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  1. The Ohio State

    Compelled to think this is a 1st for any WBB program. Would have to think if it was something fairly obvious we would have heard by now what that is. They started so well recruiting wise too under the new regime.
  2. Kate Cain

    Yep. If nothing else, it reminds us that coaches are working even if it appears that nothing is happening. GBR!
  3. Kate Cain

  4. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Wouldn't surprise me. As I recall, though, both wanted to go back home to Texas so it probably wouldn't have worked in our favor anyway.
  5. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Probably. However I'm sure many Husker fans did not like the way it worked out on both ends!! That can be a tough call for an AD. Do I go with longevity and loyalty to the program or go with the coach who I believe is probably better and could bring about more long term success? That being said, I wouldn't put much past Byrne in that regard.
  6. Kaylee Page

    Thanks catfan!
  7. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Sounds good. Hope you're right. At least if you keep making regionals, you will be somewhat relevant as a program, which will hopefully build upward.
  8. Jess Shepard

    Her departure is one of the bigger disappointments in Husker sports history. Someone who is considered arguably one of the best talents ever to come from this state did not finish their commitment to the Husker program- a program that needed someone of that level to take them to another level. Under the circumstances so be it, just saying it's a big disappointment.
  9. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Another typical end to a Husker baseball season. No, Erstad is not going to lose his job, he does enough to rule that out. But there are folks in the program not doing their job in some regard.
  10. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Thanks for sharing, trickey.
  11. NCAA Tournament Thread

    I'm certainly not basing this statement on just today, but we need to recruit better talent and take a different approach to playing the game. At the expense at sounding like the proverbial Husker football fan who is accused of "living in the past," Van Horn's approach when he was here got the most out of his players. Bunting, stealing bases, their approach to swinging at the plate in various circumstances and perhaps some other things I'm not aware of are aspects/traits that are barely seen out of this team. And the talent level was probably about the same, esp. in his earlier years here, with a few notable exceptions.
  12. NCAA Tournament Thread

    B1G starting to earn more respect it would appear.
  13. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Going to Corvallis suggests to me that possibly we were the last to get a 2 seed. I had the feeling when OSU popped up on the screen right away that we were going to be in that regional. Hate playing teams that we already played in the non-conf. Seems to happen every year we make the tourney. Might be able to get a couple wins a/ teams not named OSU. Dream bigger but I'm realistic.
  14. B1G Baseball Tournament Talk

    Interesting stat. Of course, that was mostly due to the first game.
  15. B1G Baseball Tournament Talk

    We need to continue to recruit and raise the level of talent. Hopefully a conf. championship and a coach voted "coach of the year" are bargaining chips we can use. Need to find a couple of power hitters who can hit it out and clean the bases every once in a while. A little more speed on the bases would be nice, too. Just wishing as I type here.