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  1. Please don't take my presence here as an effort to troll - I am an aficionado of looking for key stats, especially in tight games. The stat combo here that stands out to me is that Nebraska had 20 offensive rebounds, but only 7 second chance points.
  2. Just How Good Are We, Really?

    All that means it that there's a big swing between floor and ceiling. We expect teams will play nearer to their ceiling against us. UW needed a minor miracle to beat Rutgers in OT in NYC. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  3. Just How Good Are We, Really?

    What you're seeing, despite the statistics, is a healthy respect for what Nebraska has been able to do against Wisconsin. You beat UW in the last game of the regular season in your first season at the new arena, which was also one of the years UW made the final four - we were a great team that year, and your beating us in that game was not fluky. The other game you beat us was in last year's BTT - maybe a bit more of a poor showing on our part in that one, but the vast majority of conference opponents haven't been able to pull those types of games out against us. You also beat Purdue this year who we got outclassed by - granted our game was in WL, but PU's had our number for awhile. Lastly, UW's last few games were unimpressive on the offensive side - haven't been hitting on all cylinders for awhile now. So, I'm gonna have to go ahead, and, um, disagree with ya there. There is some reason for concern.
  4. Just How Good Are We, Really?

    Yeah, my ballhog perception may be a holdover impression from the Petteway era. It's interesting you bring up assists. Over at Badger boards, there's a long-standing debate about their value (and also that assists are not the opposite of turnovers, so why is the ratio so popular?). Do you really care whether a basket is made with or without an assist? There isn't any more value for a basket made with an assist, so who cares - just make shots. The other side says they are a measure of the quality of shots that the offense generates - i.e., a high percentage of assists to FGM means you're getting open looks. Well, as you've noted, you can get open looks and not make them (and you can get assists on very contested made shots, too). IMO, it's way more important for ballhandlers to keep their turnovers low than to generate assists.
  5. Just How Good Are We, Really?

    In the past, you've had one or two guys that were really good, but the role players were, well, not. It also seems to me that you've generally had those guys be "ballhogs" - you want your best players to have the ball, but you get too dependent on them (e.g. Petteway, Shields/White). Even this year, Webster/Watson might fit that description. However, it does seem like the role player guys like Morrow/Jacobsen/McVeigh talent levels are better than in the past. Is it better than some of the other programs in the league? Hard to say - each team has got some pieces, but it's how you put those pieces together that matters, and I think guys like Crean and Groce are just awful at that. I've liked Miles from before he was with you guys, but I can't say he's done a fantastic job here. When you made the NCAAs a couple of years ago, I thought you played a nice brand of hoops, but you haven't been able to recapture that run consistently.
  6. Just How Good Are We, Really?

    They lose Showalter, too. The great thing about Happ for UW is his game doesn't translate to the pros - he has hit a grand total of one shot outside the lane in his entire college career (and I think he may have attempted only 2). I'm not exaggerating, that's the truth. That being said, going into last year, Wisconsin had to replace two first round draft picks (Kaminsky & Dekker), a third player who got a cup of coffee in the NBA (Dukan, who didn't even start for UW), a four year starter at G (Gasser), and another player who started most of his career (Trae Jackson, who was hurt most of his senior year - Koenig replaced him). The guys that they need to replace after this year are good, but they're not at the same level. Having Happ back is a huge piece to the puzzle, but even I have to question whether they'll be able to maintain the 4th place streak. There is a pretty good incoming class, but UW rarely depends on frosh.
  7. Just How Good Are We, Really?

    Hey guys, Wisconsin fan here just visiting for a few days. A few things to add as it relates to UW: Kaminsky had a Northwestern offer, I believe - his dad went there and he's from the Chicago burbs. I think the highest rated guy on Wisconsin's roster from his HS days is Brevin Pritzl, who is starting to crack the rotation, but he's a minor contributor at this point (broke his foot and sat out last year). Showalter is now on scholarship, but he started out as a walk-on - his dad (who was his HS coach) played for Bo Ryan when he was at UW-Platteville. There have been other examples of walk-ons contributing, too Happ committed rather early before other offers came OSU decided to concentrate on getting Marc Loving instead of Nigel Hayes (both Ohio guys). How'd that work out, Thad? UW makes recruiting mistakes, too, but they've had a pretty good hit rate compared to others. The system gets them pretty far, but when they get high-rated guys like Dekker, the ceiling gets pretty high.
  8. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, veteran isn't exactly what I'd call this team as you're basically as young if not younger than Nebraska and everyone returns for you next year. You can look at KenPom's experience number and that also indicates how young the team is. I would expect minutes continuity to be lower than you'd think for Wisconsin over the course of the Ryan era as his rotation was small and he almost always played upperclassmen so you'd be experienced in age but not with tons of minutes on the court if that makes sense. Yeah, probably. Good recognition by you. Though this year's version is the least experienced in a long time, I would think. Dekker leaving a year early broke the natural cycle.Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  9. Hey guys, just dropping by one last time. I wanted to respond to the comment that Wisconsin's a veteran team - Pomeroy does a continuity index that measures the percentage of minutes played by the same players from year to year. Nebraska is 12th in the league, but Wisconsin is 13th (OSU is the bottom and Indiana was the top). You have to remember that guys like Brown and Showalter were minor cogs until this year and that we lost some huge minutes guys in Kaminsky/Dekker/Gasser/TJackson/Dukan. If you're interested in a statistical based write-up of the game (this is where I got the continuity index data from), a poster named turomon does a fantastic job - see here.
  10. Game Day Essentials: Game #25 at Wisconsin

