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  1. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    This game was much closer than the score will indicate in the end. Penn State had a realistic chance with 3 minutes to go. I do think ET will need to shut down Carr, but needing to shut down one top player isn't what worries me about them. Their pressure at the end was giving TAMU all sorts of problems, and lately that's what Nebraska has seemed to struggle with.
  2. Especially because a lot of the assists were easy buckets. And the others were 3s where the pass hit them in the chest coming from inside, setting up easy rhythm threes.
  3. Fighting Hawks We are playing North Dakota not NDSU
  4. Scouting St John's

    That's a pretty good move by him. But I don't think he will be able to do that against us tomorrow. The ball would be swatted to the third row.
  5. And I think they started it a little too early tonight.
  6. Nebraska 85 North Texas 65

    Don't say that.... you're counting on millennials to start it (i know I'm late, it already happened)
  8. Roby is/will be the real deal. I won't comment on the rest of the game. But Roby will be that good
  9. 86-62 Huskers 10 Non conference wins 20 regular season wins
  10. Trueblood did play. Costello was not suited up though.
  11. Closed Scrimmage

    -James Palmer scored 23 points and only one made 3 pointer. If he can keep scoring without having to rely on a 3 pointer that will be huge. Everyone has games where they don't shoot well. -Jordy with 14 min, Duby and tanner with 7 each. This means we played 12 minutes without a true 5 on the court. -IIRC Iowa State is like #34 preseason KenPom; they probably will be a decent team this year, despite any preseason rankings. -Thor played before Nana, not sure if it was at the end of the game or not. Also I believe playing in an exhibition does not rule out a player from Redshirting. But I'm not saying he will. -It looks like we have 2 guys who can consistently score this year, with a number of other guys who have an opportunity to step in and produce in games every once in awhile, today that was Jack. This looks like a team that should be able to find enough guys to put the ball in the hoop. -Overall I'm happy with another win, the regular season can't come soon enough
  12. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Just wanted to give people a heads up that there are still some tickets for $18.50 available on ticket master for the Creighton game. It's a Saturday afternoon at 1:30 so there really is no reason not to make the short trip up to Omaha. The more red the better! https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/0600533DF8A482C1?