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  1. I'd take MJ or LeBron anyday if I could only pick one player. MJ just had a competitive and killer instinct that nobody else had on the same level.
  2. That is pretty funny...
  3. So based on that, Nebraska was the only school that disagreed with the rest of the schools in the conference. So how is that Texas or the other schools fault if they all vote a one way and NU is the only school to vote a different way? Just because the voted a certain way doesn't mean it was to side with Texas.
  4. I agree the Big Ten would prefer to get both Texas and OU as any conference would want those two school to join. It would be huge if Big 10 could land both those schools. I'd love to have both Texas and OU in our conference again. The Big 10 would have 2 of the biggest games every year with Ohio State/Michigan and Texas/OU. Gotta love built in rivalry games like that.
  5. Maybe our luck will finally change
  6. Just curious why you hate Texas so much and have no respect for their program?
  7. I'll be shocked if Nana is starting ahead of Roby but if can beat him out for the spot, then good for him. I can that lineup except I think Roby starts and Nana comes off the bench.
  8. You forgot Evan Taylor as he will factor in somewhere.
  9. Kid was a great player. Just worked hard and never complained. Hope he ends up somewhere where he can see more minutes on the floor. Best of luck Nick!!!
  10. Totally agree. That would be a "pass" for me.
  11. Would be a good hire for Illinois but bad hire for NU
  12. I could care less about what Nana's form looks like as long as the ball goes through the hoop.
  13. Excellent point!!!
  14. I don't think there is any chatter about CBI. Season is over
  15. I'm a huge fan of Tai but he isn't better than Trimble or Mason or Jok so didn't think Tai should have been 1st team. Only Tai and Bronson Koenig weren't the only unanimous selections on 2nd team so he barely made second team. This is probably more about our record than it is how good Tai is.