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  1. Statistical predictions

    Glynn averaged 31.6 minutes last year. With his small frame i definetly get your point about him wearing out.
  2. Statistical predictions

    After doing some thinking and running some hypotheticals through my head i've updated my prediction for minutes. The following is what rotation i think Miles will settle on and how the minutes will be dispersed: STARTERS Glynn Watson 32 min James Palmer 25 min Isaiah Roby 27 min Isaac Copeland 27 min Jordy Tshimanga 23 min BENCH Jack McVeigh 21 min Thomas Allen 18 min Duby Okeke 13 min Evan Taylor/ Nana Akenten 13 min Ive been sticking with the same starting 5 for a while now. Thomas Allen plays point when Glynn isnt on the floor but plays with him for majority of his minutes. Who ever wins out between Taylor and Nana will get a handful of minutes at the 2 and 3. Jack backs up both Roby and Copeland but most of his minutses come at the 4. I took a cautious approach with Jordy and Duby as im skeptical, for different reasons, that they will be able to man down the 5 for a whole game. I think Zay is our best option to play short spurts at the 5 when needed. This is not to say Gill, Thor, Tanner or who ever comes up short between Taylor/Nana wont play. Bc they will, especially early. This is just what i see Miles settling on.
  3. Next Years Starting 5

    Well yeah, i guess i was implying why one of those two over mainly Nana. Which i could have just asked straight forward.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    So with Nana and Thor on the outside who is #10: 1. Watson 2. Palmer 3. Roby 4. Copeland 5. Tshimanga 6. McVeigh 7. Allen 8. Okeke 9. Taylor 10. ???
  5. Big 10 Talent

    A little off but what were the other players rated? Jack was probably a 3* Duby im guessing was a 2* or 3* And i gotta guess Evan and Thor would both be 2*
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    I know everyone thinks we are really deep this year but how deep in rotation do we actually go? 8, 9, 10?
  7. Next Years Starting 5

    Top150 in 247 sports. He was 143 i believe. Not a consensus Top150 recruit.
  8. Next Years Starting 5

    We have 8/12 players who were Top150 (by one recruiting service or another) out of high school: -Anton Gill G -Isaac Copeland F -James Palmer G -Glynn Watson G -Jordy Tshimanga C -Isaiah Roby F -Thomas Allen G -Nana Akenten G/F I would guess that, at best, puts us in the middle of the pack of the Big Ten.
  9. Anton Gill

    Hopefully he bounces back well. The more competition for practice the better.
  10. Next Years Starting 5

    I mean if you know players by first and last name... initials should be pretty easy to figure out right? Its not like football where we have 80+ man rosters.
  11. Serious question ...

    Ive kinda been thinking 18-13 (9-9) plus however we fare in the Big Ten tourney. Good performance there would get us in. Poor showing sends us to the NIT.
  12. Serious question ...

    Fair enough. Personally i just cant place a post season tourney as the floor for a coach/team that has only done it once in five years.
  13. Serious question ...

    I'd be pretty darn excited for an NIT berth. That means we won more than we lost which hasnt been the case lately.
  14. Serious question ...

    I was hoping back breaking departures covered AW3 transfer, Petteway draft decision, and Walt retiring.
  15. Next Years Starting 5

    IDEALLY i want it to look like this: -PG: Glynn Watson --> Thomas Allen -SG: James Palmer --> Nana Akenten --> Thomas Allen -SF: Isaiah Roby --> Jack McVeigh --> Nana Akenten -PF: Isaac Copeland --> Jack McVeigh -C: Jordy Tshimanga --> Duby Okeke *ET and Nana could be switched. I went with Nana bc he has better size and athleticism. Though he might be a drop off in defense he would provide more shooting (also lets remember ET is not an elite defender more a spirited and effortful one). *Not everyone is gonna play. Miles will cut his rotation down to 9 maybe even 8 guys a handful of games into the season. I think the top 8 are pretty close to solidified. Nana and ET will battle it out for the 9th spot. Sorry Anton, TB, and Thor but i dont see it happening for ya this year.