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  1. Interesting stat. Of course, that was mostly due to the first game.
  2. We need to continue to recruit and raise the level of talent. Hopefully a conf. championship and a coach voted "coach of the year" are bargaining chips we can use. Need to find a couple of power hitters who can hit it out and clean the bases every once in a while. A little more speed on the bases would be nice, too. Just wishing as I type here.
  3. Last year, Minn. won the conf. and finished 1-2 in the B1G Tourney and NU finished 2nd and went 0-2. This year, Mich. was 2nd and went 0-2 and NU was the reg. season champ and went 1-2. Interesting coincidence.
  4. "Fate" wasn't exactly our friend in this tournament. My hope going into the tourney was to win at least two games and "show our mettle" as the conf. champ a bit. Sadly, mission not accomplished.
  5. Sometimes it seems it takes him a few pitches to get "warmed up." We just didn't have that luxury this time.
  6. Typical. Instead of getting to the bottom down only two runs, we give one up and make it virtually impossible to come back, considering how we've been at the plate.
  7. Swinging at pitches sinking down. Looking at pitches waist-high or thereabouts. This crap is getting old. It's like I'm looking at the same highlight.
  8. Nicely done Chad. Need to keep them from crossing home plate and maybe a rally in the bottom of the 9th if not sooner.
  9. Let's keep chipping away and hopefully we are gaining some confidence.
  10. Fortunate break allows more than one run in an inning for a change.
  11. HEY!! Three outs, no baserunners. Woo hoo!!
  12. As many pitches as he's thrown, and he's been off some, we should be having more success at getting guys on base.
  13. It sure seems that we are a headcase lately at the plate in postseason play. I know we displayed that a few times in the Anderson era also. All these strikeouts are inexcusable.
  14. You know if we could repeat the same score against them this fall I'd be pretty ecstatic!
  15. My bad to Gary Pepin and Co. Perhaps they meant major sport, but they all matter to me.