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  1. Good read. I do have a feeling this team will be much better than the media and average fan is giving them credit for. The potential is there!!!
  2. I understand the point but it's no different in college either as look at the transfer rate. Pro players switch teams for more money or a shot at championships. College players switch teams for more playing time, better situation, shot at championship, etc. The only difference is they aren't getting paid but yet they still jump around from team to team. So not sure it's about the love of the game any more in college than it is at the Pro Level.
  3. Can't say I blame him as he is building something pretty good at CU. He gets sell out crowds and not much competition from other sports. And he has a top 25 recruiting class coming in next year. He seems to be able to recruit very well there. I'm sure Omaha is celebrating his announcement to stay at CU.
  4. What are you basing it on that "it sounds like he is staying"? I haven't seen any reports to indicate one way or the other yet.
  5. So now instead of losing to CU, we get to lose to Ohio State every year.
  6. It will be interesting if we win like 17 games and/or sneak in the NIT if that will be enough for Miles to be around another year. My hope is we just kick the door in on the NCAA tournament this year and not have to worry about it.
  7. I think that is pretty obvious
  8. I agree!!! This is my only goal and should be the expectation every year.
  9. You had me at "bag of chips"
  10. I guess I'm not sure then how they calculate turnover percentage. So is this saying that Roby turned the ball over 25 times out of every 100 plays?
  11. Based on what? Webster had the most turnovers on the team last year and Roby was like 5th in total turnovers. Are you talking about turnovers per minutes played or what are you referring to?
  12. Unlike Creighton who is scared to play UNO
  13. I would expect this to the starting lineup for the majority of the season: Glynn Watson Thomas Allen Isaiah Roby Isaac Copeland (or Duby Okeke if waiver isn't granted) Jorday Tshimanga
  14. There is definitely a way we finish 14th. We could finish 3 - 13 down the stretch like we did last year. And the fact the Big 10 will be loaded next year with good teams and players returning. I certainly hope we don't finish 14th but it's not outside the realm of possibility.
  15. I'd take MJ or LeBron anyday if I could only pick one player. MJ just had a competitive and killer instinct that nobody else had on the same level.