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  1. I'm hoping Jordy has the type of year where i can comfortably sub him out for Ed.
  2. Let's mix it up and throw out a "Miles tenure starting 5". Who ya got? I'm going with: Watson (SO yr) Webster (SR yr) Petteway (JR yr) Shields (SR yr) Morrow (SO yr)
  3. Injuries derailed last season. Which is a chance you take every season and a risk every team goes through. But with a healthy Gill, Morrow,and Roby all off season and regular season we are an NIT team last season. Easily. Don't think we were quite NCAA worthy last year tho.
  4. I just have a hard time believing Brase, coming off of two major injuries, steals time from McVeigh. I think McVeigh will be improved from last year. I see Brase as more of a depth provider just incase we have injuries, which is totally fine since he only has one year to play. I use the 0+ min to indicate that Gill will play but won't be a regular part of the rotation every game. Like a Fuller/ Horne type of role for last year.
  5. Even with the Allen commit I'm still leaning towards a starting 5 of: -Glynn Watson 30 min -James Palmer 24 min -Isaiah Roby 25 min -Isaac Copeland 25 min -Jordy Tshimanga 22 min 6. Jack McVeigh 20 min 7. Nana Akenten 16 min 8. Thomas Allen 16 min 9. Duby Okeke 12 min 10. Evan Taylor 10 min 11. Anton Gill 0+ min 12. Tanner Borchardt 0+ min
  6. When projecting rotations remember Miles regularly only goes 9 deep. So two maybe three players won't see much time on a regular basis.
  7. If I'm going super best case scenario (in my opinion): -Duby, just bc I think his injury history is less severe. And which ever big body we get has to be reliable and be able to play. -Ernst bc he's got good height and can space the floor. Does he have 3 to play anyone know? -Darrington bc he can score and shoot at a high rate and you can never have to much of that especially if you're us. Plus I like how that balances out the classes. SR: Taylor, Gill, and Oweke JR: McVeigh, Watson, Copeland, Palmer, Darrington SO: Roby, Tshimanga, Ernst FR: Nana, Allen JR class is still a little heavy but I'd like what Darrington can provide over Tyler Mayes. I think Ernst has 3 yrs left but I definitely could be wrong. Plus Chandler probs needs a RS year and I want as many good bodies as possible to really ratchet up competition for PT. I believe someone on here said Palmer would make grades and it was just a scare.
  8. Wish list as of now (being realistic): -Scholarship 1= One of the two grad transfers -Scholarship 2= Ernst or Chandler or another big with more than 1 yr of elegibility -Scholarship 3= Mayes or Darrington
  9. 3-1 this week would be nice. We were honestly one bad pitch in the Friday game away from winning the series.
  10. Low D1 or D2 is just laughable. MJ is a P5 Role player hands down. He can and should play with the big boys. Is he a star? Not by any means. But don't insult the kid by labeling him as D2 player type of talent.
  11. Would Ed and MJ have stayed had we won more games? Let's go hypothetical and throw out the best case scenario for last season with all the same injuries occurring. Were 12-19 now add the following victories: -We sneak out a W @ Clemson as we're able to capitalize on some of our missed opportunities. -There's no dud against Gardner-Webb and we take care of business. -Even with Ed down, we are able to squeeze out W's over Rutgers and Ohio State. Glynn doesn't fall down and we box out Rutgers so Sanders doesn't even get to attempt the game winner. -We shock Wisconsin as they miss one or two of those miraculous threes they nailed. Now we're 17-13 (9-9) with a Big Ten tourney opponent TBD. I think under this scenario MJ and Ed return next year. It's easier to sell kids on doing things they don't want to do (aka playing out of position) when you have results to back it up. In this case we would've put up a decent record with a tough schedule and an abundance of talent returning/ coming in. But instead we had the season we had and I think MJ and Ed found themselves asking is it really worth it? And we obviously found out the answer to the question.
  12. We will definitely have a talented starting 5 but after that is what worries me. Not a lot of depth coming off the bench. Before it seemed as though every minute was gonna have to be earned. Can't really say that anymore which has me worried about development and progress.
  13. Wow no posts after the game??? We had a solid pitching effort between Miller, McSteen, and Alvarado (might be missing someone) and another clutch hitting performance. We're 20-11-1!!! I'm just excited to have a sports team that's not completely suckling bc Husker basketball and football and the Chicago Bulls are not doing me any favors. Let's sweep Iowa this weekend!
  14. I know that. But at the time I said he was a good walkon addition. To reference somebody close I thought Trueblood could play the same type of role for us that Tyler Clement plays for Creighton by the time he was an upperclassman. I also think Justin Costello has the same potential.
  15. That's what I was kinda thinking. He's definitely a decent athlete. Obviously if Ed and MJ stayed he'd only see mop up minutes. But now he's Def got a chance to see 5-10 min a game. I said both him and Trueblood could be contributors by the time they were seniors. His opportunity has came a bit early and I'm excited to see what he can do with some offseason workouts and coaching.