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  1. Rick Pitino?

    Old Chinese saying: The team that whores together, scores together.
  2. This staff just isn't getting it done, and on year 6, it's probably not going to happen. A losing record in non-conf is likely now. And that bodes terminal for the Miles era.
  3. Yeah, it's a brutal situation to be sure. I can't argue either way, but I do understand why he sat him. It's just unfortunate that this team wasn't ready to play at all tonight. I'm not even all that impressed with the Johnnies, either.
  4. that's kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation, tho. If Glynn picks up his 3rd foul there, he's likely sitting a lot longer. Bottom line is we need people to pick up for him when he's not on. And this team seems low on quality depth. We're two player dependent right now, and if any one of those two goes down, this team's in trouble. I'm also looking at this as a hot seat season, and that's making these kinds of losses harder to take. Miles' might not get another chance to get this program together, and that saddens me.
  5. so Rutgers beat these guys? Dear lord, 14th place is gonna be a dogfight.
  6. well, at least we can't start clamoring for Scott Frost to come save the basketball program. So there's that.
  7. i hope this team has another gear, because this is *not* a tourney team right now.
  8. terrific burst there at crunch time. phew!
  9. the box so far looks suspiciously like the last 3 years. it's the opener, granted, but still....
  10. Cornhuskers ranked #91 by ESPN

    91. Interesting start position. With a new AD that might be in a housecleaning mood, here's to hoping this ranking climbs up another 35 spots or so before the season's over. I'd like to see Timmeh get one more season. Here's to sneaking up on everyone all over again. GBR.
  11. Go on record now.

    Morrow was a real loss. Granted, his insistence on misplacing himself probably led to his transfer in the first place so his potential would probably have been wasted by his own lack of realism. But at the level of talent, athleticism and ceiling, losing Ed hurts. But of that group he's the only real loss. I think the swap in and out favors the Huskers, although since this is college, it would be better still to have those new players AND still keep Ed...:)
  12. not only managed to not make the game, I wound up not even being able to listen/watch it. On my way up to Starkville, nasty storm rolls in and ends my trip! heheh. Oh well, made it back home for the end. Glad the guys pulled it out. GBR
  13. cool. I'll try to go to this game since it's right up the road a bit. If I do, I'll post a report.
  14. Oh my. Have they got our number or is this just now a force of media habit?