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  1. RT @StoolChiclets: Auston Matthews is unreal

  2. RT @KFCBarstool: 👽👽👽👽👽

  3. RT @StoolChiclets: "It's a big year for Russians in DC.." #Sorrey @PFTCommenter @PardonMyTake

  4. @BravesSwearJar @Buccigross @Real_ESPNLeBrun @espnSteveLevy @lindacohn Cc: @cOwensGotNoSwag @KRWhitmer @Nlash21

  5. @Ben_Jones88 Lets gooooooo

  6. RT @SInow: Vanderbilt's football team just cut a sorority parody video that you'll want to check out 😂 (📹: SamDobbsOfficial/YouTube) https…

  7. RT @PatMcAfeeShow: I started filming because I thought some serious stuff was going on..turns out.. I'm a part of it.. Not sure if I should…

  8. @GraysonMurray do you ever go around for 18 with any members of twitter fam?

  9. @mckelmer @DMRegister Thanks Mackenzie! I'll be sure to

  10. @Mark_Rogerss @BarstoolBigCat all hail the word of El Gato Grande

  11. RT @Cubs_Live: Jon Lackey calling the ump a "Fucking Pussy" might be the greatest thing. 😂

  12. RT @sportsmockery: When you grow up watching LeBron instead of Jordan....

  13. @Mark_Rogerss @KRWhitmer @collinniehaus3 @Nlash21 It's mathematically impossible for the Hawks to win in 4. Lets st…

  14. @cOwensGotNoSwag @HilariousRoasts I was really hoping you would see it haha 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  15. RT @HilariousRoasts: RT if you see it