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  1. When the homer bahe admits your getting homered, you are really getting bent over
  2. Gophers 78 Huskers 70 6 treys
  3. Huskers 63 Spartans 80 7 B1G wins
  4. Is it time to start Roby?

    When I was in high school, our coach made our 4 run 10 ladders for every missed 3 when he wouldn't stop shooting them. I think Copeland should be subject to the same rule. He has a decent post & midrange game, but his 3 point shooting is terrible. None of his 4 last night were even close.
  5. Johnnie talking all game, Palmer talks, T. Bs
  6. Man I hate the me lo Trimble special head snap to draw bogus fouls that Ponds just pulled
  7. Huskers 80 Panthers 64 9 non con 17 total