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  1. Valid point on the rotation as me and my son discussed that as well during the game. Miles needs to shore up the rotation and get it down to 8 or 9 players. I'd play Duby over Jordy right now but obviously our best line-up is Roby replacing Jordy in the starting rotation. Make that move and it's a pretty solid starting line-up.
  2. Could not agree more with you and glad you pointed that out. Watch Roby when he's on the court as he's the one running around screening for everyone to get them open.
  3. Palmer got T'd up for talking trash. That has nothing to with playing together longer or trusting their teammates? I don't understand your point.
  4. Disagree. Your maturity level and overcoming getting rattled is due to the amount of years and games you have played. It has nothing to do with how long the team has played together. The T's the Palmer and Watson got had nothing to do with not playing together.
  5. Is it time to start Roby?

    I almost started a thread before the St. John's game that Roby should be starting instead of Jody and now it's very obvious. Jody needs to find some time on the pine and work hard to try to earn his minutes back. Other thing I thought was sad in that Gill played more minutes that Roby did last night. One thing for sure is that Gill is not gun shy about shooting. Probably is he doesn't make very many of them.
  6. I really don't care about the Husker Power chant but certainly like it better than people still trying to do the "3 clap" deal. What really sucks is our video they play before the starting line-up. That is just plain bad!!!! The music to it is horrible and does nothing to get the crowd pumped up. It is just embarrassing that is the best they can come up with.
  7. uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    Overall, you can see how athletic this team is. If Miles actually does what he says and pushes the tempo a little bit, could be a really fun team to watch. Thomas Allen - kid has a very smooth shot and will contribute this year Anton Gill - about what I expected and will be a role player Evan Taylor - Does whatever it takes to win. Very unselfish player Isaac Copeland - I can see him get better and better as year goes on Jordy Tshimanga - He is going to be a load for teams to handle this year Glynn Watson - All Conference kind of talent James Palmer - very skilled at finding ways to score Jack McVeigh - I can see another hot and cold shooting season for him Isaiah Roby - If he could develop an outside shot, he would be all conference the next 2 years. Kid has mad skills and court savy Duby Okeke - very quick leaper and just what this team needs. Dude can flat you block shots.
  8. Next Years Starting 5

    Based on the two exhibition games, it certainly appears the starting lineup will be: Watson Taylor Palmer Copeland Jordy
  9. Go on record now.

    I'd take Copeland, Palmer and Okeke any day over Morrow, Jacobson, Horne and Fuller.
  10. Nebraska v Georgetown

    Do you get to attend practices? If so, I appreciate it as any info is great and fun to hear what is going on.
  11. I understand the thought of putting someone with quickness down there but it sure seems to me that you limit yourself with trying to double down low using a point guard and hurting your rebounding chances by having one of your forwards (like Roby) at the top of the key. I'm not a big fan of the 1-3-1 due to the amount of holes it leaves in your defense and think you can even make it worse but putting one of your rebounders out of position at the top of the key instead of down low. Seems to me you would want to put someone quick in the 5 spot but have it needs be one of your forwards that is still quick and can double team and still rebound for you.
  12. Why would you put Glynn at the bottom?
  13. Next Years Starting 5

    Honestly, most the starting lineup is already set. Watson, Copeland, and Jordy will be in starting line-up and I would think Roby is the next lock to start as well. So really it's just a matter of who will start of the off guard between Palmer, Allen, or Taylor. My money is on Allen but wouldn't be shocked if Palmer gets the nod.
  14. Serious question ...

    They have done one at PBA in the past with both the men's and women's team having a scrimmage.
  15. Copeland

    Not sure how you can make statements like that considering he hasn't played 1 minute of college basketball yet for this team.