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  1. Neb 76 UCF 71 3 players in double figures
  2. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Got my NU-Creighton tickets today! Hopefully this game goes better than the last one I attended (Gardner-Webb)... I also i know nobody wants to hear this but Creightons two freshmen gaurds look damn good.
  3. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I know UCLA is without 3 players. However, I have no idea to what extent those players roles are.
  4. UCF is a must win

    Gonna be a weird feeling for Jordy, Copeland, Roby, Duby, etc to have someone (Taco Fall) towering over them lol.
  5. UCF is a must win

    Not sure where the "3-0 is possible" logic is coming from... A team that just smacked us by 20+ points is in the field. Oh and that team is probably only the 4th best team in the tournament.
  6. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Not a huge WBB follower but i did like the Amy Williams hire last year. I think she will do a good job here. As good as Yori? Who knows. But she will have the ladies in the post season regularly.
  7. Is it time to start Roby?

    Im gonna chalk up Jordys awful play to the missed practice time. I think the staff can develop bigs. Morrow, Jacobson, and Hammond were all improved from year 1 to 2. Unfortunately none of them stuck around after that. With that being said, Jordy doesnt deserve to start rn. Nor do any other of our bigs. Start Roby.
  8. It probably is important to note that our two best players each had 4 fouls. And the next best two each had 3.
  9. Many of us, myself included, were counting on Isaac being our first or second best player and Jordy to make that sophomore jump that we have seen from a lot of players under Miles. Neither of those have happened yet.
  10. For me atleast, a lot of the hype for this team has worn off. So far we have learned (from early season games/preseason exhibitions) that Miss St and Iowa St arent very good. From there we have: struggled with a D3 team for over half a game, struggled against a lower level D1 team, beat a lower level d1 team thanks to 45+ FTA, and got out played out classed out hustled OUT REBOUNDED by what is more than likely a middle of the pack Big East team. Im not surprised that we lost bc i had this marked as one when we predicted non con and total wins. Just very disappointed with how we lost. Hopefully they are just getting their worst bball out of the way rn and soon they'll be clicking on all cylinders.
  11. Very unimpressed by this team three games in. So far we got the s**t end of that hypothetical trade. Hopefully they turn it around or it'll be a LONG season.
  12. Have our size be an advantage and use it to exploit their lack of size not the other way around. Our bigs were essentially neutralized in the first game. Cant let St. Johns do that to us.
  13. Scouting St John's

    It will be interesting to see how Tim uses the lineups. If our bigs can exploit St. Johns lack of size then we can keep Jordy/Duby/Tanner on the floor for most of the game. That would limit the amount of minutes Glynn, James, and Evan all have to play together since none of them really have a back up due injuries. Idk if it will work, but i'd like to see a two gaurd lineup with James, Glynn, and Evan rotating in and out of those two spots. Have Jack, Zay, and Copeland man the 3 and 4. And some combination of our bigs at the 5. Is it game time yet???!
  14. 2017 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Happened to catch some of the Creighton game while out for dinner last night. Regardless of how you feel about them, they are fun to watch and pretty good at that. Their front court took a hit as it looks like one of their big guys suffered a moderate to severe injury. If we can get our bigs, specifically Jordy, playing at a higher level I think we have a definite advantage there.