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  1. @JackMitchellLNK I grew up in Iowa. It means a lot

  2. RT @Steve_OS: The Chargers backup kicker missed the practice net… https://t.co/jUpyGcO6QL

  3. @tech_aj @notCoach_frost Lol cmon you can’t actually believe that, right?

  4. RT @HokiesFB: Some pictures are worth a thousand words... 🦃 After winning in epic fashion on Senior Day this past Saturday, Eric Gallo did…

  5. @jbeck777 Love me a good Creighton collapse on national TV

  6. @jbeck777 @RalphDBrown Will you be my cohost? I’ll represent the former North and you the South

  7. @Jack_Houston Hahahaha that’s perfect. Love that movie

  8. @lesmicek https://t.co/JgRaK3vRVC

  9. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Band of Brothers, watch it sometime Lonzo https://t.co/Onq2kMzQAv

  10. RT @LarsAnderson71: Not a breaking-news guy, but hearing a lot of heavy breathing on Nebraska coaching front: Scott Frost to NU for 7 years…

  11. RT @GitRDoneLarry: Our Kids at Nebraska are good players. Bottom line is the coaching is horrendous. All my friends in at UCF new they had…

  12. RT @GregMcElroy: After last night’s game, I learned that people hear what they want to hear. 😂 https://t.co/lUSpRPSfE4

  13. RT @BarstoolHusker: Live look at Nebraska trying to stop Minnesota from running the football: https://t.co/wkw5E1pfet

  14. @am_green25 @BarstoolHusker @BrettTobin @bkooima3