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  1. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    poor dana looks traumatized, like he's an extra in deliverance and he knows the hammers about to come down.
  2. Offseason Potpourri

    probably a "gift fire" to make sure he gets some contract money that he wouldn't have if he'd have resigned. seems that this was obviously a health move, and the fact that Matta is not only helping with the coaching search but has basically given that as his new priority sort of backs that up. He just got too sick to coach effectively, and it was effecting the program. I personally wish him well. And if OSU "terminated" him so that they'd owe him some cash, that was a pretty cool move, too, although that part's pure speculation right now.
  3. Andrew White Transfering

    thanks for catching me up! Apparently I'm partying like it's 2014.
  4. Andrew White Transfering

    If petteway is still languishing in the DL, White would struggle to stay on that kind of roster, much less an NBA team. He's a one dimensional player who requires too much volume at that one dimension to be of much use to a team. By refusing to improve and round out his game, and to remain in his narrow comfort zone at all costs (3 programs in 5 years), he's pretty much passed on becoming a pro. Europe 2d tier is calling.
  5. State of the Program

    Understand, my comment isn't advocacy, it's simply the reality of the landscape, HB. The perception of these things is sufficient. With a lack of transparency, it's hard to know what could or could not have been "fixed". And I'd never disagree that an ad should be subject to critical scrutiny. But that's hard to do when you're not entirely sure exactly what is and isn't being criticized. That's the thing about keeping dirty laundry in the closet: sure, it keeps the funky smell out of the rest of the house. But after awhile, when people notice that the door is never opened, they start wondering what's being hidden in there. And it usually turns out that people's imaginations are generally much worse than the truth being hid. As to the centrality of winning, we'd just have to disagree here. Winning is everything to most fans. It's a conditioned response at this point. And you know full well that this topic exists largely because the women had a dismal season in terms of record.
  6. State of the Program

    This is a total rebuild project. Those take time. The Yori grand finale ensured that any momentum from her work wouldn't carry over: not the reputation nor the brand. Scandal can kill programs. It's why departments are so secretive about everything. It was a nice run with Yori, but, like the football team, you can't just flip a switch and get your best days back. Give it a few years. If you care about the sport, support the team. If only winning matters, become a UConn fan.
  7. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I'm in Gulfport.
  8. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    them's the sides! and the gumbo's technically down the road a bit, but yep, lots of Cajun stuff. I've never seen more varieties of smoked sausage in my life. Local Wal-Mart practically has a whole aisle devoted to it.
  9. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    you have no idea, D. So would a good ribeye, filet, etc. I live in Mississippi now, so it's pretty much all catfish and shrimp...:)
  10. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    pretty much. you can have good programs in mid major conferences.
  11. Morrow leaving

    doesn't matter where he goes or what any coach whispers in his ear. Ed's skill set is mixing it up down low, and that's where every team he's on is going to need him. Every place he goes is going to look exactly like Nebraska.
  12. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    wish the young man good luck. Probably a good landing spot for him. solid mid major program.
  13. Jacobson Gone?

    It's fine if you did put me in that category. I'm really forgiving when an intruder does the laundry after banging the wife I don't actually have. I'm unwilling to say players like or don't like someone on this basis, simply because there's more than one reason for a player to leave a place. And we need to be clear about Mile's project from the beginning: he's been constantly "trading up" in talent most seasons (it might not have worked out, but that's been his intent). So a player he recruits one season might get supplanted by another he recruits the next. Players aren't the only ones that can be, well, mercenary. But then again, we've lost key players who had playing time sewn up, so that excuse doesn't hold up as well as many would like it. It's win or bust for Timmeh! next year anyway, so this is all academic to me. It's going to be a tough year because for what seems like the third straight year, Miles is going to be putting a pretty new team on the floor again. And you can only dodge that bullet so much.
  14. Jacobson Gone?

    I think more specifically the bond that has to be developed is *trust*: the player has to trust that the coach is looking out for their interests and development, too. Coaches that become too instrumental--and I don't know if this describes Miles or not--will have difficulty in obtaining the kind of loyalty you're referring to. Hopefully the seismic events are over with for now and there's no more losses. But I think many of us are going to have to start adjusting our expectations as fans that this is slowly becoming the new normal: that higher end college sports are going to be more mercenary in nature for the foreseeable future.
  15. Nisan

    Tenacious Scott. Make it happen.