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  1. Not knowing who their additions will be, thinking back to last year I don't know that they had enough athletes to play consistently good defense. Skill players they of course have. I refer to athleticism because as the game wears on I think you need that to help overcome tired legs and in general to make up for mistakes in positioning etc. Just an observation (my two cents which is overvalued by at least two cents).
  2. mwm89

    Isabelle Bourne 2019

    Happy Independence Day to you and everyone here!!
  3. mwm89

    2018-2019 Roster

    I'm pretty sure she was the bionic woman. But hey, we've all done that with names! (wow, a lot of emojis now)
  4. mwm89

    The Media Thread

    Way to go, Sadie!
  5. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    I look forward to seeing what they can do/contribute next season. Also, to what the so far 2019 class can do after that.
  6. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    I think it is accurate and fair to say that that simply isn't good enough. This administration and program needs to expect better.
  7. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Seemingly loyal to a fault is Erstad. We'll see how that pans out next season. Everybody needs to start doing their jobs better, esp. the two assistants. If not, the captain may- if not likely- go down with his ship.
  8. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    If nothing else, it (the W) proves they kept fighting until the end of the very last game. Hoping for changes to try to move this program forward (by Ersty).
  9. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Funny. And certain! Just as well I s'pose that the agony doesn't drag on after this series.
  10. mwm89

    Emily Wood

    Somebody fared really well when she said "yes"!
  11. mwm89

    2018-2019 Roster

    Indeed, length is a really good thing if at least some of those players are quick too (e.g. Nicea Eliely).
  12. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Excuses, excuses. I get what he's saying, but you still have to operate like you want high-end success.
  13. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Very solid win for the Huskers! Now we need at least one more in this series. GBR!
  14. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    I want that too, esp. because doing that will not be easy. It will show some resolve if nothing else.
  15. mwm89

    2018 Husker Baseball

    While not holding my breath for that, hope is still hope.