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  1. they lived in the Alamo?
  2. hahaha. given how much she can access, that's practically the local public school for JLD. She could afford an entire wing at the Sorbonne. Or at least, her family could.
  3. If a player's that unhappy, I'm sure his coach will have it figured out long before the rest of us, unless they're completely unperceptive. If Horne leave, all we can do is wish him well and hope he finds a home he's comfortable with. It's easy for us to forget sometimes that just because we love Nebraska not everyone else will. There are just relationships that sometimes don't work. This is still not as bad as the inferno that was the White defection, so there's that.
  4. maybe not relevant if he's in graduate school, as he could get an RA or TA ship to cover his expenses. That's actually better than a scholarship anyway. I hope he just has the time of his life in this sport for one year, since it'll likely be the end of his competitive (read: not beer league) playing career.
  5. illinois will chase the flavor du jour as they've done their last two hires, probably. look for the cinderella coaches in March.
  6. lord what a horrible thought. a 12-19 team playing by far its worst ball of the year. I can't imagine the selection landscape being so barren as to warrant an invitation to a program like that right now. this season should be over and given last rites and never spoken of again. Okay, the last part's a bit harsh, but...let's not speak of it, okay? If someone asks, "so, the 2016-17 team...." your only response should be, "what? 20...what? we had those years? Wow.Missed that."
  7. oh, 95-96 is the easy pick for me. The most talented underachiever we've ever had. That team was loaded. most of us went into that season thinking the first round slump was ending. oops.
  8. And we know what happened to those 3 shortly thereafter...:)
  9. I loved this schedule. And a contending team should love it, too. Competitive players love to play other good teams--I did when I was young, and that mind set that the whole season is just one big tournament seems to be what separates the Dukes and MSUs of the world from the UNLs. We had the chance to have a good season even with that non conf schedule. Really, because of that schedule. We did well for the most part. Has anyone been higher (rhetorical, don't answer that) on this program than they were after game 3 in the B1G? We were such a different team in the back third of the season.
  10. I'm completely at a loss as to how to make this team actually be good. So much, to me, seems an issue of their heads. But look at the list on this thread. It would indicate that we certainly have some issues. That's way too many deficiencies to survive in the B1G.
  11. this is an off year, sure, but no one's done more for that program than Matta and he's proven himself repeatedly. OSU is the same school that hired Urban Meyer. They're not that dumb.
  12. the last time I saw a team phone it in, we lost a coach the following season. Scott's right: we've been down this road many times. And we're whistling down it again.
  13. Eichorst has only himself to blame for letting football pressure compel him to break his own "rule". Do it once, the media will be all over you to do it again. And again. I'm not worried. Timmeh will be back, as is proper. After Pelini and Yori, the last thing this AD would likely want is yet another season of coaching melodrama. After awhile, people are going to start seeing you as the common denominator of the craziness. Stability's going to win this offseason with hoops.
  14. CBI

    Always good to have one or done experiences of tourney play. If anyone thinks the NIT is a quality land for a team, the CBI logic is just about identical. If your team is really banged up and the rest would be better then continuing on, then I'd say no, but that's generally not the case with too many teams. I'm looking on the bright side. The NIT is still in play. Our RPI is high enough, so it's a matter getting the wins and then some breaks in the conf tourneys in the mids.
  15. It's rare, but it's not never. Bibby's case at Cal State LA (?) comes to mind, but obviously a much smaller school. Obviously the cases where assistants get elevated are when the head coach leaves on better terms, such as getting a promotion themselves or retiring or resigning. Continuity, however, was generally the goal there. But this staff isn't typical. It's not a "package staff" that goes where the HC does. Not anymore, at least. And there's a couple of legitimate candidates as replacements in the event we struggle to find someone to take the job that's acceptable. And making the case more interesting is if Miles is terminated when his talented players are still here. I think this discussion is mostly academic anyway, but I think your point is more right than mine probably is. I think this team succeeds next year and the program finally turns the corner.