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  1. Got mine yesterday.
  2. Maybe he will be our next Kieth Neubert. (Would not suck)
  3. Wow!! Kid is going to be a stud.
  4. Listening to whb 810 out of KC today, they said their top guy to call would be Timmy Miles. They said he wouldn't take the job but would be number one on the wish list.
  5. You need to click on tickets, and then sign in with your email and password.
  6. Still waiting Pimp. Explanation?
  7. I challenge you to make your next quote or paraphrase of what a Creighton fan posts on some other board to be one you find to be a well thought out and rational point that would benefit this site. I hope I'm waiting forever. Upon re-reading this, not sure I'm clear on your point. Am I being chastised here for mentioning what a Creighton person had to say about the video? I'm saying there is a heck of a lot better use for your and everyone else's time then letting us know what the most biased Creighton fans have to say on anything. Oh I get it. That is why my thread about Jimmy Motz tweeting that Terran Petteway is a thug got deleted.
  8. 1 XL 1 L
  9. Just got mine today!!
  10. I wish Andre would of knocked that cocky smirk off his face today. Man I really can't stand that kid. Anybody else fill that way or is it just me?
  11. Totally disagree. I love the way Miles tells it like it is and not all coach speak.
  12. Made it.