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  1. Never have been sure what to think about this topic, but like others have said I do think it makes things generally uninteresting. No drama, except to see if maybe someone plays UCONN close. I don't know (I doubt) that it will even happen in the Final Four. I'm sure that there are some that tune in just to see UCONN play, but then I think that just draws attention to them, not WBB in general so much.
  2. Great to hear that Blackburn is staying!! Good to hear from you. May God bless the Blackburn family.
  3. Yes, the staffs' recruiting acumen is really going to be demonstrated for what it is, or perhaps can become. Not that that wasn't the case before.
  4. Now dat dere is funny,
  5. As I recall. Jess spoke as if she was on board when Williams was first hired. Then, a lot can change in a year or so.
  6. God, don't say that! I guess it wouldn't surprise me now.
  7. Suddenly, they all seem so fitting......
  8. Well, this just stinks. Anybody else that's good wanna transfer? Be interesting to see where she ends up.
  9. Thankfully, the in state talent of B1G caliber players are more available for women's BB than for men's. Indeed, Yori had her share of both Class A and other class players contribute significantly during her time. And of course we have had others from Nebraska in various classes succeed in the Big 8- Big 12 eras for different coaches.
  10. Looks like that would work!
  11. Always dug this tune....and some of their others.
  12. No transfers expected. Good news indeed!
  13. Tourney bids show that Nebraska played a pretty strong schedule.
  14. Did hang around the bottom of the league, certainly on the last anyway. Always a recipe for a job loss in coaching.