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  1. @KStateMBB @KBdoubleOG just watched practice. I’m RTG, beat UK

  2. @iamHectorDiaz @BarstoolBigCat

  3. Ugly https://t.co/MXgE3hRdk5

  4. RT @ForSureBurne: @BarstoolBigCat AWL and UMBC basketball player here, I'd love to come on and discuss.

  5. RT @KStateMBB: Yes, the Cats packed the white uniforms. See you Sunday, @UMBCAthletics #KStateMBB #MarchMadness https://t.co/uky3aihFUj

  6. @JonRothstein Holy shit we get it

  7. @jeffpearlman Hahahaha accidentally big timing an nba coach

  8. RT @barstoolsports: “If you check my contract it clearly states that $100,000 was only for the regular season it says nothing about the Tou…

  9. @txninerbeck I want the record to show my bracket counting for Cam, blake, brett, and myself collectively. So that… https://t.co/5bMxopKd76

  10. @HuskerExtraSip Yeah prettt much sums it up. Never would’ve guessed a 22 win season could end with less enthusiasm as this one #thud

  11. @jbeck777 Especially if they play Baylor. Easy dub

  12. @Sean_Callahan @HuskerHoops Advantage big red. Thanks DeLamey

  13. @KayceSmith OU would’ve been my first pick for 2 reasons even though they’ve been trash in 2018. 1, they are a diff… https://t.co/744CvmVngO

  14. @TheLizGonzales Wat

  15. @BrettTobin @JackMitchellLNK Didn’t effect seeding though right? Kentucky was still a 1 seed

  16. RT @stoolpresidente: Harvard half time line +1 may be worst loss of my career. 13-0 run in last 3 minutes capped by this. Just can’t wi…

  17. RT @Kim_Adams1: Quick three before I got banished from the court for having heels on 👀 #AnnualPreChampionshipShootaround https://t.co/4Nql1…

  18. @BarstoolJays Husker fans always have travelled well

  19. @ForePlayPod @Nlash21

  20. @BrettTobin @GaskinsJeffrey @937JakeSorensen I don’t understand peoples continued confusion about this. The play in… https://t.co/ybn23PadA0

  21. @DTrainMLB @JSchue4 not sure why but I thought you might like this #Dtrain

  22. @GBRosenthal You are correct https://t.co/9vghGC0YAW

  23. @TheIronN But I do

  24. RT @alltwentytwo: just a friendly reminder that your Adrian Peterson comps are wrong https://t.co/0Fni7k9XHJ

  25. @SCrociata @JonRothstein https://t.co/aSe3Y30aER