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  1. Great interview with Chris Bassnet from the Lincoln Journal Star- He gives is opinion on Tim staying or going and lays out the path to a B1G tourney championship. Immerse yourself in our wisdom on Itunes GBR View full article
  2. 2nd annual B1G Tourney bracket challenge. Real prizes this time. View full article
  4. Kell and Sutt look back on the Huskers resurgent week and preview Michigan State. View full article
  5. Kell and Sutt look back on the Huskers resurgent week and preview Michigan State.
  6. Nebrasketball can be sad. We're here to help. Newest episode talks OSU, Rutgers, life, love and reasons to live. Episode 10- The Nebrasketball Podcast Episode 10 View full article
  7. Episode 10- The Nebrasketball Podcast Episode 10
  8. The culmination of #presspasses4theboys as we discuss covering the games as big timers and the HUGE upset win over Indiana. View full article
  9. The one and only Kent Pavelka stopped by The Nebrasketball Podcast for an interview. We celebrate and talk Jordy, AW3, and hear a lot of great insight from Kent. Check it out on Soundcloud or iTunes!
  10. We talk offseason prep and wishes for next year in the season wrap up episode of The Nebrasketball Podcast. Check it out!
  11. Season wrap up episode of The Nebrasketball Podcast is live! We talk Keyshawn Johnson Jr. through the lens of Nebraska basketball, wishes for next year, Hammonds transfer, and would you rather Nebraska/Iowa style. (and more?) Check it out!
  12. Vegas 16 no doubt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The boys need our energy tonight. Get yourself HYPED for the game with some DMX The Nebrasketball Podcast pre-game talk!
  14. 52 minutes to game till time. No better way to get ready for the game than to hear the HYPE pre-game pod special! The Nebrasketball Podcast has got the pre-game special!
  15. Game time is approaching, let's get going with a pre-game pod special from The Nebrasketball Podcast! We bask in the Wisco victory and look forward to day 3 of the Greatest 5 Days of Your Nebrasketball life!
  16. No better way to get ready for tonight's game then The Nebrasketball Podcast pod special pre-game edition!!!!! Check it out and hyped!!!
  17. Nebrasketball world, The world's first (we think?) Big Ten Tournament Bracket challenge is live on The Nebrasketball Podcast website. There will be real prizes (Nebrasketball gear, tickets, gift cards, etc.) and it's super easy to fill out. Follow the link, pick your winners for each game in the tourney, and follow along.
  18. Moving on pretending we never saw that post....
  19. The Nebrasketball Podcast is here to prep you for the B1G tourney and walk through the 7 stages of Nebrasketball grief. Check it out! OR Subscribe on Itunes- search Nebrasketball and there we are.
  20. Given the current state of our program (and political world) The Nebraketball Podcast hosted a Nebraketball debate special Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Hahaha thanks for the feedback. Once the podcast gets a little more established we'll direct our energy toward medical efforts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Since seeing those stats, have now been through about 9 different ways you could pronounce Dererk Pardon's name. The Nebrasketball Podcast tried out the written word on our new slick website. Check it out! After a little internet reading, found some common side effects of cortisone shots- Andrew's clearly dealing with a lot, including possible some self image issues. Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin Mood changes Changes in the shape or location of body fat
  23. Does this count as media? Probably. The Nebrasketball Podcast now has a website thanks to our aspirational web designer friend. With obvious podcast withdrawals happening before to(ed)morrow's game, we decided to go with a (totally original?) e-mail thread game preview. Check out the Northwestern games preview and the rest of the site and let us know what you think!