    What's the rumlings in Wisconsin...is Greg Gard going to be around long? Wisconsin being good is good for the conference so I'm hoping you all can keep the momentum going. First off, the loss to Rutgers last year was in NJ, not in Madison. Still inexplicable. As you can imagine, the Gard permanency question is foremost on every Badger fan's mind. Most fans think he's doing a better-than-good job. Fans don't make the decision, though. We went through something similar when we ended up with Bo Ryan - Dick Bennett quit 3 games into the season & his hand-picked successor, Brad Soderberg, was the interim coach that led the Badgers to the NCAAs that year. Soderberg was not retained, however, which was pretty controversial at the time - Bennett, like Ryan was a Wisconsin basketball icon having coached at UW-Stevens Point & UW-Green Bay before landing in Madison (Ryan was UW-Platteville & UW-Milwaukee). Many people thought at the time that Soderberg should have gotten the job. Needless to say, Ryan worked out pretty well, and Soderberg ended up coaching St. Louis for a while and some lower level colleges, but he's now on Tony Bennett's staff at UVA. Which brings us to Tony Bennett. Tony is Dick's son and played for him at UWGB - he had a brief NBA career, too. Tony stayed on the UW staff after his dad quit and through the first year or two of Bo Ryan's tenure. He is a Wisconsin basketball icon in his own right, and if he wants the UW job, he could probably get it. Trouble is, he's got a good gig, and the rumor is that if he leaves UVA, it will be for the pros. At this point, I think the fans want Gard or Bennett, and no one else. There is a wild card, though. Barry Alvarez is rumored to be close friends with Mike Brey at Notre Dame. He's coached at Marquette, so he knows the state. Alvarez himself is close to retiring, so this will likely be his last big hire and he's known for doing things his own way, so who knows what's going to happen. Myself, I think Gard should get it.
  11. Game Day Essentials: Game #25 at Wisconsin

    FYI - that January game last year that Wisconsin lost to Rutgers was the last time RU won a B1G game (!). Inexplicable loss for the Badgers, although Kaminsky didn't play and Traevon Jackson was injured during the game. There was a joke going around in the offseason - what do Rutgers & Duke basketball have in common? Their last win was against Wisconsin.
  12. Wisky pregame

    I don't agree with anyone that thinks that it is a bigger game for Wisconsin. If the goal is to make the NCAA tournament, I think it is more of a must win for us than it is for them. Until we cannot get an at large bid, that will always remain my goal. That being said, it is somewhat hard for me to envision us winning in Madison without Shields. Just cannot seem to get a clear picture in my mind of how that will happen. An extraordinary game by White is probably the path. And Webster is going to probably have to play great. Mcveigh is going to have to get it done more than he has of late, especially on the glass. Those three things probably all need to happen. Yeah, all I know is it's big for UW because they still have roadies at Maryland, MSU, Iowa, and PU. Can't afford home losses because making up for them is going to be difficult.
  13. Wisky pregame

    This was the biggest piece of info for me as I also haven't watched a ton of Wisky this year. Miles hit on this yesterday in his presser as well as Gard developing the bench more. In some ways our lack of a traditional post will allow us to be able to guard the Wisky big men on the perimeter. How have you guys handled zone this year? In past years, when a team played zone against UW, UW would nearly always become even more efficient offensively. This year is not like previous years, however. We just are a normal team efficiency-wise, and zones seem to force us to use even more of the shot clock than we normally do. We also don't have deadly 3-point marksmen, but they're also not completely incapable of that. It's a mixed bag, though, because I do think our offensive rebounding is better against zones - we killed Syracuse on the boards and they play exclusively zone.
  14. Wisky pregame

    Wisconsin hired the first black head coach in the Big 10 (actually 10 teams back then) of any sport in the early-mid '70s - Bill Cofield. I attended one of his summer basketball camps as a kid where he had his assistants do most of the instruction. I happened to be in the group of kids coached by none other than a young Bo Ryan. He even slept in a room at the dorm as a kind of camp counselor. Anyway, the unis are from the Cofield era. Apparently, Adidas only shipped the red jerseys, so that's why they're wearing the reds at home. Also, on a tangential note - there was a game about 10 years ago at Illinois where the Illini wore their orange unis and the Badgers wore their red road ones. It was very confusing to watch.
  15. Wisky pregame

    Maybe you meant true freshman, but Ethan Happ is a redshirt freshman who averages 12 and 8. He starts and plays 28 min/game