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  1. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    Penn State still has to play @ Purdue and home against Michigan before they come to Lincoln. If they lose both of them, it will take a lot of the shine off "No Sit Sunday II"
  2. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    Please NO!!!! You can't duplicate No Sit Sunday. That was the perfect storm and for certain punched our ticket and it was against a Top 10 team. It doesn't have the same appeal when you are playing an un-ranked Penn State team. Don't force the issue. It will happen naturally when the time is right and this isn't the right place or time.
  3. Palmer listed in Mock Draft

    I think we all need to face facts that most likely, this will be the end of the road for Palmer in a Nebraska uniform. I certainly hope he comes back but I would say chances are that he will take his shot at a Pro career. Most likely Copeland will be back and Roby may only be around 1 more year as well. We will still have a very solid team next year without Palmer but would have a superior team if he does come back. I'm sure Palmer and Copeland will both get an NBA evaluation. Don't think Copeland's will be good enough to leave but could see Palmer's being enough to entice him. Will be a tough decision. I hope he comes back but realistically, he probably won't.
  4. #1 Seed in the NIT

    That's not even a question. Of course you want to make the tournament even if it is one and done.
  5. Legends Weekend

    They really need to change the name from Legends Weekend to Alumni Weekend. I wouldn't say many of the players that come back for this are Legends.
  6. The Seat is Hot

    Should start Thomas Allen and have both Gill and Taylor come off the bench.
  7. Roby does that better than anyone He is constantly screening the lane for his teammates to drive to the hoop
  8. Copeland = Pro Palmer = Pro Roby = NBA
  9. The crowd must get better

    The exact same thing could be said for our football program. We haven't been relevant in football for 15 - 20 years and yet people still show up. Obviously people in the state of Nebraska either really like football and basketball or have no other social life.
  10. Good for them for going undefeated and they should be proud of that but they are taking it way to far with having a parade and hanging a National Championship banner. You beat a really good team in a bowl game which as many of us know, bowl games really don't matter anyway. Other than that, your body of work is less than desirable. If they had to play the schedule teams in major conferences have to, they would certainly have a few losses on their record and then this isn't even a discussion. I'm sure Coach Frost and staff will gladly take their National Championship bonus as they walk out the door.
  11. I'm not sure if Jordy is actually getting better or just the level of competition he is playing against made him look a little better. We'll find out when he plays against Pardon at Northwestern.
  12. Ain't going to lie as don't think we win this game with Tanner tonight. Well done kid!!!
  13. Roby

    This kid is doing some great things in his 19 minutes per game. Here is his team rankings: 6th in Points per game (which would increase with more minutes played) 2nd in Rebounds 5th in Assists 1st in Blocks 1st in Field Goal Percentage 6th in Free Throw Percentage
  14. If we had won the KU game, we probably would be on the radar. Or actually if we would have just flipped any of our losses to a win, we'd be getting considered. The life of an NU basketball fan.