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  1. hahahaha. i was being ironically faux hip...:)
  2. there's a silver lining here. this is a young team and even more inexperienced than they are young (because of all the transfer sit outs and bench warming before they got to NU). Sometimes you need to relearn tough lessons to help make them stick. Losing to the last place team when every game is for you postseason is just such a teaching moment. With a short turnaround, they're not going to have a lot of time to get into a funk about it, but they'll have just enough time to watch some film and talk about what they need to do to make sure they don't play this way against our next two opponents. No one's happy when a phat streak ends, but this wasn't a bad place to end ours. That Indy and PSU win are more important to us right now. So let's recover and get it done and go to NY and leave a handprint there.
  3. really poor loss by NU. hopefully we can clean things up better and that we don't get punished too severely for this one.
  4. oh man...look like it hit the other dude's hand after glynn touched it.
  5. it's off frigging illinois.
  6. You mean the last 5! not if we play like this.
  7. on a lighter note, this is the game to break the streak. maybe we'll dial in better for the last two, which we need even more.
  8. second game in a row without a bucket in the last handful of minutes in the game. we gotta fix that, NCAA or NIT. This is going to be a really bad--and really unnecessary--loss.
  9. more whiffed bunnies. just not mentally dialed in quite right. we were improving, but this look like us late game from a couple of months ago.
  10. we don't deserve this game. we just don't. sorry.
  11. we just can't hit two ft's. this is going to haunt us. badly.
  12. oh, and ft's probably the difference in this sucker. we're terrible from the line.
  13. missing lots of bunnies again.
  14. they've got the zone figured out. let's please switch, just to make them think a bit.