more. Inside-outside-reverse-reverse again, get the the rock moving. 3. Manufacturer more set plays. Play to strengths of shooters. Put players in position to be effective.
  2. My examples i provided lead me to believe that odds are this group wont stay together...thats part of my point. You can ride the improvement of Tai all you want, and i wont disagree with you there- but who else?
  3. Tai- great improvement However- Pitchford? Hawkins? Biggs? Vucetic? White? Fuller? Hammond? We have missed, or failed to see through or improve on quite a bit of players as well...
  4. Loser aura? The guy has had 2 losing seasons in 22 seasons. As far as Miles goes, what leads you to believe next year will be that much different than this?
  5. I keep coming back to Mark Gottfried. Hes done it. At a lot of different places.
  6. Mark Gottfried would be good. Very consistent overall at all of his stops. Only 2 losing seasons in 20 some odd seasons.
  7. Our record the last 3 seasons from February on...disturbing trend.
  8. Serious question: what has been our offensive philosophy for the past 17 years?
  9. Mass transfers even if he stays you think?
  10. I don't understand the logic of getting rid of Miles after this much potential. Is there something going on beyond the court? What are we going to have to do to secure a 6th year from him? Nit? NCAA?
  11. I havent read the board in awhile, Am i missing something here? Is there ACTUAL talk of Eichorst canning Miles....? I really hope not.
  12. Oh i guess that could be. Not sure. The number should be retired.
  13. So with the retiring of T Lue's number 10 jersey on Thursday I wonder what Jack McVeigh will wear?