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  1. Without tearing Duby down (not a fan of doing that) I will just say I believe Jordy is a much better all around basketball player and is deserving of the minutes he gets over the other bigs.
  2. So if we lose to Penn State, do we have to win the BTT or win 2-3 games (in case we drop to 5th seed)?
  3. Taylor is seriously Benny Parker plus 7 inches imo.
  4. Dont follow Oklahoma enough, but assuming Creighton loses to Nova and on the road @ Marquette, IF they lose their first BE tourney game i could see them as out. That would put them at like a 1-8 finish or something like that.
  5. One pet peeve i have with Palmer is he never passes the ball on fast breaks even when we have numbers. Ive seen countless 2 on 1, 3 on 2, and even 3 on 1s where hes leading the break and refuses to dish it to the man trailing. Could be remembering it wrong but it seems like it happens alot with him.
  6. Anybody wanna take a gander on how a win versus Kansas would have helped our RPI?? I think that one hurts more bc we actually had a chance to win. UCF took it to us from the start and was in control the whole game.
  7. Imagine how many of you on here would lose your f-ing minds if Nebraska had a solid record, played a real good schedule, and beat a handful of top teams and got passed on for a tourney bid for a team with a good record, no great wins to speak of, but passed the "eye test".
  8. Huskers in the Pros Thread

    AW3 had 15pts in just under 17 min of playing time
  9. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    Good to hear, though im not really worried. I 100% believe in this team. We will take care of business.
  10. Chili on top of spaghetti noodles then crumble in some corn bread in place of crackers.... soooooooooo good.
  11. WNIT vs. The Dance

    Husker women are 4-5 v. Top 50 and 8-6 v. Top 10. Dont follow womens bball as a whole that much, but that seems like a good resume to me. Really bad losses to Clemson and Wash St hurt tho. Flipping the close losses to Buffalo and Michigan would have been very helpful. 3-1 finish plus 1-1 in the B1G tourney gets us in?
  12. Some funny, creative replies to that tweet by Husker fans. Might be worth posting for a good laugh for anybody who is good at that stuff.
  13. Guys I apologize for being a bit

    I dont want to jump the gun too much... but does anyone else think this season has the potential to be a great 30 for 30. Just taking into context our tradition and history (lack thereof), recent struggles (turnover of core players), how last season ended, this season (Copeland eligibility, Jordy situation, lack of tourney buzz). If we make the tourney AND get our first win, being the last P5 to do so, we'd have to be a great candidate.