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  1. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I think at least some of us wanted to believe it could be a good hire vs. believing we had failed again in the hiring dept. In my mind I started to look for/find good reasons the hire would work as well.
  2. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I'd take that however it works out!
  3. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    That occurred to me as I was typing. A general point to anyone reading, no rational person thinks we could go 60-3 every five years. It took Osborne and Co. a long time to get to that level. Patience indeed is key, but I don't want Husker Nation to get discouraged and stop having lofty ambitions for the program.
  4. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I appreciate your point. I suspect that you mean this year's run so far. We should aim for their type of consistency year in and year out. Some suggest on call in shows, message boards etc. that NU should lower their expectations. From what to what depends on what each one is thinking I guess. I know this obvious truism: if you don't aim high, you have zero or almost zero chance of getting there. I could exhaust this subject for pages, but I don't want to bore people.
  5. Defense hopefully will improve inside with having Cain even though she is a freshman and may not see the floor a lot at least at first. Rachel being back should definitely help if she can stay healthy. Not sure who else could "mix it up" in the middle Washington and maybe Maddie. I think the effort and tenacity will be there with the defense including the perimeter, quickness on the perimeter may be an issue we shall see. Morton looks to be a really good defensive player with quickness on the perimeter as Eliely showed to be. Not sure where some players will play yet others here who follow more closely may know.
  6. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    To say the least. His background and acumen do speak for themselves. But I appreciate your point.
  7. Sounds good to me. Me loves any reason to sit down and eat a big juicy burger... with plenty of toppings.
  8. VB Teams

    Rematch tomorrow night. Will be interesting how it plays out.
  9. Rachel Blackburn update?

    Thanks dlrrk. Good to hear from you. Hopefully the Chiefs win and handily on Sunday. A little hair of the dog for the playoff loss last year.
  10. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    Dittos to everything that has been said here. Indeed seems too young to pass on. Prayers and sympathies to the family and all who knew him.
  11. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Wonder how OSU AD pulled off a contract like that, that they don't owe $$.
  12. 2018 Baseball

    Saw something about a Husker baseball decommit discussed on Husker Online. Don't have a subscription so does anyone here know yet who that is?
  13. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Sadly, you are spot on with this take. And I am hopeful with the basketball team. But I've said that previous years as well.
  14. Brian Towle of Corn Nation passed away

    Really saddened to read this news! God bless, strengthen and comfort the family during this difficult time.
  15. The Ohio State

    Compelled to think this is a 1st for any WBB program. Would have to think if it was something fairly obvious we would have heard by now what that is. They started so well recruiting wise too under the new regime.