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  1. @GraysonMurray ya, Id rather be grindin my dick off for somethin I love & live broke. Dont take your gift for granted pal.

  2. RT @ShooterMcGavin_: 15 Days... #PineStraw #TheMasters

  3. RT @JackSewell_: @DavidGrzyTV yes I do

  4. RT @CharlieWisco: Every Badger fan is watching this South Carolina-Florida game feeling like Tori Kelly

  5. RT @barstoolsports: Hardoooooo @ForePlayPod

  6. @cOwensGotNoSwag @SalVulcano ğŸ‘ŽğŸ»

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  8. RT @PardonMyTake: Send us all your #Jimbo's and 5 Star Haikus. @hen_ease will attempt to read the best ones live on tonights show https://t…

  9. @OT_Enthusiast @SPOTNEWSonIG w/o a doubt The Wire and I'll fight any commenter who says otherwise

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  11. #Millennials

  12. RT @barstoolsports: Breaking News: The @ForePlayPod boys and @stoolpresidente are taking the #nattytour to Augusta

  13. @BrettTobin shewwww

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  15. RT @barstoolsports: Barstool Pizza Review - Previti Pizza