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  1. basketball

    2018 recruiting Big Board

    Committed to Texas yesterday
  2. basketball


    Thanks for the info... only part I'd disagree with is UCONN is deep. Yesterday against K STATE they only suited up 9 girls and only played 6 until the last 2 minutes of the game when it had been decided. But I'm guessing the 3 that came in late would probably start on most teams. As usual they are a big, athletic and fundamentally sound team. Samuelson is really really good.
  3. basketball

    2018 recruiting Big Board

    ESPN #9, Christinna Carr 2018 gave her verbal committment to Kansas State yesterday, not a surprise - her Dad is on staff.
  4. basketball

    2018 recruiting Big Board

    2018 guard Payton Brotzki attends PLATTEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL in Nebraska, not Plattsmouth.
  5. basketball

    2018 Recruits

    Can only assume Coach Williams is closely following Miss Brotzk's progress. I think someone here, has mentioned Brotzki on this site before. (I haven't seen her play) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looks like latest offer from Coach Smesko and Florida Gulf Coast https://twitter.com/NebraskaHSHoops/status/773173838435672065
  6. basketball

    2017 Recruits

    Recently released ESPN Hoop Gurlz updated rankings Taylor Kissinger, 5 star #40 ranked http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-basketball/recruiting/rankings/_/class/2017
  7. basketball

    2018 Recruits

    Yep... 3rd High school.
  8. basketball

    2018 Recruits

    She's rated in most recruiting services in the top ten. She will have her pick in schools. I think every B1G school has now offered. Seem's like she's a heavy lean to South Carolina right now. She has a good relationship with South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley and has already taken unofficial visits to South Carolina. I think she would have verballed South Carolina by now if it hadn't been for interest that she recently received from UConn. Good to see that this new staff isn't not holding back and going all out when it comes to extending offers though. You can't get them if you don't offer. Her father (former NBA player Chris Carr) took a coaching job with Kansas State WBB and they are moving to Manhattan, KS - I'd say she is going to be a KState lean
  9. basketball

    Chartice White -> Florida State

    Your answer on some of that would be found in the pages of the LJS and OWH in the wake of Connie stepping down and what one local AAU coach had to share. Don't mean to step on anyone's toes but there was very clearly a Dan Lesoing problem involved in the recruitment of those girls. Now, whether that was Dan's fault or Connie's fault is not for me to say, but there was, without a doubt, some barrier in that relationship and that clearly resulted in girls that Connie pursued choosing to go elsewhere for college. It's not that she was bad at recruiting Nebraska, but you make a tough recruiting job tougher when you've got a certain AAU coach working against you. That all speaks volumes. And I agree on most of it. There have been several very good local kids we haven't been able to recruit. I don't pretend to have the answers, or inside knowledge, but it's undeniable....we've missed on some. We'll never get them all, but a least get to the point where the locals look closely at UNL, and think hard before they go else where. Hopefully Coach Amy can turn some heads. If true about a certain AAU coach working against you...then should someone in control of the process should give it a little attention. It's really a low blow. A lot to the story of AAU Coach and Coach Yori but bottom line is it boiled down to lack of PRODUCTIVE communication. Too much "he said" "she said" and when there are ego's involved it usually doesn't turn out good - and it didn't. Water under the bridge now so moving forward let's hope Coach Williams and AAU Coach converse because they have talented players that can help the home state's program.
  10. basketball

    2018 recruit....

    Good player and great kid, starting PG for Millard West as a Frosh and Soph. Hurt knee this weekend and fearing the worst (ACL). Will be second time as tore the other one before her Frosh year.