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  1. Serious question ...

    Id love it if they held an open practice or something soon.
  2. Copeland

    Glynn Palmer/Allen Roby Copeland Jordy Dancing
  3. Copeland

    Let's ride
  4. This would be fun
  5. Who Starts?

    Does anyone have any video or anything of Palmer (besides that one from the husker youtube page)? I just do not know what to expect.
  6. Filling Out the Roster

    We definitely need another big man before next season, If Copeland can't play until the second semester then we are very very lacking in depth down there.
  7. Andrew White Transfering

    Gah what a monster Terran is. Love that guy
  8. Andrew White Transfering

    WAIT, WHY DOES THIS POST SAY ANDREW WHITE IS TRANSFERRING!?!? Dimes tell me its not true!!!!!
  9. Thomas Allen is N

    Not really disputing these numbers at all, I think they are a good barometer of what to expect. It's just really exciting to think, "okay this guy is a knockdown shooter and he likes to score and knows how to win." We have a number of guys that can come in and create for others, and Thomas could find himself in games where he catches the effect of those players creating good shots, and scores 20, 25 points with 6 three pointers. I mean Glynn, Roby, Copeland, Anton, Evan Taylor even, hopefully Nana. We are going from a backcourt of Benny and Tai just a few years ago, to Glynn and Thomas.. do you see the difference of what we could do??
  10. Duby Okeke is N

    Ed's best strengths were finishing around the rim and offensive rebounds imo, I see no reason why this guy can't provide that.
  11. Thomas Allen is N

    Holy crap our only seniors next year will be Evan and Anton... We got a real chance here guysssss
  12. Thomas Allen is N

  13. Next Years Starting 5

    Watson Palmer Roby/Nana Copeland/Roby Jordy/Copeland? Thats a small lineup, but man doesnt that sound like fun
  14. Jacobson Gone?

    I wouldnt say anything if i didnt think there was some truth to it, but ive heard from more than a couple people that Jacobson and Horne were involved in a large fight or even a brawl situation and they were both pretty shaken up and they did not want to be here anymore..
  15. Jacobson Gone?

    Sorry to bring this up but what I heard is that Jacobson and maybe Horne arent leaving here for basketball related reasons..