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  1. That is insane. Hes almost got his chin on the rim
  2. Thanks for pointing that out. I just realized Nana wasnt listed either and im missing Gill.
  3. I have them all performing as the following: -Jack McVeigh 19 min 7pts 3reb -Duby Okeke 12 min 2pts 4reb 1blk -Evan Taylor 9 min 3pts 2reb 1asst -Anton Gill 0+ min 2pts 1reb So i voted Jack.
  4. I wasnt surprised with Robys performance at all. What'd he miss like 3+ months in the preseason? And then rolled his ankle pretty good midseason if i remember right.
  5. Im hoping the "getting some guys healthy" is just referring to Copeland (back) and Gill's (knee) rehab from surgery.
  6. Lastly, i have not seen a single soul on this message board who has said Benny Parker was a better basketball player then Glynn Watson...
  7. If i recall correctly Glynn got off to a slow start his freshman season and wasnt that spectacular. Being that Miles watches them practice everyday im sure he knew that Glynn was not ready to start at the beginning of the season.
  8. You dont start kids just to please their ego. If Thomas Allen is the better option over James Palmer, Evan Taylor, Anton Gill, and Nana Akenten then im sure Miles will have no problem starting him. Thats alot of depth, talent, and experience to overcome but if he truly is better than all of them he will start.
  9. Watson > Allen ET/Gill = Nana McVeigh < Palmer Roby < Copeland Jordy > Duby I'd say Red 7-3. I give slight edges to Palmer and Copeland while Watson and Jordy have sizeable advantages imo.
  10. Good article about Glynn Watson in the LJS. Interesting note was that it said Glynn and Thomas Allen have been playing on the same team in practices recently. Idk how they run summer practices but is it similiar to regular season practice? If so i'd assume that means Allen is currently in the starting rotation. Or are they simply just trying out different lineups, anybody know?
  11. Ive got Jack as my 6th man. And Allen and Nana in my top 9 for the rotation. If Duby can duplicate his best season at Winthrop (4.9pts, 4.8reb, 2.5blk) i'd be estatic. Hopefully he establishes a role and excels. Maybe better coaching and better competition will bring the best out of him. Still see Jordy as a lock to start tho.
  12. This is the best time of the year to be optimistic bc nobody can prove youre wrong!
  13. Agreed. I think all the competition will take place between the 2 through 4 positions.
  14. I see no reason to be unconventional when we will have a (what i expect to be) center is that the real deal and top half in the conference. However, with our lack of depth at the 5 i could definetly see us doing what you are talking about for spurts of the game. I'd like to see what problems a lineup of Watson, Allen/Nana/Gill ??, McVeigh, Roby, and Copeland could cause.
  15. With the departures of Ed and Jacobson, nobody is starting at center over Jordy.