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  1. Does anyone know how letting a guest use your ticket works? If I give my ticket to a friend when I am out of town is there a way to print a paper ticket for that game or anything? Or do you have to give them your card?
  2. I would bet that the first 5 games the starting lineup is: Watson Taylor McVeigh Roby Jordy Likely to change over time, but if I had to bet on the beginning of the year right now this would be my guess
  3. Just drove through Dixon Illinois, home of the great Roby family
  4. Based on everything I've read in the thread recently everyone has Copeland in the starting lineup. Do we know about his status next year for first semester or are people just assuming/hoping? Also same with palmer, however I'm not as concerned about his grade issues because that is his to control and not the NCAA.
  5. The world isn't going to explode after all
  6. Play jordy and ed at the same time, what do you have to lose
  7. I'll just leave this here. Teams have won 5 games in a row before.
  8. Can't really argue with that, I was just looking for anything positive from that game.
  9. Nebraska 69 Penn State 64 5 wins
  10. Nebraska 96 Illinois 47 Jason shultis with 6 points
  11. I'm not excited for the next few days...
  12. I'm with you there, but this is the most frustrating game ever
  13. Not the other one?
  14. I've seen crazier