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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    The Big 12 could get 8 bids and we could get 4 and we'd probably still have more sweet 16 teams and for sure more elite 8 and final 4 teams. This whole thing makes me sick
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Love how Oklahoma had two good wins in November then traded wins with a few of the very down top big 12 teams and now theyre a lock because of how much they overrate this conference. These teams just beat up on each other and get credit for good wins. Oklahoma right now makes me physically ill.
  3. Now What?

    So many missed looks for Glynn, so many missed layups, and Free throws? Goodness
  4. As much as I despise Joe Lunardi and this whole system, looks like in his new bracketology we only dropped 3 spots. Could've been worse. Also Oklahoma is a 6 seed. Thats the worst thing i have ever seen.
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Rooting hard for Depaul to DETHRONE THE ALMIGHTY SETON HALL. Thats lost 4 in a row and is Creighton's best win.
  6. Really glad we get Really glad we get a 4 day prep before Penn State. That is going to be a tough game, LETS GET THIS DONE.
  7. My first thing I took away from this is that we have the highest strength of record of any other team on the bubble. And here is what espn has to say about SOR. ESPN's Strength of Record takes strength of schedule a step further by accounting for how a team actually did against its schedule. Unlike BPI, which accounts for how the game was won, Strength of Record simply cares about the difficulty of a team’s schedule and the result (win or loss). For example, last season, Kansas ranked first in Strength of Record entering the NCAA Tournament, and a typical Top 25 team would have had less than a 1 percent chance to go 30-4 against the Jayhawks’ schedule. Strength of Record answers the question of which teams deserve to make the NCAA Tournament based on their body of work. It correlates more closely with the actual committee rankings and seeding than BPI, but Strength of Record is far less accurate when making predictions. Over the past five seasons, 94 percent of teams that SOR deemed deserving to make the tournament ended up making the field of 68.
  8. Minnesota was an impressive win
  9. I think with us already getting votes, with last nights win and a win at illinois we may pop into the rankings next week. Or in two weeks if we keep winning. When was the last time a ranked team didnt get in??
  10. If our jerseys said Maryland, or Butler, or someone else thats always over valued, what are we a 7 seed right now???
  11. BTN Sign Ideas?

    Hell yes
  12. Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Not a husker. Bump
  13. Receiving Votes

    Can never tell if i like that guy or not, but for now I must!
  14. NCAA Bracket Preview Show

    How michigan state so low?