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    Anyone watch the press conference at the end of the game. Geno was a very gracious loser. No excuses. Said his team had played beyond their maturity level all season and it finally caught up with them. He gave MSU credit for outplaying UCONN.
  2. Husker Harry


    By the way Geno used two subs, Butler and Dangerfield, neither of who did anything. Three things won it for Mississippi State. Their defense was stifling, rarely giving UCONN room or time to shoot, Their rebounding was off the charts and UCONN missed more free throws than they have done in any game I have seen them play. MSU had UCONN scouted so well that they had someone in the passing lane almost everytime UCONN attempted to reverse the ball. MSU made UCONN look like an ordinary team.
  3. I, for one, am a big fan of UCONN women'a basketball. They play the game at a high level and the way it is meant to be played. To me they play the most entertaining form of basketball to be seen on TV. I am not a fan of basketball played above the rim. I am far too short to play that way. If I was a foot taller I might feel differently. I also stopped watching NBA ball a long time ago when it became a big man's one-on-one game.
  4. Husker Harry

    Shepard Transferring

    My two cents worth on Jess' decision to transfer. I have mixed feelings about her decision. As skilled as she is, I never fell in love with her game. She could have done so much better if she would not have tried to force the issue on many occasions. She was the worst post player defensively that I can remember. Her bonehead decisions to force the ball, Make silly passes and/or her mental lapses when she did not hustle or catch the ball when open for shots underneath basket plus the number of blown shots drove me crazy. My expectations of her were considerably higher. I expected her to work on her jump shot from the key area and 15-20 feet out to the point that she would hit it consistently. She had much more work to do inside than to try to become a 3-point threat, in my opinion. She should have left the three point shooting to the guards while stationing herself under the basket for rebounding. Hopefully, we can turn the corner and install a game that makes use of the talent that remains behind and play with a lot more hustle, focus and enthusiasm than we did with Jess as our so--called leader.
  5. My wife and I attended the banquet. There were NO awkward moments as Jesse decision to leave was not announced and maybe not yet made.. The people who attended were treated to a good evening. I would estimate the crowd at 150 people. Had a chance to meet and visit with coach Williams and was very impressed with her personality and enthusiasm. She did an excellent job with her presentation and introduction of the players. Awards were given to Jess (Offensive player of the year, Nicea (defensive player of the year), Hannah (most improved), Allie (Kathy Branchard award, Jazz (Lifter award and most improvement in rebounding) and Woody (Teammate award). Several players were recognized for scholarship awards. Got to meet and talk with several of the players. Overall, it was a great time.
  6. Husker Harry

    Bria Stallworth is all "N"

    Great news if true!! I assume you mean signed and sealed with the Huskers.
  7. Husker Harry

    NAT NAT to transfer -> Washington

    I observed what I considered to be a very strong attraction between Natalie and her dad when he was at the games. I talked to him several times as he attended many home games last season. Natalie usually ran across the court to greet him when she saw him enter the court during game warm ups. It is obvious that she missed her family and wanted to be closer to them. join everyone else in wishing her best of success in he new school.‚Äč
  8. Husker Harry

    A thank you to HHC on behalf of Nat

    Natalie is the heart and soul of Nebraska women's basketball. If she transfers, which appears likely, she will be missed not only for her talent, but even more for her leadership. She is a player that never gives up. We have been blessed to have her at Nebraska. Thanks to Natalie (and her family) for the past two years. We would definitely like to see her finish her college playing days here.
  9. Husker Harry

    Yori Resigns

    I have been an avid supporter of Husker Women's basketball for many years. During Connie Yori's tenure my wife and I have become season ticket holders and have attended most events available to fans during the past several years. We have come to know Connie and a number of her staff personally during this time. We think of her as a caring friend of very high character. Witness the fact that when our family suffered set backs, Connie was there for us. I had heart bypass surgery six years ago and not only did she send a get well card signed by the entire staff but she sent two staff members to visit me in the hospital in Omaha. This occurred during the month of March at an extremely busy time for coaches. A few years later when our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia which required stem cell transplant, Connie became aware of it and expressed her interest and concern on numerous occasions, seeking us out to check on progress. These actions suggest to me someone of HIGHEST CHARACTER who cares deeply about people, regardless of their status. These are Facts (not rumors or innuendos). I am appalled by people (especially sportswriters) who choose to be judge jury and executioner before all facts are known and all sides of the story have been heard. I ask fans to keep an OPEN MIND on this matter and not rush to judgement and crucify a person who has meant as much to our state as Connie has.