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  1. If you cant see the difference between Michael Porter Jr. and Roby this year then you are pretty crazy imo.
  2. I really do wish we had gotten Mike Gesell, but with nearby friend Adam Woodbury already headed to Iowa it was an uphill battle.
  3. I just hope we can get Gill back to his normal self next season, because as you can tell he wasnt playing as well as he knows he can. You can see with the shots he took and his reactions that that was probably the worst basketball he's played. Maybe bringing Copeland here and those two going through rehab together and working out together and get them both to play their best basketball. In that case with those two playing like they can, I have no doubt we have the talent for the sweet 16.
  4. Watson Gill Horne Jacobson Copeland
  5. Are you guys seeing the level Jacobson has been playing these past few games, especially on the boards?? There's no way he doesnt start.
  6. Just saying that he was a spark for us and that he was a key for some of the runs we went on. So finding his +/- from yesterday will back up my claim that when he came off the bench, he was a part of some runs we made.
  7. Can somebody find Horne's +/- from yesterday? He was huge for us. I dont know why Roby gets more slack for mental and defensive errors than Horne.
  8. Make a free throw and we win the game. One team has to win the game and we for some reason didn't want to win it.
  9. Medical redshirt?
  10. We need Gill to be able to make those open shots that we all know he's capable of.
  11. I really liked Tarin and wish that we still had him as our guard depth is pretty shallow.
  12. Looking through some stats from thus far and was curious to see how Ex-Huskers played in their games with new teams. First guys I looked up were Tarin Smith at Duquesne, Sergej Vucetic at Evansville, Jacob Hammond (where'd he end up?), and Nate Hawkins at UT-Arlington. Tarin's game was against Penn State and he started and looked to be pretty aggressive as he put up 8 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists on a pretty weak 3-15 shooting. Sergej's first game was against Louisville and he scored 5 points, and grabbed 2 rebounds in 12 minutes of play. Nate Hawkins first game was against Minnesota and he played 14 minutes and scored 4 points on 0-4 shooting from downtown.
  13. I've said since the Rhode island game last year that Glynn may go down as one of the best that we've ever had. Proving me right last night!
  14. I already have my tickets purchased for this, but could someone clarify a little more on what to expect and stuff?? Either way really looking forward to it!
  15. I'm so excited to see Roby and Jordy play, they are going to be monsters here