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  1. Seems to me it wouldn't hurt to talk to her, 'vet" her. The coaches then can see what they think about it.
  2. Good to get a series win on the road, and I think overall Minny is a quality opponent. They had the conf. lead before the series. Now we need to keep the intensity up and win games like Omaha. Now the schedule shifts and we play teams in the bottom half of the league. Need to win all of those series considering that.
  3. By golly jimmykc you've done it again!
  4. Perhaps we should look into it.
  5. I'm sure that Crayton's starter pitched a gem by his standards tonight. That said, our performance at the plate was pedestrian at best. Miller seems to be the only one hitting with any kind of success lately. Instead of others raising their game at the plate at this point of the season, a few more seem to be slumping. Granted, I'm looking myopically at the last four or five games, but that needs to change in order to make a run at a league title or even an upper end finish.
  6. Reasonable guess that she saw the writing on the wall- playing time would dwindle.
  7. I like the way Big Red continually fought back Sunday and then Alvarado got the outs to seal the deal. Disappointing to lose a series at home, but certainly didn't expect to win every series. So hopefully their confidence isn't shaken, but makes them more determined to keep getting better. Need to get things back on track with a win Tues.
  8. Disappointing series to say the least. Need to salvage it Sun. aft. Though we are getting some hits, we have not gotten the clutch hits as much in this series. Their pitchers were not pitching that well, we just did not take advantage when given opportunities. I fear we may fall into that batting slump like we did at the end of last season. Hope that doesn't happen.
  9. Needless to say (but I am), interesting and relevant stuff if true.
  10. It renews automatically after every week.
  11. Seems like it would be a good fit for him.
  12. Loved the Freeze Frame album. Memories of my teen years. RIP J. Geils.
  13. Technicality. The interpretation of many on this would be that he got out before the door hit him in the @$$. Don't mean to seem unkind, just making the observation.