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  1. @lesmicek https://t.co/JgRaK3vRVC

  2. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Band of Brothers, watch it sometime Lonzo https://t.co/Onq2kMzQAv

  3. RT @LarsAnderson71: Not a breaking-news guy, but hearing a lot of heavy breathing on Nebraska coaching front: Scott Frost to NU for 7 years…

  4. RT @GitRDoneLarry: Our Kids at Nebraska are good players. Bottom line is the coaching is horrendous. All my friends in at UCF new they had…

  5. RT @GregMcElroy: After last night’s game, I learned that people hear what they want to hear. 😂 https://t.co/lUSpRPSfE4

  6. RT @BarstoolHusker: Live look at Nebraska trying to stop Minnesota from running the football: https://t.co/wkw5E1pfet

  7. @am_green25 @BarstoolHusker @BrettTobin @bkooima3

  8. RT @BenMa_C: #GBR https://t.co/NCFUCHhdrD

  9. RT @BarstoolHusker: https://t.co/nNJ9TI6MCh

  10. RT @b_petty14: Bc it's bigger than you https://t.co/tqZphsUndC

  11. @HuskersGameday Don’t want to lose by 40-50 to Wisconsin and tOsu but no to Venables? Want an offense to score some… https://t.co/b6HOdxOCPE

  12. RT @BenSasse: More than 35 farmers showed up to help harvest 600 acres for the family of a Nebr. man who died in a motorcycle crash. beauti…

  13. RT @PickSixPreviews: 10 years ago, some VT players had uniforms stolen before game. Had to borrow from opponent GT, and write in black shar…

  14. @joelschafer @damonbenning @GarySharp1620 Nailed it

  15. @BrettTobin @TheXavierJ0 😋

  16. RT @barstooltweetss: The simultaneous double safety call is mesmerizing https://t.co/3syMKj8o3D

  17. RT @PatMcAfeeShow: Look at the brand making a touchdown saving tackle.. @Drewdbrown34 decleating folks #ForTheBrand https://t.co/LsnEyuQacW

  18. @lesmicek Have not watched more than 15 minutes of it since week 1 (have to), and I don’t even really miss it. Might’ve run it’s course

  19. @YahooDrSaturday Wow, hype city for the Under !!

  20. @MikelSevere @bkooima3 @BrettTobin

  21. @LootTrainWinner @NickBahe West Lafayette will be electric city for this highly anticipated West division showdown

  22. @cOwensGotNoSwag @ESPNCFB @JWcyclonestv @CycloneFB That is the abbreviated version of it. TV version is longer

  23. RT @katangus: one time I interviewed 50 Cent and the publicist was like DO NOT CALL HIM FIDDY and I got so nervous that I said “Hello Mr Ce…

  24. @barstoolsports @DalkeKong @BrettTobin

  25. RT @TomFornelli: DID YOU KNOW: Ever since the Falcons held a 28-3 lead over the Patriots in the Super Bowl the Patriots have outscored them…