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  1. kldm64

    NBA combine starts today

    I hope they both are back as well but not sure it will be because of your logic. Freshman only have 1 season as a starter under their belt as well and Palmer has way more experience so not sure that is a factor. How do you know if Copeland wants to start earning a paycheck overseas yet? He has graduated and most likely another year of college basketball isn't going to change his NBA stock so he had to decide if he wants to pay for grad classes and stay another year or not. Not an easy decision. I hope we get them both back but won't know for sure until a few more weeks as this might go down till the last day. If they come back, it might cause some other players to transfer. Will be an interesting couple of weeks.
  2. kldm64

    Amir Harris is N

    Wow....I re-read it and it didn't even make sense to me. I did go back and edit. I must still be drunk from the weekend.....
  3. kldm64

    Amir Harris is N

    If this is indeed our rooster next year, we should be able to do some damage. Still don't know yet is Copeland and/or Palmer will return and if some players might still transfer. Looks good now but still a long ways to go to know if this will be the players on the floor next year.
  4. kldm64

    Dachon Burke is N

    Well done by Coach Miles and company!!!!!
  5. kldm64


    All correct except the Gavitt games are not guaranteed every year as not all teams get to participate since Big East doesn't have as many teams as Big 10
  6. kldm64

    Next Assistant Coach

    Exactly......probably even less than a 0% chance.
  7. kldm64

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Already was granted his release so he is officially gone and not coming to NU.
  8. kldm64

    Nebrasketball: Our Brand

  9. kldm64

    Hank Bounds interview

    Miles had he opportunity to build off 2013/14 season by going to NCAA tournament and being named National Coach of the Year and put this program on the map. We were preseason ranked the following year and ended up going 13-18. So hard to say this season should be launching pad and AD is messing it up by not giving him a longer extension. Yes, we had a decent number of wins this year which only got a # 5 seed in NIT. I hardly think that is a launching board that will vault us into sustained success. So far, Miles hasn't shown any indication of that. I would love to see it happen but based on Miles track record here at NU, it doesn't seem likely.
  10. This would be good enough for Husker fans if it was the norm and not the exception. He should be evaluated for his 6 years here and not just based on last year. I've been a huge Miles supporter but I want someone that can capitalize on a successful season instead of following it up with another bad year. I do agree that Moos should have decided if he thinks Miles is his guy or not and acted accordingly. Extending it only 1 (or even 2) years is not a vote of confidence. Based on Miles record, I think I might have decided to go a new direction. We have finished 10th place or lower in the conference every year except two. He has an overall winning percentage of .500% and conference record of .426%. He is 0-6 against Creighton and 0-1 in NCAA tournament and 0-1 in NIT. Not exactly the kind of numbers that warrant an extension.
  11. kldm64

    Let me get this straight...

    1) won't effect recruiting as Miles is still under a 3 year contact with the possibility to extend it if can finally have back to back good seasons for a change 2) won't have any effect on attendance. I doubt people will not show up cause Miles only got a 1 year extension 3) didn't set the program back at all. If Miles is the right coach, he should be able to capitalize on our success this year. If not, then it's time to look for another coach. He has had enough time to prove it and so far, he hasn't.
  12. Would did you expect Moos to do? I would have only offered a 1 or maybe 2 year extension at most as well. Miles hasn't proved he can get us any further than he has in 6 years so why give him an longer term contract? If he has another good year next year, then he could earn a longer contract but if not, then Moos can fire him and not pay out a lot of money. Seems pretty logical to me. You look worse if you give him a 4 year extension and then fire him the next year. I think Moos did the right thing in this situation.
  13. Kenya Hunter left and we lost our top recruit for next year. And our top 3 players are all being evaluated for the draft. That is what has changed. Most likely Roby will be back, 50/50 on Palmer returning and would say 95% Copeland will be gone. Most likely Miles will be back next year but I'd be shocked if Moos hasn't put some feelers out to other coaches even with him saying Tim is his coach. What else would you expect him to say until he has another coach hired?
  14. Exactly, I didn't think that Moos would take the third option. From the outside it doesn't look good. Maybe we haven't heard anything is because is he shopping around for a new coach and taking his time to make sure we have a "home run" hire this time. I would have to believe if he was extending Miles contract, it would be done already. Sure makes me think there is more going on behind the scenes than we know about.
  15. To me, this should be a pretty easy call for Moo's. When you look at Miles overall resume here at NU, he should not be granted any extension. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if Moos is already looking at other coaches to gauge interest. If he was "all in" on Miles, he would have already offered extension. Why grant an extension when there is a chance you may need to fire him next year and just pay additional money. If I was Moos, I'd just let Miles coach next year under current contract or fire him now. I've been a huge Miles fan but doesn't appear Miles is going to put this program at the level we all should expect it to be on a consistant basis. I think it's time for a change in direction.