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  1. All i know is our best pitcher better get a chance to pitch. Woukd hate to go 0-2 and Jake Meyers not even see the mound.
  2. I would ideally like to see Burkamper on Thurs and Meyers on Fri.
  3. Will Iowa-NW auto bid mean the Big Ten gets 5 teams get in or will two of the five ( Neb, Mary, UI, Minn, Mich ) get left out instead of just one of them?
  4. That would be a solid trio of walk-ons
  5. To me, losing BOTH Morrow and MJ hurt. One or the other id be okay with.
  6. Seems like we survived our shakiest start of the "weekend" starters. Hopefully that means well for the next two games. After that we'll just have to mix and match.
  7. LeBron is top 5 all time. I dont think its up for discussion. I wont give him a specific place bc i havent seen many of the greats from the past, but he's defintely the best player I have ever seen.
  8. Agreed. Never understood why ppl knock these kids for transferring. Nobody seemed to be too mad when Petteway and Walt decided not to tough it out and earn playing time on their respective teams. And i doubt any Husker fans will be complaining about it this winter when Palmer and Copeland suit up for us. Hopefully MJ does well there and whatever problem caused him to leave us is settled at Iowa State.
  9. My guess would be ET and Gill as the odd men out
  10. I just dont see Jack riding the bench
  11. Agree plus the other factors of not taking over a great team and the Big Ten was in the process of transitioning itself into a decent baseball conference, not the cake walk it used to be.
  12. Also can we take a minute to appreciate Erstad. If im correct this was the mans first HC job so obviously theres gonna be some growing pains and time for him to make adjustments, critiques, etc to his coaching style/plan. Plus lets not forget the last 2-3 yrs of the Anderson era we were a pretty bad baseball club, so its not like he took over the baseball juggernaut of the early 2000s. Heres to regional appearances in 3/4 yrs and a Big Ten Conference Championship. Lets add to it next week.
  13. Not a fan of splitting an 8 team bracket into two 4-team brackets. I think it gets boring and repetitive.
  14. Yes i believe baseball now becomes the second mens team to win a conference title along with mens indoor and outdoor track