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  1. Whoops didn't realize their record was so bad. My bad, I just assume every team from Cali is solid. But I do think it's hard to sweep in college baseball especially a 4 game series and even more so when you aren't an elite team.
  2. Solid win tonight. Would've been nice to grab the dub on Tues too but oh well. Let's win 2 out of the next three
  3. I was just curious, is there a specific reason we always looking go west in our non conf as opposed to south?
  4. Kinda nice to have your pitcher off a little bit and still win rather comfortably ehh? I could get used to that.
  5. I believe that's 7 out of 9 now right. Let's keep it going. GBR
  6. Minus Novas title last year the BE has been terrible in the tourney. One title and two Sweet 16's in three years for a "basketball" conference is not good. They might not have a single team playing next weekend.
  7. Rhode Island is definitely a solid team. But honestly was gonna pick against Creighton no matter who they drew bc of the 6/11 or 7/10 match up they were gonna draw. They weren't gonna overwhelm anyone talent wise in that match up and I highly doubted they'd be able to out coach their way to a W in either of those scenarios.
  8. Lackluster coaching job in getting Creighton ready for their tourney game imo. You have a 1st team All-Big East player in Foster, Defensive Player of the Year in Tazz, and Freshman of the Year in JP. You shouldn't be losing to Rhode Island in the first round with that talent. And no I'm not your typical salty Nebrasketball fan as I went to school with Khyri and know JP so I want them to do well.
  9. Easily take 7 appearances over 1. Now if NW makes a run in the tourney I probably change my mind.
  10. I don't think there's anything special that he did that just one of those players couldn't replicate. That's no knock on Jeriah, he's a solid player and can be a major contributor at a big boy ball program but those other 3 guys are talented as well.
  11. Agree. Arop didn't really turn into the type of player we were expecting. I believe we recruited him as a SG but at 6'6 w/ not a great shot he's more of an undersized PF imo. Then we got Nana who is the type of player we were hoping Arop was. Then to add on to that we have Copeland now who will play the 3-4 positions like Arop but is a lot more talented and 3 inches taller. So at the time cutting ties with Arop for the '17 class seemed appropriate as he did not really fulfill the needs of the team and we had limited scholarships to give. Now with only one glaring hole I see (back up PG) and two open scholarships, this would be the perfect time to take a chance on an in state development prospect.
  12. Not even close to the AW3 situation, he straight played us and left us with no real opportunity to replace him. Jeriah also didn't hold the amount of significance to the team as White did. Can't blame Jeriah really. He's stuck in a loaded position with Jack, Isaiah, Nana, Palmer, Ed, MJ, and Isaac Copeland who will all be competing for time at the 3 and/or 4. And unfortunately, most kids nowadays aren't like Tai and won't just work their tails off and get so much better where the coach has no choice to play them. Never really saw him being slotted higher than 9th in our rotation next year. Best of luck to him where ever he goes.
  13. Bummer we burned bridges with Arop. I know he was more of a long term project but now with two open scholarships we could've afforded to RS him (assuming we are able to land a PG or combo guard). I know hind sight is 20/20 but would like to nab an in state guy. Also, bummer to see Horne go. Kind of interesting, I believe only a week ago Miles said everyone was on board with coming back next year except one player who was on the fence. But now we already have to players who announce they're leaving.
  14. Reading the article about him leaving and I had totally forgot he had a few solid games towards the end of his RFr. year and even started.
  15. I think the Summit League would be a good fit for him competition wise