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  1. I had heard both but I cant imagine she was too unhappy at USD this year. She was playing a lot of minutes and they were winning. I do know that the source that gave me this information had said that her parents had mentioned transferring after the 2016 season.
  2. I had heard, probably back in December, that Jaycee Bradley was wanting to transfer to Nebraska. I think this is highly unlikely with the season they had at USD.
  3. I Wonder if the rumor I heard a few months ago about Jaycee Bradley transferring has any truth to it
  4. Somebody please explain to me why Cincore plays so many minutes. From what I can see she seems really selfish on offense, takes bad shots all the time, she gets burnt on defense just like everybody else, she has the worst shooting percentage on the entire team and her decision making is pretty poor. If she was a freshman I might understand a little better. Anytime a buddy goes to the game with me, I don't even have to say anything, they have a negative comment about her. She has started every game this season and I don't think she is deserving of it. Why would you not throw Wood or Jensen in there to start a game here and there? I get it that Wood is small but she is unselfish and makes pretty good decisions most of the time. Plus we all know she can shoot the ball. This has had me baffled all year. Cincore is a junior and she plays like a rookie. Like I posted in a previous discussion, it just seems like we are trying to keep everybody happy and not making any tough decisions or holding players accountable.
  5. Fastbreaker-I will tell you that about four weeks ago my twelve year old daughter, whom is a huge Rylie fan, told me that the Huskers twitter always spells her name wrong. These posts today made me think about that and so I decided to look it up. She's right. They misspell it every time.
  6. Well you might want to look it up again. LOL!
  7. Man, if that's the truth that is kind of disappointing. I guess the coaches are making their money- what do they care?
  8. If we are going to talk about Rylie and scholarships then I guess I will put in my two cents. Not only have we used her a lot this year, we have NEEDED to use her a lot this year. Therefore, I think it's terrible that she is not on scholarship. I didn't know, until right after the Penn State game, that she was still not on scholarship. This kind of made me a little disappointed in the coaching staff. Especially because they have two just sitting there going to waste. Just like the football team does, the coaches could have put her on scholarship this year and told her that it's not guaranteed for next year.
  10. What about throwing Wood in there and starting off in a zone? Or do you think she's just too small? It doesn't have to be permanent. I'm just thinking we need to light some fire under some of these kids. We may not see a huge difference this year but maybe it will help their mentality for next year.
  11. Trying to give everyone a chance or trying to keep everyone happy? Our starting line up has changed once this year and it was because of an injury. I watch a lot of the Iowa games and I know their starting line up has changed, AT THE LEAST, four times this year. (Sorry to the Iowa haters for referencing Iowa). As much as we are struggling do we need to try some different mixes? This last game there was no flow or emotion out there.
  12. Your'e exactly right! Thats why we need to do a better job of moving the ball quick and not dribbling so much.
  13. We won't win many games with Jess only shooting the ball 8 times. Plus 3-4 of those shots had to be forced because the shot clock was expiring. WE NEED TO RUN PLAYS TO GET HER OPEN OR ONE ON ONE!!
  14. Our guards are really having a hard time seeing the floor right now. Too many times we are trying to drive to the basket when there's a lot of traffic in the lane. We just need to get Allie the right shots. She is really good at 10-12ft.