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  1. @joelschafer @DanWolken Give me a spark notes version

  2. Couldn't have said it better. Program needs a major culture change. https://t.co/OtxR8FnPKL

  3. @Sean_Callahan Read a tweet that said since 2000 teams are 15-147 when giving up 2 pick 6's

  4. @huskerdrews You won't @ me with a beer chug

  5. RT @mitchgoldich: The Indians are hotter in real life than they were in the fictional movie about their team going on an unrealistically ho…

  6. RT @The_CSJR: Taken: A Break https://t.co/2tG8OlV6AS

  7. RT @stoolpresidente: Who the hell is this guy? https://t.co/2Yov7OGAe4

  8. RT @mkmolnar: 3rd and 93 is laugh out loud funny https://t.co/cmHThnyDPR

  9. RT @mark_may: Go @OU_Football #BoomerSooner #Sooners https://t.co/In1kX84Co8

  10. I love the Huskers so much. Can't believe my boys got me like that and fought for me today

  11. I'm sorry but that doesn't compute. https://t.co/6B7bD4MR8u

  12. RT @ProducerKen: Roosters evacuating Key West in paper burritos so they don't fight each other. https://t.co/NANVWRLTmG

  13. RT @EZabari98: This is how strong the winds are in Antigua. So everyone better prepare and be safe #IrmaHurricane https://t.co/Vr58fR952V

  14. @Rheya_KCCI GM https://t.co/Dmoexpii0B