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  1. Next Years Starting 5

    Honestly, most the starting lineup is already set. Watson, Copeland, and Jordy will be in starting line-up and I would think Roby is the next lock to start as well. So really it's just a matter of who will start of the off guard between Palmer, Allen, or Taylor. My money is on Allen but wouldn't be shocked if Palmer gets the nod.
  2. Serious question ...

    They have done one at PBA in the past with both the men's and women's team having a scrimmage.
  3. Copeland

    Not sure how you can make statements like that considering he hasn't played 1 minute of college basketball yet for this team.
  4. In what way? I love Taylor but curious what you mean?
  5. The Isaac Copeland watch

    So glad we didn't take your "official" word on this.
  6. Basketball Parking

    I agree as it was a totally mess. I got the Red garage loaded in my cart but it wouldn't let me pay. I called them and after being on hold for 20 minutes, they just said they were working on it and just continue to refresh my screen every 5 minutes or so. They said it should keep my preference loaded in "my cart". I refreshed and it blanked out everything so had to reload it again with same problem that I couldn't pay. I finally went down there around 10:30am and was told it's fixed and to just go back and click on "my cart" icon and it would work. So I did and it lost my parking garage again. I quickly went back to the main screen and luckily about 3 spots were still open in the Red Garage so I got one of them. Nothing like having to work hard to get a parking spot this year.
  7. Seat Yourself Process

    Also season parking passes when on sale today. Just FYI.
  8. Made Top 100

    College Sports Madness is doing a countdown of the top college basketball teams this year. Surprising we came in at #99 which is pretty cool considering we hardly ever even get mentioned on lists like this. http://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/14987
  9. My Head Hurts...

    I totally agree that it is way overboard on the coverage the football team gets. It's sad that the local media needs to let us know every time a football player needs to go to the bathroom. It is just overkill with media coverage of the football team in this state. The local radio shows just repeat themselves over and over all summer with projections on if NU can win the West Division or who will be 4th string left guard. Just image how bad the Volleyball team feels as they could win the National Championship but the lead story on the local TV news stations will be an NU football practice report.
  10. The Official Media Thread

    Good read. I do have a feeling this team will be much better than the media and average fan is giving them credit for. The potential is there!!!
  11. Offseason Potpourri

    I understand the point but it's no different in college either as look at the transfer rate. Pro players switch teams for more money or a shot at championships. College players switch teams for more playing time, better situation, shot at championship, etc. The only difference is they aren't getting paid but yet they still jump around from team to team. So not sure it's about the love of the game any more in college than it is at the Pro Level.
  12. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    Can't say I blame him as he is building something pretty good at CU. He gets sell out crowds and not much competition from other sports. And he has a top 25 recruiting class coming in next year. He seems to be able to recruit very well there. I'm sure Omaha is celebrating his announcement to stay at CU.
  13. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    What are you basing it on that "it sounds like he is staying"? I haven't seen any reports to indicate one way or the other yet.
  14. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    So now instead of losing to CU, we get to lose to Ohio State every year.